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Jennifer Johnson

Damien Williams carried

    Calvin T.

    @Timo Cruz Brees isn’t the greatest example because he dropped 46 on their head lol but I get your point

    Ronny Racks

    Calvin T. with all due respect, the 9ers were missing a couple key defensive players

    Calvin T.

    @Ronny Racks It’s the NFL, injuries happen. All teams aren’t always at 100% and the Niners knocked Cook out of the game after he was torching them so

    Feeling Rowdy

    @Ronny Racks The chiefs were missing there starting safety Juan Thornhill

Todd P

Patrick Mahomes played his worst game of his NFL career and gets a ring & an SB MVP award. 🐐


    Todd P I definitely don’t want him if Lamar Jackson had the same weapons as mahomes he would destroy the league

    Ian Quiñones

    Laine Gordon the offense wasn’t dirty but the defense was low key kinda in the refs favor

    KC Security

    @Alliekat That’s not what Todd p said…

    Hector Rodriguez

    Even Joe Namath in Super Bowl 3 too he was named the SB MVP


    @Mason Winner one of which was a tipped ball that wasn’t his fault. He showed amazing talent in this game, and lead a fourth quarter comeback at that

Sports 311

He’s the best player in football. Not just the best quarterback, the best player in football

    Sam Schramm

    olivegarden2 uh no. If Lamar continues what he’s doing and so does mahomes, mahomes is still by far the better qb.


    @JODisHere not really in my opinion especially if your team is in the super Bowl but I respect your open

    Sean Owens

    SmitsMcGrits I bet if he would’ve lost y’all would be bashing him rn lol media so fake

    Isaiah Leon

    You people have short term memories. One superbowl does NOT make him the best player in football and damn sure doesn’t make him the best ever. He’s getting so much hype it’s ridiculous. Stop hyping him up. They won one, enjoy it. People for some reason are saying the 49ers deserved some humble pie, but it seems like chiefs / mahomes fans are in dire need of it. It will happen.


Remember folks it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

    Riki Rikin kanayin

    Really wow, you must the smart one in the familly fo show.

    Logan Chasen

    That’s what my wife said

    Dean Nornan

    The secret of getting ahead is getting started


I felt like in the 2nd half Patrick Mahomes was inspired by his team to do better than he did in the first half and I think thats what got them the win

    Justin R

    Nah, they just let the 49ers get the lead so they can feel more comfortable stabbing their opponents from behind like they always do.


    hello aiden. btw super bowl 2020 is boring

    I Hate people

    @Justin R lol

Emperor Palpatine

Doesn’t matter how he played in the first three quarters. It’s when it matters most that he delivered.

    RusseII Westbrick

    Emperor Palpatine Patriots are coming back strong next season

    Adam Moreira

    Even in 2019, the Patriots had to keep Mahomes off the field to win in OT.

    Tough Fish

    Emperor Palpatine You Ain’t That Tough

    Biscuit man

    Chooseeazy Naw no one realistically thought he was retiring when he said 45

    Russel Mack

    Worst performance of the entire season and he takes home a MVP and Super Bowl Ring… LOL.. that shows you just how invested the Officials on the field were in calling penalties or not calling penalties, so long as they benefitted the Chiefs.

Sports Fan_91

The first of many & that’s coming from a Patriots fan. He wasn’t his best tonight but he is a special player. To not fold after that 2nd INT says alot. Congrats Chiefs Fans!

    DeadAss Alex

    People act like they dont care if he/she is a Patriot fan?!?!?! Do yall not know the BITTER rivalry between that?!?!? If it was a Giants fan I wouldnt care!!!!😂😂😂

    BIG Joe Duncan

    @tito thomas For having some class? Try it, it might suit you.

    Bernabe Silva

    Congrats chiefs organization

Chris Grimaldo

Moral of the story :don’t stop caring when taking the lead in the 4th quarter

    Daniel Grutta

    Was that a Falcons reference aha don’t forget about Atlanta blowing a 26-9 lead coming into the 4th quarter. 😐😐

    Ty Nao

    Moral of the story be the refs favorite team


    Yeh you being a Barca fan I bet you know about bottling more than anyone #CornerTakenQuickly

    Jeremy Davis

    Daniel Grutta shanahan was also our coach during that game…some things never change

Andy Azurdia

I mean Shanahan is the 49ers coach.

    Don Mega

    @Steven Juris I still blame the niners defense and Robert Saleh

    Steven Juris

    Don Mega you’re blaming the defense for extremely stupid play calling by the offense. No wonder you’re a 49er fan. You’re head coach is a choker. He proved that with Atlanta and he confirmed that without any doubt last night. He lost the game with 3rd grade level play calling. He and his girlfriend Jimmy.


    @Don Mega The 49ers defense was on the field pretty much the whole 4th quarter. The 49ers offense was 3 and out the whole 4th quarter. The 49ers D was gassed out because of this. Had they continued the run(Which had been successful all game), they’d both eat clock while up by 10, as well as give the defense time to catch their breath. YEs the defense play calling was suspect, due to some blown coverage. But I place ALL the blame on Shanahan and the play calling on the Offensive side of the ball. How can you blame the defense when the offense is the one that gave up on the run game and started throwing the ball with zero success?




    @Andy Azurdia giving up a 10 point lead is nothing when you mastered the art of blowing a 25 point lead lol

Alton Rodgers

The Madden Curse has been broken.

