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God gave so much talent to Lamar Jackson that he had none left over for me.

    Asami ハッピー!

    he’s been workin hard, what have you been doing?

    Olga Yordanova

    – said baker, quietly sobbing in the corner..


    You sound worthless

    Terry Wallace

    You’re a legend lol

    Tyrone Parker

    It’s by far not just talent… this guy made a commitment to work hard with himself and his mother the day his pops and g mom died. Have you found what you were good at in life and put in hard work? Just have to find yourself and work relentlessly and someone could be saying the same about you.

Mason Talaeai

Imagine thinking the Browns was going to make the playoffs this year😂😂😂

    Call me stevo

    * were * moron

    Krish Bb57

    Bruh we need a drill sergeant to get our players in line, then we can talk about a playoff run…


    @Kube Dog obj isn’t ghetto

    Younging soto

    imagine being a bandwagon

Purple Raven

Why are female Brown fans cool to date

Because they don’t expect a ring

    Polo Cole

    Ohhhh DAMM 🤣🤣🤣

    Jose Alexi

    cause they suck??

    Christopher Mesa

    Lol make a shirt bro I will buy one with that quote hahahahaha

    Dagger RHG

    The disrespect lmafo

    Kick Jowkowski



What this man Lamar Jackson is doing makes me want to tear up because think about how many other QBs with a similar skill set (although maybe not as dynamic as Lamar) were passed over because of a old school conventional way of thinking and Lamar is truly breaking the mold.. if he can finish it with a Superbowl win, along with the video he made on draft day proclaiming that Baltimore would get a Superbowl out of him after 30 teams passed on him.. Just WOW!. You talk about a story truly writing itself.

Makes me wanna cry man

    Eyeman Igur

    piss off 😂True, they’d be nothing without whites people

    Jack White

    No way. There is not qb or skilled player from the past that has Lamar’s talent. That’s one thing that makes me upset it to say that most teams should go for more of a mobile qb. That just takes everything away from Lamar. There isn’t other Lamar’s. He’s a freak.


    @Jack White I agree

Cameraman Chris

Like if Lamar is the mvp!!!!!!

    Steve Forsythe

    Well it sure isn’t Russell Wilson.

    Neal Sandoval

    @john smith y not Ingram? that dude is a beast without him u think Lamar would have that many rushing yards?

    Neal Sandoval

    also Raven fans should be asking for a ring, stop asking for mvp title, remember u cant have both

    Nerd 0208

    Any player that’s won MVP this millennium, there team has not won the super bowl. The last one to do it was Kurt Warner in 1999. And tbh, I can see the NFL giving the MVP to Russel Wilson just because.

Ace Siegel

These comments aren’t funny at all I’m coming back later


    Edward Gaines you not even a real ravens fan lol stfu


    50% making fun of the browns
    50% sucking Lamar’s balls

    Ace Siegel

    william carter L you trying way too hard

    Luke L.

    @HAZZARD Then why do y’all think your repetitive jokes make you guys the funniest comedians in the world

Yohei Mito

Browns up 6-0, 3rd and 1 with 2mins left in 1st half with Ravens no timeout and Freddie decided not to run depsite having Chubb and Hunt then Ravens went on to score 2 TD in that 2 min span 😂

    Steve Charles

    @Terry Jackson I agree with you. Ravens fan. Still funny though


    @The Jack Rabbit See, I think for most players winning is supposed to do that.

    Roosevelt Garnett

    @Terry Jackson I know right I hate when player do that,that tell me no you not about the team but yourself SMH.

    Katrina Marie

    @Terry Jackson because it’s a business. many get bonuses or try to leverage for a future contract. they train harder than the average person. you have a better chance in life hitting the Powerball than scoring a NFL TD. Why shouldn’t they be happy lol TDs equal millions of dollars.

    aj b

    They did a wr run! How was that not a run?


