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Mike Muffler

Ivan Dragov: “I will break you”

Browns Org: Hold my beer

    Edward Gaines

    Funny you mention that. Stefanski, from looks alone, comes as a bit as a stockbroker. Soft an slick. I don’t see how he’s going to make the Browns “explosive.” Certainly doesn’t look it.

BigPoppa Z

Hope we finally got it right. Everyone talks a big game when they come in, and he has not so that’s something different I guess

    Edward Gaines

    Nope. The Haaslams basically hired another Freddie Kitchens. Same contents (No experience) but with a photogenic exterior. Not gonna work in this roughshod city.

    Cisco SVP

    @Edward Gaines We should’ve hired the 49ers blue collar defensive coordinator. He ripped this pretty boys offense to shreds.

    Tactician Tim

    Yep, I thought Hue Jackson was the next Vince Lombardi!


Questions start at 9:00

Brendan McCallion

As a Jets fan I wish him and the Browns fans all the best for 2020 and beyond. I think y’all have got a very level headed man that can lead these players and finally get them to play as a team. 👍👍👍👍

    Jason Bennett

    I just hope jimmy lets him do his thing.

    jerald meow

    Appreciate you my guy

    things happen40

    Cheers to you. Hope someone in your division topples NE. Give ’em hell!

    Jake Neece

    Thanks man. We need it. I hope you guys do good too. Our teams are kinda similar. Good players just need to get the rest of it together. Best of luck in 2020


Seems like a good dude. Hope he really holds them accountable

Hurricane Lane

Level headed guy, seems to be a guy who runs to set up the pass and deep shots which caters directly to our offense. As long as we get a competent O-Lineman or two we will be pleased with this guy


Blood boils a bit everytime I see this incompetent owner of ours..

    David Vice Bangura



What the hell does it matter how he feels about not getting it last year? Leave it up to a reporter’s to ask ignorant questions

Brett Alltop

Stop pretending to be experts guys. Nobody has any clue what they are talking about. Give the guy a chance

Quan Dime

I pray to God this work 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾😭😭


    On god.

brown beast

is just me but doesn’t he look a lot older than 37?

Alex Cika

He reminds me of a soap opera actor 😂 ( George Clooney) I’m not gonna get my hopes up but I hope he has success , I am 51 years old am a Browns fan and have seen it all

    bobby shmurda's Hat

    Alex Cika Jimmy needs to go but I feel Kevin will make this team great

David Vice Bangura

He might going to hire Kubiak and wade Phillip as Oc N Dc

Pàdruig Oehlenschläger

well if the core word was “work” we shall see how many of the ego players actually want to do that & maybe they will act like a team . But we shall see how it pans out either it’s gold in the sluice or just junk and rocks down the river

Tranquility Base

He hasn’t caught on to Mary Ks antics yet. West Side!

BBQ Ntwk

Clueless Jimmy flying j

    bobby shmurda's Hat

    BBQ Ntwk yeah when I see him I get mad but I feel Kevin can make this team great

Brandon Lowman

This dude seems like a genius compared to kitchens lol. IQ is at least 30 points higher

Jake Neece

I like him. All we can base him on is his past experience and the words he says which are both great. Looking forward to see what he can do with this talented roster

Ken P

He needs to take a page out of Mangenius’s book …
Ref’s hire to throw flags at every practice and laps for every penalty

Randy Oliver

Cleveland Loves You Man!

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