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Webster Kollie

This game was over for the Bears before they even got on the field

    Keenan Brown

    Y’all better stop talking about the bears hell we lost to the gay Packers destroying are chances for the play-offs ain’t no way in hell the bears is giving they’re all right against the chefs not chefs the win against em but the bears lost hope and confidence

    Team Rifleman

    Reginald Hill yup the patriots and Seahawks are good Examples

    Evan Chen

    What about that time u lost to the chiefs with a high school football coach matt moore?

Carlos Peltier

Good win chiefs

Blackthorn 461

Forget the fact that the bears got destroyed the funniest part was when the whole stadium had to watch butker hit a double doink.

    William Holt

    As a big chief fan I was laughing so hard like pm on the sideline was doing

    Kage Phenix

    And still win

    Connor Playz


    DaBearsLive96 0

    Blackthorn 461 The ghost of Cody Parkey must have a sacrifice.


As a Bronco fan the Bears only getting 3 points makes me feel better about last week plus the snow


    Alot of people fail to realize that its hard to be a “bad” team in the NFL
    They get payed millions for a reason
    Theres so many good teams now thats its hard for the “bad” ones to compete, as for the Broncos we have a lot of talent but too much inexperience as players and as a team
    Nothing is set in stone
    Next year will be a good year for the Broncos
    This year was full of much needed lessons
    Not to mention we have the youngest team in the NFL and a first year head coach and OC
    And good teams might not be so good in the years to come

    Derion Sanders

    @JordaniusVonRhod I watch next year we going to have one the worst offensives in the league Elway should just tank for Lawrence

Andrew Schuler

Still weird Terrell Suggs is a chief.

    Wayne Wood

    @Asmosis Jones AFC

    Cynthia Liu


    Lawrence Smith

    @Op C yep to a contender

To Pi

Chiefs defense playing well. They need a better running game

    Bradley Elliott

    Playing well!??? The playing the worst offence in football!!! When they shut down the Ravens..thats when there olaying well ! Not the Bears!

    Trevor Thompson

    Chiefs will rid of Watkins 14.5 mil contract he’s due next year and use it on a top tier RB now that they see the difference of having a top 5 RB and not. I say we pick up Melvin Gordan or sign Leveon Bell, I’m sure they’re both tired of losing.

    Joey Kelly

    Their run defense didn’t look very good versus the Bears.

    Bembo Jef

    Hunt is the difference that made them lose to the pats last year

Sports 311

The chiefs D are peaking at the right time. Credit to Steve Spagnuolo


    Brian Thomas wishful thinking buddy.

    who cares

    Brokehomie Quan ur a fool, yea 48 points allowed in 5 games is terrible, ur an idiot, our defense is completely different from last year and we have had a good secondary all season


    @Brokehomie Quan 48 points allowed in 5 weeks, and hasn’t allowed a touchdown in back to back games, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing, that’s elite level defense, even shitty teams score touchdowns, but to allow that few of points in over a month is absurdly good defense. You must be a Tennessee fan because you seem to be nut sucking them in comment threads, and they probably won’t even make the playoffs. People hate the Chiefs at this point because they’re afraid of them. The Chiefs are beating teams in all 3 phases of the game, and its scaring fanbases across the league. The chiefs are probably the ONLY team in the AFC that has potential to beat Baltimore, and everyone knows it.

    Andrew Grotheer

    They lookin straight hawt fire sauce

Cody Owens

Chiefs vs Ravens in the AFC championship game???


    Chucky Black dude we won our division are you stupid, we don’t have to play a wildcard game…


    @SuperNickG You make a good point about the Ravens and Lamar, but the playoffs is a different animal. Intensity and the pressure of “win or go” home makes throats get tight. We’ll see.

    I’ve seen this kind of team before like the Ravens. The Ravens remind me of the Eagles with Vick back in the 2010 season when they lost at home in the first round. They were on fire, but that Packers team with Rodgers that came into Philly and knocked them out were a comet.

    James Hsiao

    @jakwiq the question is can the chiefs run defense be trusted against derrick henry not whether ryan Tannehill can perform


    @James Hsiao With the addition of Terrell Suggs? “Hell” yeah.

Jimmy Dean

So thankful the bears passed on mahomes. It’s like Christmas every sunday


    @JT Linard…. Lamar Jackson.

    Daniel Diaz

    Chrome KingQ except for Alex Smith who led the league in passer rating under Nagy and was garbage everywhere else

    Chrome KingQ

    @Daniel Diaz Alex Smith wasn’t on the bears to receive our unstable coaching schemes so that doesn’t count.

    JT Linard

    Paul.J This year…maybe. Long term . No chance.


    @QuarterBacking 32 Just facts

Justin Mathews

It’s obvious Andy Reid didn’t want to embarrass Matt in the 2nd half with the score. The bears offense and defense are the ‘ double doinks “.


    Bears games averaged only 30+points all year. Didn’t you listen to the broadcast. That’s because of their defense. And they’ve played some of the best offenses in the league. Their offense sucks though


    Reid hasn’t been on his second half for all season ya follow?

John Anderson

Bears fans 1st 11 games: Trubisky is trash.
Bears fans next 3 games: Trubisky is actually not too bad.
Bears fans next 2 games: He’s trash.

    Madara bish

    Seeing how bears fan base is made of multiple people with different opinions, you will probably get mixed messages….. this bears fan has hated the trubisky pick since the draft, and ive never thought he’s more than a bum. Bears owners wanted the white quarterback that’s all there is it to it


    @Big block 472 the Bears would put up 20+ on last years defense.

