Victor Cruz Sits Down with DeAndre Baker to Recap his Rookie Season | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jawaad Quzoom

Just let this guy play man press rather than zone.

    Daniel Camilo


Quincy Mack

Can’t wait for next year

Daniel Camilo

my man rocking them slides


Mark my words, DeAndre Baker is gonna be a shut-down CB.


    @Jzach In The Redzone You’re comparing two different people. I don’t base How Daniel Jones will be in the future on how some other QB’s did during their rookie season. That’s absurd.

    Jzach In The Redzone

    @Nash Scheber he was still mediocre at best i swear i hate other giants fans yall are so delusional lol

    Nash Scheber

    @Jzach In The Redzone lol you sound delusional. Look it up before you sound stupid asf if he played how he did after the bye the entire year he wouldve been considered a top 5 corner in the league . Watch out 👀

    Big Blue Squad

    Don’t waste y’all time replying to Jzach. He not really a Giants fan he just be on our pages to troll our players.

Michael Vastardis

My mans outfit might be more tragic then his knowledge of the playbook..please get it together my guy we need a shutdown.. I been wondering all offseason if we even have a starting caliber corner even after using 4 picks in 2 yrs on the position

    Lucas Martinez

    They’re all still young with like a year or two of experience. You don’t know what you have in corner until three or four years in. Give em time.

    Mr. Zadir

    He hardly ever played zone in college, he is MUCH better when he plays man press. He will learn, 2nd half of the season he improved a lot.


my boy got the 🦶🏾🦶🏾🦶🏾 out 😂😂😂

Daniel Silecchia

Let’s be honest, he had a bad year, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be a bad pick.


    Hearing him talk he doesn’t strike me as particularly bright, especially given the fact that he was lost in the playbook this year. Hopefully Judge sets him straight.

Zoltan Radanyi

Do more Cruz 🙂

Elite 4 Master Will

Hope he improves this upcoming year. Hope he was looking at Deebo Samuel & thinking like “I shut him down in college & he’s playing well in the super bowl, why can I do that?”. I believe he did had some bad teachers & mentors around him last season. He was called out by the team & teammates after the Dallas game. Only thing he can do is learn & work more harder.

Jeffrey Abbey

Baker def needs to stay in man press coverage n leave him be…

Hope new Defensive coach understands he is a left be alone corner

Baker Beal and #8 gotta be better for this team to grow


We’re in a minimum 3 to 4 year rebuild mode, and I can’t wait to start year one on that journey. The team is so young too, all the players get to grow together. September can’t come early enough for me 🏈🏈 Let’s Go Blue 🏈🏈

    Cole Hewitt

    TheMatbrown bro we been on the rebuild we’re 2 years in

Jon Coda

Yes Victor… Teach the Corner!!!

Stephen Lowe

What no highlights? Hmmm…maybe there were not any….but I am sure that will change with his off season workout schedule.

Stephen Lowe

Does it concern anyone that becoming Super Bowl champions is not one of his goals? Only pro bowl appearances and HOF votes. Hm….sounds like an ideal team player.

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