Patrick Mahomes & Chiefs React to SUPER BOWL Title! | The Breakdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jonathan Alonso


Enoch Zoldyck


Skyler novick

I love the cheifs so much awesome





momma Rhonda

You gotta fight..for your paarrrrtttyyyyy!!! Tomorrow is a big day in K.C. the parade for the SBLIV CHAMPS!!! I’ll be there!!!

    Sharkboy 200

    Unfortunately I was not at the parade.

    Nate Hill

    Oh my I didn’t attend the Royals world series parade… I absolutely can not not go to this one… I will #frickinwalk if need be…. #White2ndChristmas


    Sharkboy 200 well fortunately, you could be there because it’s tomorrow.

    Sharkboy 200

    @RockmanMegaX I can’t cause I have school.


    Sharkboy 200 Shucks

Curt Thacker

I’m still on my high over this just imagine what Veach and Reid are going to do in the draft and free agency this year if this isn’t your team it’s okay to be scared.go chieeeeeeefs

    M T

    💯 and now they don’t have as much pressure to build a ‘win now at all costs’ team. Brett is an absolute mastermind. I believe he’s going to build a dynasty.

bighead 0610


Curt Thacker

Patrick mahomes is the MVP of this team but Williams should’ve been superbowl MVP he is not getting enough credit..still enjoying this high..go chieeeeeeefs


Is there a place to listen to Mitch calling the entire game? I was watching the game so of course I didn’t listen to the radio broadcast. I just know Mitch had to be epic.


    RockmanMegaX hearing excerpts of him calling the game brings tears to my eyes. Best announcer in the league and a Chiefs Kingdom legend

    Glenda Wente

    I SO wanted to listen to Mitch call game instead of boring and more boring. Needs to be something they work on for next year.

Sharkboy 200

Chiefs Kingdom all the way and Chiefs Kingdom for life! Hey how about those Chiefs! Let’s go Kc Chiefs! I have been a Chiefs fan since I was born. I have waited to see the Chiefs in the super bowl ever since I was born.

Mr Hazlett

Sausage approves this message. 😁

Surf Torture

I cried for two reasons during this game. I drove up to Kansas City to watch the game and shared the moment with many of you. I’ve waited a lifetime for this and shared the experience with my Dad who Is the reason I love the Chiefs so much. I’ll never forget this day. Thank you Mahomes!!

Cheryl B Jensen

Thanks, Matt! I can hear your tears at the end, and you’re absolutely RIGHT! No matter how many more SB Championships we win in the future, THIS ONE will always be sweet. Can’t wait to see you at the parade and at future events! (STM tix already purchased for next year!)

D. Marsh

I am still in Awe .. we are Super Bowl champions ❤️❤️❤️

Jeff R

Listen to the crowd during the recaps… without video, the sound of the crowd gives me goosebumps

Malik Cunningham

Congratulations to the chiefs well deserve ❤️💛

Troy Adamson

I was born in ’61 so I have been a Chiefs fan for a long time. Didn’t get to see Superbowl IV. To watch them finally win was awesome. I actually cried a little. I’ll admit it. Love the Chiefs. Hope next season is even better. Next season, 14 – 2.

Kevin Minor

I love Chiefs Kingdom! We got the best fanbase in the world! Congrats to the whole Kingdom. We deserve this. See ya at the parade, then on to free agency and the draft

John Henry de Klerk

The greatest day of my life…ironically it was also my birthday

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