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The Infamous Melonhead

Steelers Defense is good, but that offense is hot garbage 😂

    Christian Vogt

    @Carlos Reyes Mason as a backup is OK, just not as a starter. But the o line was not able to create a pocket for the QB this year as long as they used to. If you have 4 good o liners and one weak, you can imagine which one the defense will put their best man against. Ben could be good for two more seasons, so they should focus to get one or two o liner and a good QB the next years. And probably one more good WR.

    Christian Vogt

    @DuskThunder9 where did I say that Pouncey needs to go? Can you even read?

    Carlos Reyes

    @Christian Vogt Ben needs to retire, period…I’ve watched him since his rookie year, and he has endured more punishment than any quarterback I’ve ever seen, and I have been watching football since 1985…

    Christian Vogt

    @Carlos Reyes he probably should. But probably he will have two more great seasons after one year pause. We will find out next season I guess.

    G Smith



Duck and Rudolph are trash 🗑 🤢🤮 as a Steeler fan please don’t make it to the playoffs we can’t represent with 💩 offense.

    Logan Reed

    Someone who gets it

    MuRk Crow

    Duck is not terrible, I would rather have him than rudolph

    G Smith

    Yes they are lol…seriously. atleast Dobbs could scramble out of the pocket & make something happen. These guys look like they have blocks on their feet…smh! The O line isn’t great so Dobbs would’ve kept more drive going by keeping the defence guessing. The kid throws a pretty good ball & he just finds a way. These guys aren’t it.


    Lmfao 14 weeks ago fans were saying Rudolph looks solid and will have a great future. Complete 180 now


    Sick of spoiled fans like you. You get a good franchise to root behind, have multiple super bowls, multiple HoF coaches/players. It’s your first year with a new QB and you’re already crying. You know what rookie holds the interception record? Peyton Manning. It’s like you’re expecting your QB’s to be like Jackson or Mahomes, just ready to go after a mediocre/absent first year.

Fingering Things

Crazy how the jets can win games for other fans but not for their own

    Awesomeness MLP Channel Eva

    Jets 5-3 at home

    dan kane

    They were playing the steelers cmon


    @Hello everybody A Jets win would have playoff implications for the Titans. Nothing to do with that.

    Brennan McKinney

    Awesomeness MLP Channel Eva they played mostly shittier teams than the Jets

leo Gracia

Pathetic just pathetic




    Prestige Shogun I doubt it and also we have Ben for 2 years

    Channel 2Hoob

    Still finished with a better record than most teams despite

Justinn Zamora

2019 Jets: *give the the Dolphins and Bengals their first W*

Also 2019 Jets: *beat teams like the Steelers and Cowboys*

    Sweaty Hunter

    @Dayna Andrews Damn it that’s what I said, didn’t even realize! YouTube is a rapid-moving world, gotta comment before someone steels yours! Haha see what I did there, the steelers suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Romax 24245

    Justinn Zamora They’re the Tank Destroyer

    Matt Guy

    If any given sunday was a team it would be the jets.

    Puerto Rican Mapper_4

    @Half Man / Half Amazing ALL PHENOMENAL
    Why do you think I bolded decent?
    I meant like mediocre, that’s why decent is bolded

    Half Man / Half Amazing ALL PHENOMENAL

    @Puerto Rican Mapper_4 10 out of 10 people doesn’t know why you bolded the word decent. 10 out of 10 people would have use apostrophes instead. But you do you and be different. I’m just saying.

Mark Symbala

Duck laid an egg

    PrimeTime Doge


    Montgomeryoutdoors 24

    Everyone saying that the Steelers will get jalen hurts are retarted. Jalen will be in the top 5 draft picks

    Amario Wade

    Montgomeryoutdoors 24 jalen hurts isn’t projected to be drafted in the 1st round what are you talking about


    Bro hes trash what did you expect lmao.


T.J Watt’s contract is gonna be huge


    He deserves whatever he asks for

    reyes roberts

    DellofAction right. I’m scared that will happen. They will probably franchise tag him watch.


    @reyes roberts That’ll piss TJ off u know how that went with bell


    Watt has another year before his option year comes. Next year the Steelers will negotiate his extension


    They have to decide weather to pay him or not period. If they are not going to pay him then trade him for multiple picks now! DO NOT LET HIM WALK!


Steelers are not going to go anywhere with this anemic offense. I dont think either one of these guys will be a replacement for big ben. Both look like backups if that.

    Shane Dougherty

    Yeah I’m also thinking beginners luck but hey they are trash. Lol

    Ryan Maliek

    Joseph Evans That was a one in a billion example. Give another one in THAT level.

    Ryan Maliek

    shigsho Awwwwww you mad because he’s good and going to the HOF? 😂


    Lmfao 14 weeks ago fans were saying Rudolph looks solid and will have a great future. Complete 180 now

    isaih Marcel

    At this point I would take Kaepernick. Idgaf about what other fans think about em

Los Angeles Dodgers

I’m a Steelers fan this offense is doodoo butter💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

    Joe Wilshire

    Won’t be getting any better, they need to get qb. They should of never passed on Kirk cousins, they waisted a draft with Mason.