I’m from the UK and the NFL isn’t that big over here – Lamar Jackson really has me waiting on the NFL’s channel for uploads of Ravens highlights! So yeah, those of you that hype Lamar up are right to do so, he’s making impact OVERSEAS that you guys do not even know about!


    @GO DYNASTY RAVENS!!! Mabuhay Kabayan 🙂


    He’ll be out of the league in 5 years. Enjoy your ride on the hype train

    randogg 781

    The NFL does have a strong fan base in the UK. Of course not on the level soccer but good none the less.

    W S

    L. Jackson is the most interesting thing in sports currently.
    Reminds me of the “Jordan and the Bulls” hype.

    from Germany

    Jackson Drewry

    I agree


Balance is now restored

    Rob b

    You enjoy being hateful huh? Enjoy your life my man, Imma enjoy mine winning superbowls and respecting teams that do well. Peace

    Ravens Fan4Life

    @Ares Goldberg No rookie Lamar Jackson no bad defense. With that you are coming to Baltimore. Only if you get passed new England first


    @Ares Goldberg You must think the NFL had only been around for 2 yrs. How cute. FYI The Ravens have beaten ths Chiefs before, dumb dumb.


Came here to see if any of the trash-talking Browns will show up. I can’t believe someone said, “Lamar is on steroids” under a browns channel comment. I guess the rest of the league must have been using drugs for the past decade then.

    Mike wills

    @William Hardy Do you read or listen to the media. Or have you been living under a rock.

    Mike wills

    @Ya Boi TomHaters don’t give up.

    James Walker

    Lamar Jackson kick their but so bad, they thought he was on steroids

    Kaleb Loshbough

    He gonna be just like Vick never win superbowl and ravens loose 1st rd ill put 100 on it but still very exciting to watch and Vick was my favorite player and randy moss

Larrysgdz Thebest


*Stephen A Smith: i was more impressed by Baker Mayfield and the browns*

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound


    Tinashe Gonese

    “…Dwayne Haskins just looks like more of runner to me…”

    Steve Forsythe

    Also Stephen A Smith: “I’m gonna spend an entire week ranting about Ed Reed and Colin Kaepernick for 2 hours per day”

    Jamiqus Smith

    U bet he say it 2

niner gang

My friend bet me 10 $ the browns will make the super bowl and tomorrow I’m gonna say where’s my 10

    Proppa Music


    T.M. Will

    You have to be young lol.

    Larry Smith

    @Randy G was.

    Oliver Owens

    did you get your $10 g?

    David Hernandez

    @Oliver Owens fr I wanna know too

Bodymore Dummy

Lamar Jackson easily the best player in the NFL trying tackle him is like trying grab the grease up dude from family guy

    Jesse Hawkins

    Best player? He’s having a great year in an offense tailor made for him. We saw that same offense come crashing down after Kaepernick had success with it. It’ll happen again

    Nightmare Kilo

    John Downs did u not watch the game he literally slid and didn’t rg3 get hurt trying to slide??? Y’all need to stop with these rg3 comparisons

    Nightmare Kilo

    piss off can u do it?? U are complaining about it can u do it??

    Nate The Great

    Jesse Hawkins Sure buddy

    Nate The Great

    Nightmare Kilo And Redskins forced Rg3 play with his injuries….. Ravens wouldn’t do that to Lamar

The Truth

Brown’s was nothing but talk and no bite this season

    Kelvin Reaves

    Did you expect anything different? It’s the Cleveland Browns bro of course they’re all hype. Getting rid of Freddie K SHOULD be the next thing on the to-do list for them. I wouldn’t wast no time on that & tell him before the press conferences are even finished


    Oh but when the season started the were crowned superbowl champs……on paper

    Curt Weis

    Every season

Forever Rare

It’s crazy to think how much talent was wasted for the Browns, their offseason gained more headlines then their actual season.

