Julio Jones Goes OFF w/ 166 Yds | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Julio Jones Goes OFF w/ 166 Yds | NFL 2019 Highlights

Julio Jones completes a monster day with 166 receiving yards in a win vs. the Jaguars. The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Atlanta Falcons during Week 16 of the 2019 NFL season.

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best receiver in the nfl

    I’m wrong but

    Non-Biased Falcon Fan that’s not true but julio is still the best


    Ki Julio and MT are just as talented but much bigger and are not clowns.

    Freaky Gamer_NL

    Deandre Hopkins🤷🏾‍♂️

    Michael Maddox

    And has been the best receiver in the nfl for the past 5 years

Mr Wrong

Next year. Our year. Rise up

    Stephen Battle


    Mxnd :

    Mr Wrong Pray To God

Caleb The Spy

This brought back some superbowl memories. Its hard to forget the Ryan – Jones connection

Fabio C

Don’t care if Thomas got the rec record Julio still #1 WR 🐐

    deovan reondy

    @Connor Bergeron Still doesn’t compare to one of the GOATs. Same numbers for how long? Full season? Or a few weeks? NO’s oline is 3rd in pass protection, ATL’s is 15th. Not saying that Thomas isn’t legit. If anything, he’s at least top 3. But I don’t think he’d do as well as Julio in a team as trash as the Falcons.

    saladisbad deal with it

    @Connor Bergeron hes a former mvp cause julio made him look good😂😂 thomas dosent make brees look good brees makes him look good

    Connor Bergeron

    @saladisbad deal with it they make each other look good. Brees doesn’t run perfect routes to get so wide open..Thomas does. And Thomas happens to have the best hands in the league 🤷🏻‍♂️

Fabio C

With Christmas ahead this week, I want to wish you and your loved ones happy holidays.

See you next week ✌

Owens Noel-Jeune

This is something the falcons should’ve been doing. They should’ve been having Julio the ball since week one


    Owens Noel-Jeune well we had sanu before we gave him to New England and Ridley was healthy so had lots of targets to go around. Now it’s just Julio and hooper

Non-Biased Falcon Fan

Jags did AJ Bouye dirty by leaving him on a lot of 1 on 1s with Julio. Not gonna turn out well…. lmao burned him badly all game

    kings gaming

    Non-Biased Falcon Fan he had safety help and other help Julio just a better player


    @kings gaming on most plays he did not have safety help, they usually had they safety playing soft coverage to prevent the deep ball. so many times the announcers said they need to give safety help sooner, you obvs werent watching the game

    AB Guy

    I thought AJ Bouye was an elite cornerback. Julio made him look like a rookie

Stan ezen

Proud of my falcons!!!!

    majin vegeta

    Not with that record 😂, 2009 super bowl champs who dat! 🏆🏈💍

Stan ezen

Panthers beat saints next week 27-23

Curtis 23

Want to see him win a ring

    majin vegeta

    No, not really.

    Curtis 23

    @majin vegeta stop hating. Almost had one against Tom Brady

Keuntrez Clark

It’s crazy he just needs 84 yards against the buccaneers to have 6 consecutive season with at least 1400 yards and that would tie Jerry Rice for most seasons with at least 1400 yards in NFL history.

    MythicalCat 12

    majin vegeta okay boomer

    josh moleiro

    majin vegeta garbage yards aren’t a thing when he is playing with another star receiver a solid receiver in Sanu who is on the patriots now and a top 5 tight end who is a receiving threat

    majin vegeta

    @josh moleiro Sanu is not a star, he just barely getting any catchs from Brady. Falcons fall behind on score this whole season so they play catch-up and those are garbage yards when they are losing bad. Stop making excuse!


Mrtupac is crying because the Steelers lost to the Jets

Swa Sho

Ryan has the best cadence voice.

Preston Flowers



    Preston Flowers RISE UP

    Mxnd :

    Preston Flowers Rise Up Baby


To think Michael Julio and Mike r in the same division.


Falcons in the meeting room….

“Ohhhhhh We have Julio”

Jarvase dundy

He became the fastest WR to reach 12k receiving yards in only just his 9th season. To say he miss 3 games during his rookie season in 2011 finishing 959 yards. And 2013 he only played in the first 5 games before going down with q season ending injury an had 580 yards. There’s no telling if he would have had more than just 12k just only in his 9th season. Julio is a first ballot HOF

Eshwar tangirala

Better than Jerry and moss

    Mxnd :

    Eshwar tangirala I Know People Are Gonna Say Your Stupid But I Actually Agree With Moss But Jerry Is A Little Stretch But He Is Gonna Get There Best Believe Dat

AtlFalcons 4life

The Thomas and Jones debate, look Julio has consistently showed us what he can do in his career so far and Thomas is looking good but Jones is a great and and after catches doesn’t flex whether is 3 yards or 30 he respects the game and Thomas doesn’t so no Julio the GOAT! End conversation

    Mxnd :

    AtlFalcons 4life You Need A Nobel Prize

saladisbad deal with it

Julio and mike t are both talented and hof receivers but I think julio has the edge talent wise what do u guys think?


    When thomas has a 300 yard receiving game under his belt, then he can talk, until then….no.

    saladisbad deal with it

    @syminite1 exactly and when he has one of the greatest sb catches of all time he could be on the same level as julio🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    Mxnd :

    saladisbad deal with it Julio Got More Yards In 2015 And Less Receptions But Nobody Want To Talk About ThatI Guess Julio Is Way Better The Fact That It’s A Conversation Posses me off

    saladisbad deal with it

    @Mxnd : cause he has a worse qb lmao t u dumb if brees threw to julio in 2015 he would’ve eclipsed 2k yards for sure. Do you really think matt ryan can outduel drew brees in percision? That’s why thomas has his catches, yeah he has hands but he also has one of the most accurate QBs in history

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