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Perry Fewell evaluates Panthers mistakes in loss to Colts

"Our product doesn't look like that over the course of the week," Fewell said. "I have to find a way to make sure that product looks better on game day."

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I mean 3 interceptions doesn’t help you win a game.🤷‍♂️🏈

    William Harris

    PMoney Grier and Allen average about 3-4 interceptions a game and not meaning passing yards. Doesn’t help that our defensive has been horrible for 2-3 years now


    It also doesn’t help that they let Nyheim Hines return two punts for a TD…


    You’re lucky that you didn’t watch the game. I don’t remember what a W feels like. At least McCaffrey got a receiving record.

    Pressley - the YouTuber formerly known as Vesylum

    @PMoney He beat his own record lol

Wanna toe job Papi

Ay bad season, every team has one, it’s ok to lose but coaching looks like it’s been done by 5 year olds drawing a play for flag football. We just got to get better in the off-season and come back hungry. Keep pounding!

    Eric Pressley

    Wanna toe job Papi thank da owner

Underground Wes

Very bad game. Alot of work to be done this off season

donald louk jr.

Yeah because you let yourself get beat Perry cuz you didn’t do a damn thing buddy that’s why let your team give up she didn’t tell him to play hard and go after the den Colts he ain’t going to win games like that

Blaze 84

Absolutely no fight left in this team

Dark Nite223444

We need Ron Rivera back

Brad Holt

No Ron is the reason we are in this mess. We lost our identity after the Superbowl loss and we never recovered.


    Yet after the SB y’all had b2b playoff appearances yet Ron was the problem…. We’re you joking with this comment or are you just plain stupid?


I think Perry is doing a good job considering..KeepPounding!


losing ron as a coach will be regarded as one of the great coaching losses in nfl history

    BV Lee

    K , Ron lost the team. It was time to move on.

Eric Pressley

Perry looking like he going to put in some job applications once this over lol

Seargent AR-10


Tim S

Our defensive line got mugged today coach, that looked bad!

Sir Purr

Get Jim harbough

Chase Howell

Get Vernon Butler off this team man

Chase Howell

Keep pounding


Put Allen back in

Rick Iovine

How can anyone who has watched the last 2 games even hint that a coach for the Panthers is “doing a good job?” The only explanation for the worst punt coverage in Panther history is lack of preparation. My guess is that they spent about one minute of QUALITY time on this in practice.

All that they had to do was use a guy on their team, Christian McCaffrey, (who would be the best punt returner in the NFL if he wasn’t so valuable in their offense) to run back a few live punt returns in practice. McCaffrey would have clearly exposed their weaknesses, which their special team coaches could have corrected. Maybe.

    J Y

    they could practice all the scenarios in the world and it wouldnt matter because of the effort. guys were running at practice speed out there. pathetic.

Dwayne Bannister

Ron Rivera killed this team. He was a poor COACH and he brought in other poorer COACHES. How can people praise Rivera when he should’ve fired Eric Washington last year. I think Mike shula was better than NOV. All of these sorry COACHES was hired by Rivera and he doesn’t understand offenses at all. Rivera has been depending on Cam all these years.

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