Jimmy Haslam Discusses Kevin Stefanski’s HC Hiring | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jimmy Haslam Discusses Kevin Stefanski’s HC Hiring | Cleveland Browns

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam addressed the media following Kevin Stefanski's introductory press conference. Jimmy discusses the decision into hiring Kevin as the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns and what he can do for the organization.

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Mike Stoltz

No views but already one thumbs down…



Karl Haertling

Dude spent 14 years with 1 team. He has a “variety” of references. They exhausted every coaching option “hired the dude they didn’t hire last year” Has a range of experience “has the same amount of experience to guy we just fired”. For Haslam and co the grass will always be greener when in fact it is not. Sell the team.

    Josh Madigan

    Besides he had a full year of playcalling and kitchens didnt… and he is willing to allow someone else to call plays if it’s best for the team

    Karl Haertling

    Josh Madigan you just outted yourself as someone who doesn’t understand the game. Regardless of anyone who says “hand over the play calling duties” the point is moot. Name a single NFL team that has had a “playcalling duty” mixup then went on to the post-season. I’ll wait. There are none, because once you make that move, to hand over those duties, your season is done. You prep play calling and strategize before the year, once you get into the season everyone and everything is set in stone. Making organizational movements after the fact is a admission of failure.


    Karl Haertling I like Harlem’s comment, he will turn over play calling duties if there is someone who is better, so if he hires a dummy he keeps the duty….or he can hire someone smarter who will become the coach when he’s fired next year, of course after an exhaustive search and reading the recommendations of others. Haslam is a king of double talk.

William Taylor

We are screwed.

Dan M

Where have we heard this speech before? This guy is starting to look ridiculous.

Ronald Cox

Everyone wants him to sell the team be careful what you ask for this team has moved once money talks and as unpredictable as Haslam is he would move this team in a minute if he could make a few bucks

Skip Loredo

Time will tell don’t assume


Poor guy career is over at such a young age. Welcome to Cleveland, here is a hint, rent a house don’t buy and get a clause in your lease to be able to move before you finish the first year of your lease.


As bad as they were this year…they were much better than 20+ games before Kitchens. I’m not defending Freddie, I’m pissed about John Dorsey getting fired. We are destined to more 0-16 teams.

Dennis Lane

Jesus he is annoying…


We all know how this will end

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