Andy Reid Hoists Lombardi Trophy as Chiefs Arrive in Kansas City | Super Bowl LIV – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Keller Schafer

Way to go boys

Antonio isai Trujillo torres

Champions chifs wooow

Keller Schafer

Let’s go chiefs

    Alex Kraus

    Pinch me, is this real?

Ian Burke

Welcome home champs. Look forward to seeing what the parade looks like


Great Job Chiefs they deserved the win!! Bring it home Andy Reid

Michael Gardner

Well. Done. Men.

Elit3_Striker 47


Brandon Hollingsworth

Legendary come back….. nice work men!

Alien Slacker

Legendary Comeback

Crimson Dawn

You think winning the super bowl they would have a bigger flag?

David Hamilton

Incredible to watch Coach Reid carry that trophy around!

Hot Boy Ziggy


Hallway Vicc NorthstarEnt

It’s a great time to be a Kansas city Chiefs fan baby!!!! #Chiefsmobb #superbowlchamps

Hot Boy Ziggy

Does anyone know when the parade is?

    Blake T

    I think tomorrow.

    Hot Boy Ziggy

    @Blake T Ok..Damn I need to blook me a my dogs.

    Blake T

    @Hot Boy Ziggy yea Mahomes posted tomorrow not sure what time. I was debating I’m 2 1/2 yrs away but it’s snowing tomorrow…so not sure

    Book Addict

    Wednesday at 11:30 am ish,
    So tommorrow. They have canceled school around here and many people taking work off so lots of peopke are free. But beware it is to be estimated to be 1 million people there, its gonne be real crowded. Get there early if you want parking, and they say there 700 porty poties but who knows if thats enough, and its going to be cold so be prepared. People may even park on the highway or so ive been told.

Taylor Wilson

Thanks Andy and Thank you to all the players, Champions BABYYYY!!!

Lewis Hamilton #6

Where’s Pat ?

    James Williams

    With his girl in Miami still

    Marlon Humphrey

    Disney world

Ahmy B

Subscribers doubled overnight

James White

Congratulations Chief’s!!!
All Hail The Chief’s!!!
Congratulations Kansas City!!!

kodymus prime

Legendary by skillet playing!!

Micah Gunn

Well deserved👏 Congrats Coach Reid KC we are champs again ❤️💛

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