Eagles Players React to Playoff Loss to Seattle | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Eagles Players React to Playoff Loss to Seattle | Eagles Press Pass

Watch as Philadelphia Eagles players Boston Scott, Miles Sanders, Jason Peters, Zach Ertz, Brandon Graham, and more speak with the media following the playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

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Jeffrey DragonFire

Where’s Wentz’s press conference? I’m worried😳


    the fk are you smoking????? have you smoked so much crack you now lost all your brain cells????


    don’t bother with this dickhead..dude is clearly a hater

    Miles Beasley

    @Jack Stones Danny woodson 2.0

    B F

    @Mr1charlton He played all 17 games what are you talking about??

Jackson Marriner

love that miles holds himself accountable there. would be so easy to say it was underthrown

    John Romanoski

    Jackson Marriner it was under thrown but he should have caught that. Anyways guy should be happy to get playoff experience


    John Romanoski if the ball hits your hands you should catch it. That’s the way most people are taught. It’s fine though, we need to figure out how to stop all these injuries for next year.

    Travis Crump

    @Schubes cryogenics until we figure out??


    Nelson would of came up with an excuse. I lost it in the lights. The ball came out wierd. My knee… every excuse in the books

    Kenny L Garrett Jr

    It might’ve been a little under thrown but it was DEFINITELY catchable!!!! He should’ve had it!!!!


Clown boy is enemy #1 in philly for awhile now


    Dirty Clown

Luke Joyce

I also remember when clowney threw down foles by his face mask last year and there was no call either🤐

    Mohammad Abuali

    I hate these refs so horrible

    BatiYah B

    hamhockbeans Really? Wtf?

    Paul Schultz

    Imagine if that was ol
    Tommy hahaha the whole field would be yellow

    Tony Corr 88

    I don’t think that was a clean victory. NFL must have to use something like VAR soccer games and null games like this stole ….. and additional indemnity Wentz ….

    Michael Martocci

    Two calls on him and only one was called, they are letting Clowney do this and get away with it…can’t wait to see Clowney hurt, he is trash.

Alex V

Thank you, Philadelphia Eagles for everything. I hope that the next season will be a much better season for the city of Brotherly Love. Fly Eagles Fly 🦅🦅🦅🦅

    Jay Wade

    Alex V go birds!!!

    Ben Ingram

    honestly this season was pretty awesome with what carson and the guys were able to do late in the season. It took an injury to our leader to and the rock of our team to take us out and even then it was close.

Michael C De La Soul

We gonna have to smack Clowney back next year. Bet.

    Mark Edwards Pezenosky

    Chop block


    I think they’re playing The Niners. Regardless, I hope he gets wrecked and I don’t wish that on most people, not even a Cowboy.

neil u

the last few games were FUN to watch. loved seeing newer players step up. Ertz is a tough SoB !!!! go eagles!

Ben Ingram

Love mills standing up for his team. Like him a lot more now!

    drealmerz7 z

    @John Omalley you’re dumb, he’s quite good and getting better all the time

    John Omalley

    drealmerz7 z he got burned all season and can’t cover a cold

    B F

    @John Omalley Only had one bad game, who burned him?

    Ben Ingram

    @John Omalley hes been playing quite well actually. your either an idiot or you dont watch the games.

Killa Massacre

I love ertz! Such a class act!

Seojun Park

It’s better to go out on a loss after playing your heart out than winning by playing dirty. Proud of the birds, proud of Josh McCown, we can get this next year.


    McCown should get a job on the Coaching staff. AN coach or assistant Offensive coordinator.

Richard Caceres

The pain in Ertz’s voice :/ . Ima miss this team man, no matter what they always fought.

Dinesh Karki


Daz Dealz

Couldn’t be more proud of this team. They showed true heart this year

Darth Vix

The Haters are back in the comments yall 😂😂😂😂😂 we bounce back next year 🚫🧢

Dbz Lover

McCown’s mentoring helped Carson elevate his play to playoffs levels


    Dbz Lover been saying to hire him as QB coach

Rodney Harris

We were cheated man…tgey could have atleast called tge unnecessary roughness🦅🦅🦅

Werner Z

Zach Ertz – what a dude. Always gives it all. Hope he plays for many more years

Big Ern Mahkracken

The EAGLES won the Superbowl for me this year by kicking dirt on Dallas. Yall are winners in my book.

    Godz Gift

    Right…. 9-7 wit injuries imagine if none were injured😂😂😂


    Don’t hang your hat on beating the cowbitches..that should be automatic

#1 Fragi Fan

This was an ambulance bowl. Seattle had crutches, we had a wheelchair. Clowney went and kicked off our wheels by taking out Wentz. I’m proud we got that far and kept it close despite everything, with all this hidden talent and veterans getting healthy again, next season is ours for sure!


    Jenkins and Peters probably gone..maybe Darby..Hoping Alshon and Nelson gone also

TeMp Minty

im proud to be an eagles through so many injury’s and failure and we still made it to the playoffs, everyone doubted us. and we still kept pushing. amazing🦅

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