Josh McCown: “I Left it All Out There” | Eagles Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ian Messaros

My soul hurts. We dig deep. Go birds!!!


    Ian Messaros truth.


    Was literally getting seizures

Jake C

Much respect to McCown! He did everything he could. I’d love to see him back in a coaching role next season.

    Trigga Cortez

    @Jack Stones ya mother

    J Silva

    Is it me or 2as he not given a fair shake in the NFL. I remember A few seasons ago he was playing exceptionally well, and I know there weren’t 32 QBs better than him


    I would too like to see Josh back here n/year. He would be a good coaching assistant and Philadelphia likes him


    I second that.

Leo Sourou

Love everything about this guy man. Hope we keep him in some way as a part of the coaching staff.

Danny Lewandowski

Man too bad but there’s always next season. At least Patriots didnt make it right

EDP’s #1 Fan

I have so much respect for you josh McCown

Jayden Reiser

Mad love to 18. He really did give it his all

Tim Lash

Props to McCown. No need to hang your head. There were a bunch of heroes on this team who came off the practice squad and bench. Maybe not the most successful season, but one that reinforced the heart of this team.

    Ben Ingram

    with what we did this season. I’d call it a success

    Mina #9

    Well said

Jason Murillo

The Seahawks won the game but McCown’s effort is what will be remembered. Much respect ✊

    Thomas Heitzman

    This is for all you 💩 se ahawks fans🖕🖕🖕🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

    Charles Simmons

    Jason Murillo
    💯💯💯 Dame straight!!!!


I’ve got nothing but respect for McCown because he put his body on the line in almost every play this game.

    Abe Lincoln


    Jack Stones

    Foles would have won the game by at least 2 scores and eagles would be getting lame Johnson and others back next week and would have gone on another super bowl run with foles howie Rosman destroyed the eagles franchise .

    northdakota momma

    @Jack Stones Foles did not win a game this year, he lost them all by 20 points or more and was benched for Gardner Minshew who scored points and won games with the same team. Foles is injury prone and a loser.

    Fluffy Bunny

    @Jack Stones You eat paint chips when you were a child?


Definitely saw how much heart he put out there in the short time. Nothing but respect and proudness for the Philadelphia Eagles! Always supporting my team!!!!!! Come back healthy for next season! FLY EAGLES FLY!!!!!!

    Godz Gift

    Facts sis


Josh, the entire Eagles fanbase saw you giving it your all out there. Battled every possible enemy, down to your own body, tooth and claw. We’ll forever be grateful for that and would love to see you on the coaching staff next season.

    Master Baiter

    Jokes nah this dude isn’t a real eagles fan

    J Silva

    No we’re taking him from you.

    J Silva

    @Jokes I was stoked when u beat the Pats. I’m a Broncos fan but you guys are one of the teams I like (I only like 5 teams outside my team, HOU, SEA, NO, BUFF, & PHA) I feel bad for Wents, I think the rookie injury had some psychological effects. I feel like he would otherwise be on Mahomes level, guy has special physical tools. I also feel bad for Foles. Is it me or did he get screwed this year. After coming back from injury he was given 2 games to get back on track. 2 games with below average team, where the losses were not soley his fault. That coach fucked up. Minshew is awesome but he’s not a franchise QB, he just does no5 have the physical tools to be so. But he ruined any future with Foles. There is no trust there anymore. When you’re not a playoff team and you bench your franchise QB coming back from an injury for a guy that you know isn’t your future, you now have to trade Foles for fucking him over. Or did Foles do that to himself.

lol lol

it was a mental game.. i’m proud of him of what he did when he didn’t expected to be on the field leading the team at a playoff. well done!

    Jack Stones

    Wentz is now 7-21 vs teams over 500 with zero I repeat zero I will say it again zero playoff wins this is the piece of garbage ugly ginger we got rid of foles for ?

    david sanders


    Lowkey asab

    Jack Stones hahahah bro are you commenting that under every comment lmao

Noah Johnson

This man McCown is and should be your new OC

    Tim Guerra

    slangnocturno that was a cheap shot from Clowney

    Eric dollars

    I’ll take him over our qb coach, that’s for sure.

    Mason Rosenberg

    thats a reach, maybe like quality control or something like that


    Duce is the assistant head coach. McCown should be a AN coach or assistant Offensive coordinator.

sean perko

I never been prouder to be an eagles fan these last couple seasons. This team is the Deffinition of Heart.


    sean perko amen to that! I’m A Packers fan but i have always found myself rooting for The Eagles. Wish y’all fans the best if luck in seasons to come! 🙏🏽


    SharkCityRich amen brother! Now go beat those hawks for us

    Brandon bates

    @JOEY N. HERNANDEZ They can as long as they can contain Metcalf and put up about 23 points..And of course watch out for Wilson using his legs


Watching this clip, it takes away the sting of the loss today. What a guy McCown is, pure class. Really hope we keep him around as a coach. Rare to see a losing QB that everyone respects right after a loss.

Eagles Mann024

Played good no one expected to see what Mccown did today I’ll see y’all next season🦅✌️

    Brandon bates

    Are you going to watch rest of the playoffs?? I hate not being able to see this team continue,but I’m still interested to see who wins it all

    Gregory Pollard

    Ill root for the Chiefs now

    Brandon bates

    @Gregory Pollard good pick


Man I wish he would come back next season… takes responsibility, and he is passionate the whole season and today. Great teammate. He and the team came up short, but he did his best and took responsibility.

    J Silva

    The fact that he took responsibility for that catch, while it wasnt a perfect throw it was still the RBs fault, speaks volumes about him. Ive always thought McCown never got a fair shake. You won’t convince me there are 32 better QBs. His leadership alone is a valuable asset, I would of taken him over Flacco any day. We lost like 4 games we lead in the 4th quarter. Flaco is just so flat no inspiration, then Lock comes in and goes 4-1 down the stretch. He played bad in 1 of those wins, but you felt that his attitude and persona helped in a way. That if Flaco played and had the same state they lose


Mccown needs to be kept on the coaching staff in some way, he is a great leader and a great man. You did your best out there.

    Hairless Male

    @Jack Stones oh my…

    Thomas Heitzman

    Your just mad because your mom blow’s for beer money


    Files HAD the starting position. He regressed horribly and was traded for Sam Bradford…….SAM BRADFORD! Oh yeah, and how well did he do with The Rams? The Chiefs?
    That’s why you’re not part of the front office.

Rob Deneen

You can tell that he’s a classy, stand up dude. I hope he stays in contact with this organization in one way or another. Respect!

    Jack Stones

    Wentz is now 7-21 vs teams over 500 with zero I repeat zero I will say it again zero playoff wins this is the piece of garbage ugly ginger we got rid of foles for ? .

    Official Darkd757

    Jack Stones go home boomer

    Kat Marie

    Jack Stones Foles was benched this year and replaced with a 6th round draft pick rookie. Do you even watch football?

    Kid wit da flow

    Kat Marie It’s a shame but, Nick Foles only fits our (🦅) system.


The moment a few games ago when he said he was ready to go in at wr cause of injuries if needed..was the moment I gained a massive respect for this man McCown..I’d love to see him back as part of the coaching staff and/or organization

    Kenny L Garrett Jr

    Hes done that before!! When he was with the Lions if I remember correctly. I’ve always liked and rooted for Josh McCown! MUCH RESPECT TO HIM!!!!!!!

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