    Stay Smooth

    @younged 510 Aaron is old now he cant do it like he used to. Hes had several concussions, knee/ankle injurys, & 2 broken collarbones. My man is scared to run. That doesnt mean he cant run. Look up some of Rodgers highlights. Hes got the best on the run throwing. Hes gotten several 20+ yard rushing TDs. Like I said even if he rolled out this year like past years he wouldnt have anybody to throw to with lafluers new west coast offense he’s adjusting to. You’re just hating cause last time we played you rodgers threw 6 TDs and guess what? Ran for one on top of that. Hop off broheim.

    Stay Smooth

    @younged 510 also I never said that aaron was a better scrambler or as mobile. I sais that mahomes NAVIGATES the pocket like Rodgers. Which btw again you should check your facts and look up some highlights.

    younged 510

    @Stay Smooth which is exactly what I am trying to say, we don’t have a defense and as a football fan Rodgers does not perform well vs a very good defense. It is what it is, I was rooting for Rodgers vs the niners even though I know he had no chance.. trust me I would of rather Green bay make the SB then the niners.

    younged 510

    @Stay Smooth it’s not highlights for me it’s what you know.. based on what I seen he struggles all the time vs good defense just saying..


    @SpikeSamo45 No he didn’t, no one ever did before now lol Tom Brady can’t do everything.

I steal comments

Patrick Mahomes: throws 2 picks

State Farm: we got you covered

    I steal comments

    @JODisHere heyyyy

    ed rage

    stolen joke – we got you covered

    Ty Nao

    referees: we got you covered

    WhyDoPeopleUseYTInTheirYTName? YT

    Carlos Gutierrez he isn’t a niners fan, he’s just an idiot streamer looking for attention

    Coulter Gill

    @JODisHere now that was 2019. You’re completely wrong


Undisputed tmrrw: Shannon- “skiiiiiiiipppp that’s Mahome-boi!! He is a generational talent”

Skip – “he proved last night he is the third best quarterback behind Brady and dak.”

    Michael Dawodu

    Read that in their voices 😂😂😂😂

    Philip Saal

    Brady’s still better Mahomes just had incredible weapons, if Brady had Kelce Hill and Williams we’d have the #1 seed and #7.

    Reggie Parker

    Saquan Nathan 😂😂I CANT…We WON🎉🥂🍾

    Nathan Playz

    Dam sucks

Just Another Michigander

You know you have something special when a guy can get injured, miss games, and then come back, lead his team to the Super Bowl, win the game AND MVP, and people say that he wasn’t at his best. Enjoy the next few years KC. You got something special

    Christopher Simon

    @purity and kansas fitness God doesn’t exist

    Matthew Cowan

    Mahomes is definitely special. The haters can hate, but the best thing about that kid is he doesn’t give up.


    He wasn’t at his best until 7 min left in the 4th. It doesn’t matter how you start, but how you finish

    Brian Wills

    @Suicideh29 2 he still won everyone on that team won😐

    Diego de Freitas

    He is not juts Special. He is the especial one!


Me: *watched the entire Super Bowl*
Also me: let’s watch the highlights on YouTube


    Lol same

    Nelson Diaz


    Apolonia Tanorita

    SVGAR SKVLL we’re missing the last touch down 😩

    Dominique Sanford

    Right it was so entertaining

    Phantom Karen

    I’m here for the comment section.

Justin Wyche

Watkins:”when you put me on a sorry corner like Sherman that’s the result you gon get!!!”

    Matt Balderrama

    @Don Mega Not to be the grammar police but when you call somebody stupid or dumb it’s a general rule of thumb to use correct spelling.

    *You’re dumb 😂

    Winston Cannady

    @brady chick Watkins had Richard Sherman looking like Sherman Helmsley


    🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂too much speed for dred boy.

    LeeRock 27

    Tyreek Hill broke his ankles in the 1st half no wonder he started slacking he had 2 sprains 😅


    Guy turned into a pumpkin with 7 minutes to go🎃

Professor Frink

Seeing the 9ers talk junk and celebrate throughout the entire game and lose in the end makes it all perfect.

    James Bond

    Well I guess now we can say there is no Brady in Garoppolo. The 49ers had complete control of that game at one point and they lost the handle on it. Garoppolo could not deliver in the clutch. He blew it when it counted… that’s the difference.

    Isaiah Leon

    @Royal Abstraction SF Giants fan here. You still have nightmares about Bumgarner?

    Royal Abstraction

    @Isaiah Leon not really.. 2015 made it not matter

    Matt Balderrama

    They talked so much ish serves them right

    Michael Armenta Sr.

    Yes, the Whiners were all giddy little girls until the second half of the 4th quarter, reality set in.


I wonder how Sherman feels about getting torched over and over to lose his team a super bowl

    Don Mega

    You can’t put all the blame on him what about the other DBs who couldn’t stop Damien


    I hope he looks up all his trash talking highlights from his Seattle days. Dude was unbearable to listen to.

El R.

Congratulations to Andy Reid, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs for the win. Andy Reid finally got that Super Bowl trophy and title! Good job, Good game play, Good Win.

    Carter Ruckman

    He has deserved it for awhile. He just hasn’t had the peace’s.

Martin Huerta

0:18 Sherman got done dirty by hill😯


    So funny 😂😂😂

    Great to see loud mouth Sherman exposed in thr biggest game of the season.

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