    J G

    I’d put the fault at 1/4 trubisky 3/4 Nagy.

    Jayden Fulton

    John Anderson lmao

Patches O'Houlihan

Bears back to their old ways. Smh why do i keep believing they’ll change? They need a new Owner badly.

    Noah B

    Bring back Ditka

    Dmiller 1128

    Y’all can have Martha Ford


    There’s several billionaires in Illinois, I want them to come together and initiate a hostile takeover of the Bears and force the McCaskeys out.


    We need to wait for her to die and they need to fire Ted Phillips


    @Dmiller 1128 no lol

TheReal NateDogg

Bears put the pressure on Mahomes but the way better team won tonite


    TheReal NateDogg I saw no pressure

I'm no Longer A Scared of the dark

Matt Nagy is a awful coach he runs to many short and slow developing plays that put Mitchell behind the sticks. And the opposite on the chiefs side 4wr 1te set and run to the down markers. Bad coaches make bad QBs.


    @Tom Anderson It wouldn’t be so bad if Miller could hold onto the freaking ball. I don’t know what’s with these receivers on the Bears, but they get paid millions to constantly drop passes and not run their routes fully. Mediocrity everywhere. Points to a coaching problem. I don’t blame Mitch

    Tom Anderson

    @JDSmusic Miller almost never blocks either. He’s not worth it IMO. The good doesn’t outweigh the bad. I feel the same way about Cohen although if he runs tough like yesterday it’s a different story.


    @Tom Anderson Yep again I don’t blame it on any one person, seems like everyone is mediocre (which usually points to coaching)

    Bryan Campos

    Tai C you really think an nfl coach would throw away a game risking their head coach position to help a “friend” POTENTIALLY get home field advantage?

chase Jones

The Chicago front office needs to be fired, trading up to get a mediocre QB and guaranteeing 90 million dollars to a line backer who cant play coverage, you can add a line backer plus a DE for half that price and produce more sacks than mack

    Datsun Crown

    @GENERALSPARTAN27 you can blame Chicago’s polok community for this b.s.


    It’s not all about sacks. Mack is still one of the best defensive players in the league

    chase Jones

    @JayxC He was brought in to sack Rodgers but teams regularly throw left side ( defenses right ) because he can’t cover. Honestly hes a one dimensional pass rusher who is weak against the run and very poor against the pass. Reason Oakland traded him.

    Daniel Kwamou

    chase Jones you know nothing about football. He still has 8.5 sacks and 4 pdef. He’s the best player on that bears defence with their safeties.

    DaBearsLive96 0

    GENERALSPARTAN27 Thats what makes it all the worse. It’s the SAME problems every single time. At least in 06 we committed to running the ball. Our O line is severely needing help with aggression, play calling is disastrous, Mitch cannot lead these guys because he is far too inconsistent and doesn’t command a huddle. It’s just pathetic to wast his all the talent the bears roster does have go to waste. It happens all the time. All that said, Watson was the easy pick, and somehow they just did something else lol.

Chase Buster

Wat a blowout


Im a bears fan forever but somepeople are so ignorat to other peoples teams usaully by saying “Your a joke of a franchise” “The bears always suck” not only the bears

    Anthony Negron

    I root for the Knicks I feel your pain lol

    Hanna Naegeli

    Who cares. Stop being such a sensitive little cub!

William Holt

I think the Kc Chief s should give the team MVP to coach spags, BC he has this defense playing so much better than anyone had expected


pace has to explain what he saw in Trubisky, who only played 13 college games. over Watson, who won a national championship against Alabama, and Mahomes, who posted 4,000 and 5,000 passing yards his soph and junior year. watson had 4100 yards both his sophomore and junior year. Trubisky is probably getting equivalent experience to what the other guys got while they were in college now. so it seems like Trubisky is two years behind in development.

    Joseph Velez

    In general, it’s just been a very depressing season. Our offensive game plan tries every week to cater to Mitch’s weaknesses and just ended up making it so much more lackluster. Very difficult to watch and you can see in Mitch’s face he really is trying but he is just not there yet. He has low morale and Nagy is not doing anything productive by watering down the offense. I don’t know what the answer is because I’m not a coach but looking forward to what they come up with to fix the issue. My hunch is that they won’t do anything. I’m happy that the team hasn’t turned on him yet though – shows alot but this is a business.


    Bears need a better O-line .  Also, Nagy’s O relies on a lot of movement / separation from the TE’s, and first half of season they were injured and didn’t get better . Only when Jesper Horsted moved from PS to the 53 did things happen . I imagine Shaheen will not be resigned, and if Burton can’t be 100%, him too . Need another TE in draft like Kelce, Ertz, Kittle . They can be found in later rounds . Early rounds, go O-line and D-line .

    Madara bish

    The explanation is trubisky was the white quarterback

    Madara bish

    @Joey Kelly lmao most nfl ready? But never took a snap under center…. that’s nfl ready? Beating Alabama in a national championship game gets you more nfl ready then 1 season in a shitty school taking every snap from shotgun formation lmao

    Jameson snow

    Trubinsky is garbage he’s a small QB with minimum accuracy and scramble abilities.

DRE4D Fabian

I think they should Have Darwin Thompson Have more play time


    It’s obvious that he’s not picking up something within the offense. I’m guessing it’s his pass blocking ability, you don’t wanna put him in there without that because 1) Pat could Die and 2) it’ll be really easy for defenses to tell if we’re running or passing.

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