Hangin’ with the Boys: Am I That Guy? | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hangin’ with the Boys: Am I That Guy? | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Garrett’s getting the blame, but the Cowboys are among league leaders in missed tackles, drops and penalties (and are one of the worst in turnovers). What’s the big issue keeping this team from winning? The boys discuss.

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Eric Hagan

First on here


This team needs Derrick Brown from Alburn


Great show Jesse and nate are awesome!

Jammal Williams

Way to lay it down Nate” Football is about heart,and will power” Cowboys are Lacking both” until that change” Cowboys will never win a Superbowl…

    Mystery Man

    True” if you lose your heart…you lost it all. It takes heart and toughness! Heart is everything”


jesse and nate preached the truth. 25 years of losing. Its a joke

    Feliciano Russell

    We havent lost for 25 yrs


Jesse Holley needs a coaching position on this team next year.

    Stevie Mac23

    Doesnt even need to coach a particular spot, just there to keep things real


    He doesn’t need to be anywhere near the team.


Reservoir dogs, the Irish man, enter the dragon


Nine minutes in, and they’re still talking about movies. That’s how bad the Cowboys are right now.


13th warrior, clerks, heat

Louis Johnson

Mash, old school show from the 70’s

Stevie Mac23

Football talk starts 12 minutes in everyone lol


Effort effort effort either you’re willing to tackle or your not period.

Tony Mungro

Jalen may have a clear eye view but he’s not tacklen anybody


Jaylon Smith…..Nate is talking to you! Get a “clear eye view” on football and not your business. If you want to focus on your business then retire

Tony Mungro

This is the #1 show in the rotation Bring it Nate..oh Snap its been brought…

Michael Holt

Preach Nate!!


Amen Nate!! The Cowboys need that mentality they had in the 90s! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

Mystery Man

I’m still hanging on to my team…I know my teams history but I am not living in the past. Cowboys need to get on it now, right now…immediately ” if not soon!

Mystery Man

Still Dem Boys and still my boys…I’m hanging on with my boys🌟 Go Dallas Cowboys! Pick it up and ride with it. N.F.L…Never Finish Last!


I love when Nate is focused. This is a glitz and glamour team. Sometimes these players get too caught up in the glamour and take for granted practicing the fundamentals that it takes to be great like the championship Dallas teams of the 90’s did.

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