Top Catches from Week 16 | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


    2broz Film

    Raymond nope


    Yeah he is

Nathan Hernandez

Actually nvm 2nd

Hugo Healy

Who do you think is gonna win the super bowl?


    Hugo Healy with this Chiefs defense playing like this man i dont know if ravens can keep up

    the realm

    @too many men on the field 😂 he meant this yr

    konasake Trinh

    Niners vs Texans

Fendi *

Week 16*

Peyton Steigerwald

week 16*

Fabian Ramirez

15th like

james paul


james paul


Dom Key

It’s not week 15 is week 16

Greg Dunn

Kittle’s TD was really impressive too, shook off the double team

Jay Stiles

Surprise of day the day the cards upset Seattle

    Dean Talamantes

    cards are coming up that team is no slouch the record is deceiving they are def going in the right direction though the nfc west is not a joke I give them a year maybe 2 look at the niners now compared to last season

    Ma_Name_ Is_Jaff_49

    Dean Talamantes that’s partially different since we mainly sucked cuz of our quarterback situation but the cards are real good

    King Niggaz

    @Dean Talamantes

    Xtreme J

    Really helped the Packers😁

Mark Bryant


Jay Stiles

Heading into the final season that this year no full full play from Cam,Big Ben,AB like what a year


Im surprised the cowboys are in this. If the ball wasnt overthrown by Dak the receivers dropped it.

Mike Z

NFL always screwing up the highlight videos. They didn’t even add the Goff to Warner TD. Smdh

Book of shadows contributor Brian

155th comment 👻👽🤖🏈


Is mnf part of week 16 or not?..

    Branded McGowan

    Yep but it’s should be retitled best catches of the weekend. Do you agree?

Jacob GiebelSouza

Ummmm…Case Keenum is no longer on the Redskins



Meow Gang

How you not gonna add Dallas Goderts TD catch

Yosef Navon

1 like = 1 prayer for bengals

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