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Bring JOSH back I want players with that type of HEART ❤️ REAL DUDE RIGHT THERE

Dr Pavel, Im CIA.

Josh needs to be an OC.
Get rid of Peters/Alshon/Darby/Agholor
Fire Groh
Fix our secondary
Get some recievers

Jeffrey DragonFire

I’m not defending Mike Groh but if the eagles had won the game with Josh Mccown he wouldn’t get any of the credit. I just think Groh takes too much criticism with the players he has to work with

    neil u

    GROH FAILED to whisper to mccown on every down, hey u r 40 YRS OLD dont waste downs on running bc u r 40 n slow vs top defenders in their prime. also, groh does not compare to OC for Dallas or Pats and the offense LOOKED UN-Coordinated ALL year and his job title is Coordinator , literally

Ezra Mahle

Clowney plays dirty!


If we don’t give Jenkins a good contract and he leaves our secondary will be even worse then what it already is

Rob 555

I want an explanation for drafting Jj arcega whiteside over DK Metcalf. Y’all owe us one

    neil u

    yes! and why we didnt trade for clowney. wentz would not have been concussed plus our D woulda been WAY better and maybe that one move wpuld have helped us beat seahaws n then green bay. for sure he’d have helped. for sure he’d not have knocked out wentz as a bonus. star players u hire dont face u in playoffs


    Howie owes us 5

Pit Rat T.V

Tough Game? the other QB kept on dropping the ball

Pit Rat T.V

Since the Sea Hawks beat the EAGLES Go Sea Hawk

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