Paul DePodesta Addresses Stefanski Hiring | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Paul DePodesta Addresses Stefanski Hiring | Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns chief strategy officer Paul DePodesta addressed the media following the hiring of Kevin Stefanski as head coach.

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You are part of the problem. Clean house, including yourself.


    K.L. I wouldn’t say that yet. He hasn’t had any power to do anything. Haslam just ignored what he said. He wanted Sean McDermott over Hue but Haslam didn’t listen. The problem is Haslam not Dorsey, DePodesta, or even Freddie Kitchens



Skeeter Man

Says during Kevins interview; “making us feel comfortable” is the primary attribute? So comfort wins games?

Skeeter Man

Show your commitment to the Browns. You need to be in Cleveland. It looks bad even though you say its no issue. Wake up.


Best way to make Football decisions is to HAVE EXPERIENCE IN REAL WORLD FOOTBALL! Not computer models by guys who have ZERO football HUMAN Experience lol.

Dennis Lane

He’s saying he is a consultant guys… why is that hard for people to understand


The way he ends sentences reminds me Stewie clowning brain bout writing his book lmao

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