    Mike wills

    @Chief Baker sucks end of story

    Matthew Draper

    Because talent isn’t everything, just ask the Cowboys. In their game, with the season on the line, facing a 3rd & 2, Zeke took himself outta the game cause he was tired and #2 RB comes in and fumbles. Who caused the fumble? Cox, playing through an injured arm. Talent only goes so far. To get to where you wanna go you need players who are willing to put team ahead of self. The Browns have too many players more concerned about the name on the back of their jersey than the name on the front. Talent will win some games, but heart wins championships.


    That oline is the weak link and you can’t do anything when You cant run or pass block. Skill positions are flashy but you win in the trenches first

    Kelvin Reaves

    They could have the top player at each position in the NFL & they’d still somehow fail to have a winning record. It’s not the talent it’s coaching that’s holding them back. Cleveland fans were chirping all day before the season started. I always expected them to end up with a sub 500 record when the season was finished. If they want to be anywhere near a good team in the future they gotta get rid of Fred Kitchens first & foremost & fortify the OL with high draft picks. Firing Kitchens won’t solve all of their problems instantaneously tho. They still would have a losing culture that’ll take time to get rid of completely

    willie machuka

    Trubisky >>Mayfield

Reg Abarym

Refs tried their best to be the 12th man on the field so obvious

    Johnny Ali

    @Angel Castellanos u right but Mahomes will break em and force it out of their mouth.

    Josh Mo

    That call on Jimmy on OBJ in the end zone was BS.


    yes they did…

    Angel Castellanos

    @Mr. Coach Orgeron – taking it too far, we aren’t taking it far enough. racists say what you say… when people protest they wanna say that racism isn’t all that bad, call it a different issue that isn’t being talked about and while yes, black QBs do have to prove themselves more than white players, to say that anyone has gone to far is the racist phrase that you said.

    Angel Castellanos

    @Johnny Ali – Jackson vs Hahomes will be a good game

G-Dub 85

Ahh The Browns……the only team to not have a winning record this decade

    Tyler Nicholson

    Imagine how heated these arguments got in 1999?! Those people had to decide if they were celebrating a whole new millennium

    bashir hassan

    @Edward Gaines 56photo


    One coach almost killed himself jumping in ice cold water to break the curse 😂😂 we got to be the worst if you can’t be the best, ain’t no in between in Cleveland Ohio sports We the best at being the Worst😈😈😈😈🚀🚀🚀🚀

    Jacob .__.

    @Ares Goldberg no decade is over once clock hits 12 on new years eve

    Jacob .__.

    @BlueOrBlew so 2010 starts twice

Jonathan King

Prayers up for Mark Ingram Jr, Lamar rightfully gets most of the credit but Ingrams been feasting all season they need him back.

    47 iii

    He has a 3 year deal locked in place before this season’s OTA’s

    Rashad Johnson

    “II” not junior

    Last Name First Name

    He will be fine. Harbaugh said it wasn’t serious. Rest him next week and the re st of our starters.

    AaronMac Productions

    Agreed. . Ingram been eating uppp


    Jonathan King he’s good I think. He was walking with little pain in the locker room. He gonna rest next week tho.

Chazz Treat

And our playoffs hopes are now dead.
The Browns yet again can’t do anything right.
Come back next year where we disappoint everyone.
Again. (I never should have believed)

    David Potter

    They’ll never win.

    Alex Baker

    You’ve gotta believe in something man

    Gold Raven

    There is always an AGAIN to go 0-16 oh wait no there isnt an again to go 0-16


    For the record: The browns were disqualified last week.

    Robert Hackett

    Atleast you are not the Lions

Gody X

This off season Baker should avoid the photo ops and articles and focus on chemistry with his offense…..they have the tools just not the cohesiveness needed…

    Gody X

    @POPPII CHUNO THE BRAND I’m loving off that Sean Price joint (with Fame) if it hits like Boom Bap I’ll check for it


    he is a bust, better retire, just another manziel

    Derek Diggler

    Baker’s a Pud

    Tony Jr

    Baker is average

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