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Cameron Maxwell


SKST Games

Imagine Falcons with a defense for a whole season 🤯

    Raees Khan

    @J Foster heading into the playoffs that year their defense was in the worst 5. The offense has always carried the falcons

    Michael Toland

    SKST Games imagine A O for the entire season


    @Musicrecords10 I couldn’t say it any better


    @J Foster See Raees Khan’s comment. You’re welcome.

Hector Rodriguez

Give uncle Rico some time it takes a while to learn in the NFL level


    We need an O-line my guy running for his life out there.

Kaden Muhlbauer

Falcons are getting it together too late

    Ryan Anderson

    Ms. DOT yeah then we start the season off next year losing

    Robin Creech

    Nah, Minshew can’t lead an offense or complete a pass to save his life

    Edward Kelly

    It kinda reminded me of some of the New Orleans Saints teams before Sean Payton came there.


    Dude Jake Mathews had a great game. Look at Jake during the highlights.

    Ms. DOT

    @Ryan Anderson All due respect … You know this HOW? I’m 73 and I just believe & know that people like to predict or prophesy but they really don’t know. That’s their prerogative , case and point look at all the haters and their predictions regarding Lamar (LAMARVELOUS) Jackson that “MAN” proved them wrong. Have a Blessed Holiday Ryan.😇😇😇😇😇😇

A Par1160

Falcons great win!!


    Useless win


    @eoe123321 i think he meant that sarcastically

Demonta Barrino

O-line decided to come to work today



    Kimberly McLauchlin

    YES!! As I said above somewhere, I’ll be at every home game and every one in Carolina. If I can get tickets elsewhere that’s fairly close by or near family, I’ll do all I can to get there too!!


We won baby just got back from the game!!!!!

    Any other Falcons fan


    Any other Falcons fan

    I was at 118

    Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

    @majin vegeta stfu pos #keepthatsameenergy
    #gofalcons 😎💪

    majin vegeta

    @Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire you been naughty 😂…. Santa won’t bring you a winning season but I will bring you a humble couch where you will be watching us winning another championship. #dontbesalty!


falcons could be in the playoffs if they realized the regular season started after the preseason

    Reverted RF

    BlueOrBlew then the next time they played the saints the saints beat them like they should have thr first time


    Yo mama trash.


    No Julio dude.

    ovo j

    @Dandre Johnson facts lmao

    sholove Sholove

    The Falcons could be in the playoffs if they realize that Matt Ryan is NOT a franchise quarterback


Wow did the commentator actually say “watch the white hand”? What a racist bigot, nfl need to punish him asap!!!

Peter Faden

Minshew plays really well when he is desperate, but I’d like to see what he can do with a complete team around him.
Falcons continue to impress despite their record. They’re probably gonna be a powerhouse next year.

    Playdoh Doodoo

    Once he gets comfortable and develops a good quarterback/receiver relationship in the offeseason we will see a new Minshew.


    For the last 10 years people have said the Jaguar’s quarterbacks “will be good if they have better players around them”. They rarely say “the other players will be good if they had better quarterbacks”.
    Quarterback play has been below average for 10 straight years in Jacksonville.

    Peter Faden

    @aregua1 Probably. I’m actually a Packers fan, but I do recognize that Minshew has talent. He needs more than Chark and Fournette though.

    Mr Kings

    We say the falcons are going to be a powerhouse next year every year.


    Minshew has zero protection and is running for his life the entire game.

Jonathan King

Typical Falcons, tease everyone with their potential but as ever its a lil too late smh that fan base getting tortured🙈


    There is no potential. They merely beat the Jaguars, which is as difficult as taking a breath. -Jags fan.

    Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

    @ParadiseParksInc speak for yourself… there’s plenty of fans in Atlanta that still love and root for the Falcons despite their record like me #keepthatsameenergy #gofalcoms 😎💪


    Nalebi100 merely?


    @ParadiseParksInc You dont speak for all of us. Just because your manhood was taken doesn’t mean the rest of us are the same. Yes the Falcons are underachieving, but the day will come when an ATL team wins a chip. #RiseUp


    Jon155 – Never said I wasn’t still supporting the team. Never claimed I was speaking for our entire fan base. I just have no reason to have any sort of hope or expectations at this point. You’re right, we’ll get there eventually, but it’s going to be a long time.


Falcons got their wings back after a rough time they got it back together, we’ll be expecting this next year. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

    Alejandro Martinez


    LA Ryan

    majin. You’re obviously not a Falcons fan. Now go outside and play.

    Alejandro Martinez

    @LA Ryan fr right

    majin vegeta

    @LA Ryan with ur mother.

    A sad falcons Fan

    @LA Ryan He’s an aints fan.


Falcons have set a season high 3 straight W’s. Now we are 6-9. Next year we are going to turn it around a make a playoff run


    @eoe123321 Imagine being so unbelievably toxic that you feel the need to degrade someone just for rooting for a specific team.


    @PlayPerfect When did I “degrade someone”? His team wont win the superbowl in the near future, we all know that, there is no need to be delusional.


    Urassnface 1 he’s probably a salty bengals fan who’s used to seeing his team never even sniff the playoffs


    @Aye 😂😂😂 true

Nick Guillen

I don’t even think the Falcons need a good draft pick. We really only need some linemen and we’re set


    I think we should draft a better kicker too.

    A Oh

    @Wing He’s one of the best kickers in the league… 18/21 is good if you know the game… maybe you’re confused with a different football game?

    TJ Gibson

    Wing we don’t need a better kicker. But maybe we should’ve appreciated Matt Bryant more when he was in his prime. But koo is really good. Not to mention he had 4 successful onside kicks this year (although 2 were called back for penalties) and also koo isn’t afraid to go downfield and make a tackle. He’s also only 25

    Hafsa Khanam

    Your secondary is garbage tho


    Wing there’s nothing wrong with koo


Fire Marrone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    get rid of MARRONE!!

Achilles 137

Falcons are trying to save Quinn’s job. I hope they don’t fire him bc I have a feeling this season was a lesson for him that I want him to learn to benefit us and not another team. Strike a good draft and let’s go 2020. GG Jags. You guys are a few key pieces away.

Hayden Kyle

Showing us hope again for a letdown next year


FIRE MARRONE!!!! and hire Ron Rivera!

Ozamataz Buckshank

It really nice being a fan favourite. Im talkin bout minschew. Yes the lost was not his fault *BUT* everytime the jags lose with foles starting, everyone not just jags fans but literally everyone calling for his head and asking for minschew even tho most of jaguars’s lost was not foles’ fault. Here minschew had a quiet game yet nobody talk abt it. That hillbilly will always be overrated


    rookie vs sb mvp

Vanetrice Batty

Julio fastest receiver to 12000 yards

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