Patrick Mahomes Highlights vs. Bears | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Patrick Mahomes Highlights vs. Bears | NFL 2019

Patrick Mahomes dominates the Bears on Sunday night with 2 touchdowns and 251 yards. The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Chicago Bears during Week 16 of the 2019 NFL season.

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NFL Mahomes Chiefs

Awa Dewa

Mahomes > Trubisky

    MarcusSports _

    @Turhan Henderson yes lol I ain’t that mf stoopid 😂

    MarcusSports _

    @American Sports Fan I just said that to see how many ppl would get mad

    Turhan Henderson

    @MarcusSports _ my bad 🤷🏾‍♂️😂😂 hard to tell online sometimes.

    Nicholas Dunn

    Arthas Menethil Was Alex Smith not winning before KC and then not at least getting the redskins to contend in their division before he got hurt? Dudes a winner and has been. He was basically just missing the big play ability that mahomes got.

    Steven Paul

    Awa Dewa really thanks for pointing that out I wouldn’t have noticed

Nolan Lake


    Faze Tsm Ali_A

    Nolan Lake 4th


People don’t recognize his speed, the man is SPEEDY

Noah Santos


glizzy x

Is it to early to predict chiefs being in the Super Bowl?

    Derek Smidl

    @Damian Avalos lol that and the final 5 minutes of the Titans game were the last times this defense wasn’t wasn’t top 10


    Damian Avalos Houston has to play ravens if the get past the second round

    What happen when they played

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Damian Avalos the Texans arent the team to beat in the AFC


    @Damian Avalos what are you even talking about. most likely the only way the chiefs play the texans is in the afc championship. the likelihood of that happening is so small. you’re obviously a texans fan because it’s not even likely that they actually play each other again this season.


    Damian Avalos hehe…Texans have to beat the bills AND the ravens…like tahts gonna happen


Hi people

Tim Tate

The Chicago Bears could of have Deshaun Watson or Patrick Mahomes let that sink in

    TraFra 37


    Yeelicious -

    The bears would ruin them, they should be happy where they got drafted.


    *could have had

    Tim Tate

    @Yeelicious – maybe in their entire franchise history they never have had a really good quarterback


    we are used to our franchise sucking.


Mahomes is the most talented QB ever… Chiefs fans are blessed to have this man

    Arthas Menethil

    Not ever, but he’s top 5 prolly, maybe top 3. Rodgers is and it’s by a bit. The man had 45 tds with Marshall Newhouse as his left tackle and no superstar weapons. Like a Hill Or Kelce.



    Saint Aubyn TFG

    BronAintShit Aaron Rodgers?? How quickly you forget

    Mike Blick

    @Arthas Menethil Rodgers had a ton of weapons on that team….Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Jermichael Finley, James Jones, Randall Cobb….no superstars but collectively that’s a really good group


    @Arthas Menethil You sound stupid as hell. Mahomes has the better arm, he’s faster, younger and has GAOT potential upsite. He threw 50 TDs at 22-23 years old man


Wow 3 min of highlights lol


    3 Minutes of highlights is alot for one nfl game. They can’t include every completed throw and run. Heck. Tyreek Hills last year season highlights were just 15 minutes long

    Logen Myers

    cadena06 3 minutes of highlights is great for one player🤦‍♂️ if each highlight is 4-8 seconds and they can make a 3 minutes video…

Sam C.

I hope he upsets Lamar Jackson in the like the AFC Championship Game and gets a Super Bowl LIV appearance.


    @Derek Smidl lol so are the ravens.


    @Mike Blick so tell who has more weapons? Who is carrying their team most? Yeah and we came back in those games if you call those garbage points then you shouldnt give that mutch up to give us a chance to come back.

    Derek Smidl

    @TdubZ mahomes was hurt. Hill was missing games. Sammy is always hurt. That defense was bad then. Both RG and LT were out for like 8 games this season and our center Reiter is straight garbage. Chiefs don’t rely on a running game and Erving graded at like a 19.2 rating from pff lmfao that was the 2nd worst tackle in all of football. Mahomes gimping and running for his life most of the season and they still dominated a few opponents which includes the Ravens. Also the chiefs don’t have a good 3 set at TEs like the Ravens. Ravens are a complete team and though you were missing Jimmy ward and your center the rest of your team had a huge advantage and yet got embarrassed 😆


    @Derek Smidl dude tevon jimmy marlon were all out those games and you hung 30 on us we picked marcus peters and everyone is back and ever since then we held teams to 18 or less brady had 25 but in garbage time so thats not counted. You have way more weapons than us and we still have the #1 seed and even if pat stayed all season and wasnt injured at best you got the #2 seed. good luck losing to brady…. AGAIN. 😂😂😂😂


    @Derek Smidl btw you should have won those games you had home field all the time against us. Wait and see when you play in m&t bank. Gl.

evan albright

fun game to watch

Burger With Fries

Just finna throw out here that nobody knew (or at most, VERY few knew) Mahomes was going to be this good at the draft. Not drafting Watson when he was a proven QB is inexcusable, though. But thats just the salt running through me; see y’all next season when we’ll probably accept mediocrity again and not actually improve in the draft or offseason, and make a 2019 season pt. 2.

    Aon Doe

    Most teams didn’t see it. They thought he was a project, but the the chiefs jumped up in the draft to take him because the saints were going to draft him.

    Derek Smidl

    @Aon Doe or the Cards..

    Airborne Jay

    65% 5,000yds 41TD 10Int his last year at Texas Tech…I dont want to hear it.


It’s a bad night for Chicago when they don’t bother to show their field goal.


    Its mahomes highlights. Field goals arnt relevant

    mike miller

    yeah, go watch the game highlights, not a quarterback highlights.

Israel Ramos

Mahomes has the highest ceiling of any QB in history. His play screams GOAT.

Ray Powell

I still think Patrick Mahomes is the best Quarterback in the nfl.

    Steven Chavez

    MAHOMES is the best now!

    Damien Butler

    Ray Powell I agree!!!

    Meeep Meeep

    Between him and Lamar Jackson, also Lamar does not have as great as targets Patrick mahomes has Travis Kelce and tyreek hill and even Sammy Watkins is a good target while Lamar has Mark Andrews

    Trevor Thompson

    Arthas Menethil lol good luck having a franchise QB that is special because his running ability and not his throwing ability. Lamar is going to get hurt eventually, and by the time he’s 30 he won’t be the same because Lamar won’t be as explosive and will never thrive as a pure pocket passer. Mahomes could play till he’s 40.

    Raymond Sotelo

    Lamar jackson does the same plays every game.. he passes only to tight ends and runs the ball, and hands the ball off to mark Ingram literally

Mike S

How much is a game check for only 3 points?

    Brannon Meador

    Still more than I make in a year

Markcus Vongphachanh

Pat M has a better arm then Jackson

    The Dude

    @Deadlywarrior Warrior seriously though


    @Deadlywarrior Warrior No… mahomes definitely have a better arm. But saying that most qbs having stronger arms is a stretchm he is leading in passing yards so um… no

    patrick mahomes Is the goat

    NickPlayz did u say Lamar was leading in passing yards?

    Joe Tee

    Both are the best right now!! Mahomes is Montana on steroids, Jackson is Russell Wilson on steroids!!!

    Gino Khalifa

    Joe Tee I’d say Mahomes is more John Elway then Joe Montana

meron Kesete

Love Mahomes and Lamar and Watson want all of them 2 win many superbowls rings Mvps they ma 3 QB baby. So 1 of them Will win the superbowl i hope im so im happy.

Christian VAIXCO


Mike James

Best QB in the league and it’s not even close.

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