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Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

I cannot envision 4 losses in a row, at home vs Rams. Defense leading league in missed tackles. Last in turnovers. Offense has most drops in NFL, 10 missed field goals. Dak has to lead us by elevating his play.


Real trees FTW

Ellison Lowrimore

Does it really matter? Not one playoff team could the Cowboys beat!!

Clint Redmon


Clint Redmon

We will get u something New

Kevynn Joseph

i didn’t like Dave’s cynicism at 1st, but it has grown on me. i think it’s b/c the way this season has unfolded. i free with his hot take regarding NYE. Lindsay has me laffin’ with her gripe concerning egg nog, Taylor had to get all sentimental with the tree lights remaining throughout the year, and Barry’s argument for having a fake tree is valid, but i’d take the Peanuts/Charlie Brown Xmas tree w/ the 1 ornament. lol. i agree the loss of Tyrone Crawford on D really affected the cohesiveness of how the Boys play on that side of the ball.

Chris Knez

If we were lucky Jason Garrett would go on the D.L. and not be able to attend the ram’s contest we would then have a chance.

Michael Smith

I NEVER go out on NYE unless I’m working. All of the amateurs are out drinking and I’m a PRO!!!

Beast Mode

Well, the injury that has hurt the Cowboys the most happens to be Jerry’s injured pride. Once it became known that the biggest reason for the Cowboys success was Jimmy Johnson it kicked off 20+ years of Jerry’s over the top meddling and undercutting his coaches. That injury is, singlehandedly, the lone reason the Cowboys are where they are.


I knew 1 person that went to NY on New Years Eve. Said there was a whole lotta peeing and vomiting in the streets going on.

Stacy Lynn Sutherland

I have faith in the cowboys they will win against the rams ..this team aint gonna loose 4 in a row . Thats very unlikely


Cowboys beat the Rams? But how? New Year’s Eve is as great as you make it, Dave. Take Egg Nog in sips, Lindsay. Real Christmas trees have a natural tree scent, like the outdoors.

Stacy Lynn Sutherland

When dallas offensive line plays well dallas can beat anybody .we have seen them play extremely well at times this year


I’d say LVE…but they all matter.

Richard Johnson

Crawford is the one Spence he been gone cowboys haven’t been the same. Defense that is

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