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Kronic Impulse

Great seeing Indy win it’s been awhile lol but where tf was this Colts team the last few weeks? Lol


    To many injuries and the higher up officials threw the last 3 games excluded the one against the saints in purpose .


    @JEFF – we have a QB Super Cam

    Ongo Gablogian

    @JEFF – We’re fine with Brissett

    Andy Ruggles

    Not playing rookie QBs getting their first start

    Kronic Impulse

    Ongo Gablogian We most definitely are not fine with Jacoby lol


the panthers clearly gave up on trying this season

    Jamie Carter

    This season…..we haven’t had a decent season in a few years…..


    @Jamie Carter i mean yall did make the playoffs in 2018

    Mr. Lightskin

    @Geoff Owens damn right lol 😂

    Lil Wooo

    Jamie Carter we were just 11-5 not to long ago tf are you talking about?

    Lil Wooo

    Trey Kashflow well that’s bc TJ Watt gave Cam an illegal hit to his already injured shoulder….this year we’ve had a lot of injuries too.

TSM_Dfrosty 7

Man, the 2015 Carolina Panthers were really like a once in a lifetime opening for us……

    Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan.

    @Franky Herrera go cry me a river. I’ll play the world’s smallest violen to while im at it.

    Christopher Graves

    Yup…make sure you take that moment cause it may never come again as an eagle fan I’m happy to see mines it was special

    Jonathan Muldrow

    @Zion nah Vikings 2017-18 was the biggest fluke. They had the miracle play vs Saints, got murdered vs Eagles the next week, and they took out Aaron Rodgers to get there in the first place.

    Peyton Manning #PM18#GOAT#18HUNNIT #SHERRIF

    Im a broncos fan i thank cam newton for not jumping on the fumble


    @Franky Herrera naw we just got out played, it’s simple as that


I felt like Charles Barkley watching the suns play. Panthers got some of the best fans in the world, but we’re watching this trash. 😔

    Ryan Purple Nintendo Eater

    Starts from the clueless young billionaire owner down 🙄

    YOUNg Geezerrr

    I’m a panther fan and some of our fans are mad delusional fam


    @Ryan Purple Nintendo Eater Person who just got the team and is 62 is a clueless young billionaire?

    Samuel Griffin

    “Some of the best fans in the world” is a little strong for a fan base that routinely is outnumbered at home by opposing fans and repeatedly subject Cam Newton to racist criticism despite being the best player in franchise history


    @Samuel Griffin as a Panthers fan I just want to see Cam be Cam. Even if it’s not in black and blue.


Nobody else talking about the fact that Hines took two punt returns to the house in one game.

    Vonshaun Cunningham

    Or the fact that all their active running back scored in one game 😂

    Andy Ruggles

    Colts fans are talking about it

    Straight FlushdNutz

    Hell yeah that was awesome. We went to the game yesterday the first one he returned was in the corner right in front of us. He broke the franchise record for return yards at 181 on the second one I believe.

    Mason Rome

    StormingCobra55 should we, Deonte Harris did it more than more than this guy during the 49ers game and no one talked about that


    @Joseph Bentley They’re just garbage this year and they only seem to have 1 player which is Christian McCaffrey. Lol. They’re gonna have yet another loss given to them next week to end their season when we get done with them!!

rcktshp 4

I suppose woulda coulda shoulda but we as Colts fans realize that the Colts should AT LEAST have 3 more wins in the W column if it hadn’t been for a hand full of field goals and PATs that an average high school kicker could have hit in the first half of the season putting them at 10-5 right now and playoff bound. I don’t think they would make much noise in the playoffs but they would at least be going. Got something to build on for next year tho. Go Colts

    Barbara Chieppo

    @Blue Brick Productions We sure do imo

    Barbara Chieppo

    @Wolfeman2902 We won’t keep two kickers on the roster

    Steve B.

    Aaron Broderick , he shouldn’t have come back, after that playoff performance


    Better luck next year. WHO DATTT SAY THEY GONNA BEAT THEM SAINTS??!!!!!!!


    @Wolfeman2902 Well that’s not a good argument to be honest. Maybe he just doesn’t have it in him to get the job done anymore. Whether it’s age or whatever,he just isn’t producing results which is what they need.Maybe he can’t help it but nevertheless, they need to replace him. Simple as 1 2 and 3!!!

Aries Anderson

So McCaffery carrying the team on his back

    Rashad Jenkins

    By the way. If Mccaffrey was black, he would be a better running back.

    Adrian Henderson

    Aries Anderson he’s been carrying the panthers


    @Rashad Jenkins Which was your favorite performance against a garbage team? Was it the 179 yards and 1 TD against the garbage 10-5 Texans? Was it the 155 yards and 1 TD against the garbage 12-3 49ers? Maybe it was the 141 yards and 1 TD against the garbage 11-3 Packers? Or the 133 yards and 2 TD against the garbage 12-3 Saints? No, I know, it was definitely the 175 yards and 2 TD against the garbage 11-4 Seahawks, right?


    @Rashad Jenkins
    How would he be a better running back if he was black, when he’s already better than all the black running backs in the NFL? Are you big mad because you’re just now realizing your mommy lied to you when she said you’d be a better athlete than all the white kids? Maybe mommy should have put some drive in you instead of entitlement. Then maybe you could be out there living your dream, instead of getting triggered by white guys living it for you.

    Johnny Lemons

    @Rashad Jenkins I thought your first comment was too stupid to beat, but then you shattered my expectations with the second one

Benjamin Camron

Ugh this is a painful year… haven’t seen the Panther fall apart this bad since we went 1-15 back in early 2000s

    benny robinson

    they lost eight straight games to end the season last year

    Trey Kashflow

    Last year just this very last year ..

