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Dallen Pierson

Poor dj😕

    OG LOC

    Yea but he’ll be fine

Joshua Dodgins

We made Naheem Hines AFC Special Teams player of the week by not tackling Hines on punt returns

    Xavier Slappy

    Joshua Dodgins he’s a Carolina boy he had to show out

Finley Jeanbatiste

It sucks for us fans to watch them lose over and over

    Donna B

    Not for me cause we left plenty Colts on IR


    I gotten sick of them losing and losing since jimmy Clausen days.


Who’s going to evaluate Perry ?

    OG LOC

    Norv Washington an hurney should hit the bricks aswell



Donna B

Left plenty Colts on IR it wasn’t an EASY W

Chad Hausa

Press: Did you notice anything that was going on on the field today?
Coach Perry: I’ll have to go back and analyze the tapes.

Gary Goodman

Another loss And we get a top 10 pick in the draft.

Ryan Davis

Why have the Panthers org completely Imploded!? “I’ll have to watch the tape and evaluate that.” 🙄

Brian Wells

Panthers lose again …. coaching staff “ I guess we need to review the tapes “ …. sheesh 🙄

JML Music

I don’t know where to begin. Whether it’s the terrible tackling or the lack of heart. This team is the worst team in the NFL, record aside. Anybody who believes different doesn’t see how bad this team is. If David Tepper wants to rebuild. He will need to fire the entire staff. Resigning Shaq Thomas and Eric Reid was the wrong moves. Both are below average players who can’t tackle. Marty Hurney needs to be fired. Firing Rivera but keeping Eric Washington is ridiculous. He doesn’t need to be a coach in the NFL. He has failed as a d coordinator and failed as D Line Coach. Injuries or not this team is not aggressive. I elect we trade CMAC to a team where he can grow and reap the rewards of his talent. This meltdown 2.0 is due to poor draft picks, lack of talent, and poor development. At the end of the day it’s too much personal with this team. It’s a business. Which means if players don’t produce they will need to be fired/cut. That is nearly 75% of the roster and 100% of the staff. For those that blamed Cam. Our issues are way deeper than this. If you want to go places drastic changes will need to be made. It’s a culture and if you want to go places. Cleaning House is where it starts.


When you fire your HC with four games left you’re basically taking fans’ money for nothing the rest of the season.

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