Damien Williams Pops Off for 133 Total Yds & 2 TDs | Super Bowl LIV Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The real MVP

    PV Pike Mence

    @Its Snøw It’s all arguable I agree. But the all got rings so there’s that

    Garry Batman

    Not taking anything away from Williams but the second td was given up to manage clock.

    Andrew Wallace's

    How tho mahomes made some of the biggest plays in the game , Williams is a monster but without mahomes this team wouldn’t be here let’s be real

    Rose Amberzine

    PM is the real MVP!

    Aaron Day

    He’s underrated!


Should have won Superbowl MVP


    Who did? I wasn’t able to catch the end.


    @MyNameInRealLife Mahomes

Vlxne 2x

How’s he not the mvp

Nick Hess

Damien Williams is one of the best postseason players I’ve ever seen

    Rahul Vikram

    Nick Hess fax and yet the nfl analysts have the audacity to call him “not solid”

    Agent 0-0-7

    As a chiefs fan I can confirm this. He hits another level come post season time

    Blake T

    @Rahul Vikram he’s got the moves.

jaiveer d

Don’t let this distract you that Kyle shanahan blew a double digit lead twice in the Super Bowl and this one under 6 minutes

    AA Tech

    @Edwin Wallace Facts


    Ah here we go again, 3rd time in a row

    Pierre Louis



    @perfect stranger Dont let this distract you from the that Alex Smith got the bare minimum amount of production for being in the best offense in football despite being a seasoned vet.

    Ian Ballard

    Don’t let the fact that the Chiefs defense was stuffing the run game, the Chiefs offense was pressing and scoring and forcing Kyle Shannahan to throw distract you from you being a moron and not giving credit where credit is due. What if Shannahan did run more and the Chiefs stuffed it, like they stuffed Carlos Hyde and Derrick Henry? Then what? You idiots would be complaining that he didn’t give Jimmy G a chance to win it. It’s always the same thing with the losers. Every Super Bowl.

Chiefs Fan

I cant believe it. Super Bowl Champs, after all these years.

    Chris Bakas

    From a Packers fan, congrats guys!!!

    Dislike Solutions

    yall almost had it with Priest Holmes and Dante

    Lucas Gomez

    Imagine changing your name to chiefs fan

    Max Mus

    Congrats bro !! Enjoy the next couple of days


    Congrats man

AndrewTTG And BBall

He deserved the SB MVP

Jhovan Garcia

Idk how this guy didn’t get mvp tbh 😂

    Supah Bowla

    I guess it’s cuz he’s not a big name player

    Austin McGuirk


    Devin Fischer

    Because everyone texted their vote in for mahomes


I love Patrick Mahomes but this dude should have been the MVP

    David Frost

    HFARecon ikr. Damien might not be the best player all year round but we’re talking about Super Bowl MVP and this guy played balls out. Mahome underperformed.

    Collin Elson

    NFL is pathetically to shallowly mainstream as much as I love football. That’s why they went with Mahomes.

    Jacob Oppedisano

    100 percent

Carlos A

My boy Damien Williams got snubbed of the MVP

    Detroit Trap Music

    Carlos A he was benched most of the season lol

    Doug B

    I love Mahomes, but yeah I thought Damien was the MVP of the game

    Joey Paschal

    Detroit Trap Music what does that have to to do with this game? And FYI, he wasn’t benched. He was stuck in a committee and then injured.

    Blake T

    Yea he played great!

Why tho

Incoming Williams should have won mvp comments

    L Zimm.

    Why tho because they’re facts

    Deontay The Bum Protected Wilder

    I mean when you throw 2 Picks and have a 78.1 Passer Rating you don’t deserve MVP…

Terrence Archer

6 mins left :

49ers : Ight.. ima head out


    Old meme

DEnas Ace

Damien Williams got robbed of a mvp in the super bowl. That’s f up.

Ayanokouji Kiyotaka

He would’ve gotten my vote even before that last TD

Christopher Wilt

I’m surprised he didn’t win mvp over Mahomes.

    RaZorr Vysa


    Bennyboo Plays

    I voted for him


    He should have gotten it, but it pretty much always goes to the winning team’s quarterback.

    Paul Grable

    The QB bias strikes again. Especially as Williams saved Mahome’s bacon all game long.

    Paul Grable

    @Jayy this is the definition of the QB bias. The backup could have played as well for most of the game. Williams had the greatest positive impact on the game for a Chiefs player.

Leonardo Dabestio

You know who feels worse than the 49ers after this loss…

Kareem Hunt

    perfect stranger

    tapped “read more” twice & nothing opened

    *me* so “nobody” ?
    … feels worse ?
    probably correct



    Elemental Entertainment LLC

    Leonardo Dabestio dang… 🤦‍♂️ that’s real talk

Jefty Andrada

on almost every run Damien picked up a first down or was close to it, and he coulda got one more touchdown but he was stopped short near the goal line

King M

He’s the real SB Mvp and got robbed today.

Predator Minute Podcast

Those Air Jordan 1 Low Chicago’s look great as cleats!

    Michael Gosney



Damien “James white” Williams Everyone 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂😂😂

    Marcus Rosselli

    bdav160 straight up baller when it counts

    Aaron Day

    He looks more like Le’Veon Bel!

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