    Mewo Mewo123


    Milli Macro

    They did better than the jaguars

    Benjamin Camron

    @benny robinson we didn’t get blown out repeatedly last year. Almost every loss was within 1 score. This year…. not so much.

Marquizes Turner

Colts fan here CMAC and Luke are gods but they can’t single handedly win every game

    Team Grinders

    that’s what happens when your QB goes down in the preseason

    Marquizes Turner

    I mean colts qb retired in pre season lol


    @Marquizes Turner Yeah, but Jacoby Brissett is far better than Kyle Allen.

Beef Rockmore

Let’s fire our good coach for no reason at all and proceed to loose all our games for the rest of the year. Yep sounds like a plan.

    Lil Wooo

    wowmartiean Carolina could have and still can win something with Cam.

    Jeremy Helms

    Christopher Franco well yeah his QB got hurt all one season and was playing at 50% half a season what you expect

    Jeremy Helms

    Ech0es idc we went to the playoffs 4 times and a Sb trio that’s pretty good in 8 years

    Jeremy Helms

    wowmartiean your dumb asf

S Cheek

Cam is still under contract until 2021 so let’s see how a HEALTHY Cam looks like. As for talent CMC is good but the last time the Panthers payed for good talent was Kelvin B. And he didn’t pan out. So look at someone like Antoine Brown he has burned alot of bridges so have a heavy loaded 2 yr contract with character requirements and a let’s see attitude. In a locker room with Cam, Luke and CMC those are guys who can check him.


    The Panthers traded Kelvin Benjamin while he was still on his rookie contract so they didn’t sign him to a big contract…. CMS is a great talent and is a top 5 RB in the League so I would definitely resign him… him and KB are totally two different situations… I would love for the Panthers to sign AB I think it possibly could work since him and Cam has a relationship from working out before last season and Tepper being with the Steelers while he was there but Tepper could have a bad relationship with him also so idk… Since this WR class in deep in the draft I can see them drafting a receiver especially with us having a high draft pick in every round a good/great receiver could fall to the Panthers even with the 1st round pick


    @Justin R Cam was still young so I can see why he couldn’t really takeover the locker room from Smith especially with his personality and I doubt anybody could really check him…. I do think it the Panthers would’ve kept Smith and let him build a relationship with Cam more he would’ve respected Cams game and work ethic then let him kinda takeover that way…. we definitely needed Smith during that SuperBowl season so we could have that passion on the field in the SB…. releasing Smith is still the dumbest move to me in Panthers history


    @Justin R they cut Steve Smith because he was old and that’s what the panthers do to their vets. So get your facts right buddy.


    Keep cam we haven’t seen him healthy in years with CMAC and weirdo Brown

DaRealGoat s

Hyde is the best punt returner

    Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan.


    Peyton Manning #PM18#GOAT#18HUNNIT #SHERRIF




RaZe FrostyZz

Will showed potential with development but i have a feeling this was his only chance they should’ve started him weaks but panthers are obsessed with kyle who clearly wasn’t getting it done and I swear o line got worse after matt khalil left.

    Xavier Slappy

    RaZe FrostyZz lmao he’s no starter , was getting baited all game and he bit

Gail Ice

Can the Panthers just forfeit the rest of their games? This is unwatchable. The offensive line is offensive, the defense and special teams have given up. They just made the Colts look like the Patriots. The Panthers need answers and they are nowhere close to finding them.

    only truth

    This what happens when you try to embarrass & fire a 9yr veteran coach w/5gms left ??? … When the coach is gone & the neophyte owner’s intent on making major changes , YEAH the players are gonna quit ! … This owner’s basically been in witness-protection for almost 2yrs , & This Is How He Makes His ENTRANCE ??? … Unless he knows something no one else does , this franchise will be EVERYBODY’S Homecoming opponent the next 5/10 yrs ! …

    Jack Van Berg

    Gail, man up loser. there is one more game left in the season.

    Caudahy Hall

    The owner going to clean house I would not be surprised if dam near the while team is gone after this season

    Shane Baroni

    Gail Ice well there’s only one more game left in the season so that’s not too much for you to ask I guess lmao

    Caudahy Hall

    @Shane Baroni two more games

Albert Pak

Call me crazy, but I genuinely believe they should have CMC be Carolina’s starting QB.

Shahina Khusrou

How much better off are the Panthers without Cam Newton what if the team performed this poorly under his leadership 🤷‍♀️

    Shahina Khusrou

    Clorox Bleach that’s why it’s called fantasy

    Clorox Bleach

    Shahina Khusrou RG3 had more touchdowns than Cam Newton as well and a better passer rating than him this season

    Shahina Khusrou

    Did TG3 go to the playoffs and did he win the MVP 🤷‍♀️

    Clorox Bleach

    Shahina Khusrou he also hasn’t won a game since Nov 4 2018 lol

    Shahina Khusrou

    Clorox Bleach that’s an overstatement

Goat KC

I’m a real Carolina fan . I remember 2 years straight of worse than this I can take this honestly


Brissett 119 yards is just embarrassing

Douglas 600

only one of the interceptions was on Will Grier because on 3rd down and long just through it up it was like a throwing punt yes the second one was on him but the third was on the receiver he had that pass dead on

Nolan Edens

does anyone else know the Vernon butler punched jack doyle because I went to the game

    Michael Jennings

    Nolan Edens was it loud there

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