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Justin D

Carson softer than whipped cream.

    R T

    Justin D not true. not his fault that he had a concussion. i bet he’d continue to play if they let him.

    Frank Angotti

    whatever, because all players survive cheap headshots

    Wdb Wdb

    @Frank Angotti u really think that was dirty??

Anthony Campos

Jerry Jones sends his regards πŸ˜‚πŸ–•πŸ–•πŸ–•

    Shifty McGee462

    We sent ours week 16 with practice squad players against your top guys.


    The playoffs send its regards to the Cowboys organization!

Michael Davis

Fly eagles fly. Back home to watch the other teams play in the playoffs πŸ˜‚

    Jekyll Hyde

    *While You’re Back Home Watching The Eagles And On Their Youtube Page… Yeah You Have No Life Lol*

Joel Philip

Fly eagles fly.


    Yea fly home parties over

Shifty McGee462

Takes aways: keep LeBanc, Ward, Scott. Drop Rasul, Mills, Alshon, Agholor, everyone close to being 35, and fire ALL the training and medical staff.

    Alexis A

    Alshon gotta go, he’s the problem in the locker room unfortunately.

    mike gam

    agreed… if Ward isnt a starter next year I will have no faith in our talent evaluation team.. they literally had JJ, mack hollans, aggy, and jordan matthews playing over him

    Pete Samuels

    Shifty McGee462 I agree

    Lethal Talon24

    Idk, about Leblanc. He missed that Tackle and allowed that catch by Lockett

Naomi Hernandez

Big Props to Mccown , at his age its an honor half the guys at home same age as this man Cant even run/ walk let alone play as good as him at his age, props to you and thank you for trying for the Eagles πŸ¦… I love the Eagles and Always will .

Wdb Wdb

Y’all are soooo weak the hit wasn’t late. Carson is just not a warrior

    Eric W.

    im sure you’d pop right up from it

    PhillyForever 1

    Obviously late obviously helmet to helmet.

    luis _

    stfu bitxh

    Wdb Wdb

    @PhillyForever 1 nah MN he dove at him with thr shoulder then the helmet touched. Watch it in real time. How many times has that happened to Russ this year with no call maybe 10 or 11. The diff is Russ will never allow them to protocol him he is way to tough and smart for that

    Wdb Wdb

    @PhillyForever 1 I it’s can’t stand the way Philly fans act. It’s football they have helmets for a reason. Any excuse except the organization is not that great from top down.
    Bill Burr was correct

AZ Stacker888

Josh Mccown played so well in this game he played his heart out. It’s disappointing that Carson got injured and that Josh tried his best but couldn’t get it done. This whole season they lost so many players. Next year you guys will come back and win the NFC east again πŸ‘

Alexis A

Love this team, this organization- packed full of great hard working people. Next year we will be fierce.


Both teams were injured. Both team played hard and the better team won.

UTM Channel

who won?

John Radz

No Foles no MAGIC. The Eagles were lucky that Wentz reached the playoffs in one piece. They are even more fortunate that they won a trash division. But it was predictable that he was going to fall. At least now they have an excuse.

    Kurt Deibler

    Man, put down the booze and take the needle out of your arm already. You know exactly NOTHING.

Haon Rekrap

4:22 did he say patriots instead of seahawks?

luis _

Niners fan here, Eagles had a great year and it looked like you guys had this after the field goal block. Leave it to Psycho Pete & the Seachicken cheaters to knock out Wentz with a dirty play. They drew first blood and they’ll get their karma.

Mark Race

Goes to prove Wentz is a sorry excuse for a qb. Eagles are old, tired, and living in the past. Better luck next year. Resign Foles, dump Wentz and draft or sign some decent dbs.


    What a terrible take, Clowney drove Wentz’s head into the ground. How’s that his fault. Forget Foles he’s gone get over it. Wentz had a great year with all his weapons injured.

    Mark Race

    @FiringallCylinders Wentz is always injured, or fakes being injured. Eagles need a franchise QB and Wentz is all about Wentz. Bad teammate, and terrible at the position. Sure he has passing record, but useless records are still useless. No championship for the birds with that premadonna at the helm.


    @Mark Race fakes being injured, geez you are dumb

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