    Antonio Nie

    True defence is carrying

    Ruby Gill

    You guys are just like the Texans in 2016

    Antonio Nie

    @Ruby Gill that is facts

Daniel Touchstone

Sad as a Steelers fan watching them this year. We finally got our defense going and they arrive but the offense has been horrible. They are in desperate need of a qb and an offensive coordinator

    Channel 2Hoob

    @eoe123321 yeah the steelers have a damn good record for having no players

    trick top

    Channel 2Hoob yep we got a few big names on defense but literally none on offense and we still have a winning record and people still talking about how bad are offense coordinator is lol if he had all the talent that the browns have on offense we would be a Super Bowl team the browns offense of coordinator is what you call a bad offensive coordinator


    steeler63 Who two sb for the steelers ben or harley?


    Daniel Touchstone Ben will be back and better.

Romax 24245

Jets continuously destroying their own tank just to get a Days of Our Steelers episode again LOL


    The jets aren’t tanking but go on

    Chingychangchongchong Billy

    Lmao u ever here of job security ya probably not 😂

    Matheus C.B.Kazama

    @A Random Guy somehow Oakland is still in it.
    They need a bailout and a half but it’s still possible.
    Who dey!

    Just Yeet

    Listen I understand we r destroying our tank but I hate the Steelers just as much. This was a weird game

    Juan Barajas

    A Random Guy they also ruined the cowgirls season 😂


Duck’s problem is that he has almost zero velocity behind his throws, every ball hangs in the air long enough for defenders to use a damn trigonometry formula to figure out where it’ll land.

    Ryan Maliek

    Samuel Stensgaard wounded ones.

    Giuseppe Thefb

    His passes are lame ducks!


    Stephen 😂😂

Ryan Maliek

Well Pittsburgh has some serious decisions to make this offseason, especially since we are in salary cap hell as usual. You basically HAVE to keep Watt and spend some decent money on Dupree as well.


    rathemar you don’t know that stfu. Plenty of great qbs have been picked beyond the 1st round. Don’t be a dummy.


    stop complaining please


    @RealBlessed Draft picks are a gamble in any event. But, 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks are bigger gambles than 1st round picks. If you look at the draft from the past eight years only a few guys that get drafted are still active on rosters. Most of them from the first four rounds. yes you can find a player here or there that succeeds in the mid to late rounds but most dont make it. With that in mind, the QB position is even more difficult because of the demands. there is a reason why there are more active starting QBs drafted in the first round than in the fourth round. Tom Brady is a once in a life time talent and a six round pick but how many other sixth round starting QBs are there? It can happen but its not likely. In a year where a team has a smaller number of picks do you gamble with them?


    watt isnt going anywhere he has 2 years left on his rookie contract actually may just be 1 year

    Ryan Maliek

    MichaelBTW. Stop complaining about me complaining please.

Ryan Maliek

Anyone else think it’s definitely time to move on from Connor? He seems to be a great guy and teammate, but he just can’t stay healthy. Also, Edmunds should be gone yesterday. What an absolute bust that guy has been.

    aaron walker

    Really u must be related edmunds and artie burns 2 WASTED 1ST ROUND PICKS

    Ryan Maliek

    angel calderon Burns was a first round pick and he’s on the bench. Yet another “reach” pick on defense along with Edmonds. The rest of the secondary are ok. Hayden is still good, but getting older and isn’t a long term answer. Unfortunately we’re in cap hell as usual under Colbert, and have no first or third round picks.


    Edmunds is a total bust as is Artie Burns and everyone else that Tomlin drafts in the secondary…. Connor is a back up.

    aaron walker


aKa SpooKz

Edmunds is trash! that touchdown should’ve never happen if he didn’t blow his coverage😡. this game look like last week game! Duck throwing picks, Oc calling 💩 plays! Ahhhhhhhh

    Daniel Touchstone

    I do agree Edmunds sucks like some kinda bad maybe since we got minkah now Tomlin will start going after some more SEC secondary talent


    I specifically remember on draft night 2018 wanting to draft a backup quarterback because Ben wasn’t going to be around much longer. Instead we got edmunds, and the person I wanted to draft is the league MVP. Obviously part of that is the Ravens having a talented team and RG3 being a mentor for him, but it still pisses me off

    Ryan Maliek

    shigsho So? He had 16, but he also had 32 TDs. This year the top three leaders in picks have 28, 19, and 19 picks with another game to go.


    yeah he’s a BUST for a first round pick. Tomlin can’t draft secondary to save his life.


    @jnyfumare He can definitely trade for it though haha

Doug Ward

It’s better the Steelers don’t make the playoffs. They would just be embarrassed

    Ray Lat

    Dats why I want them there.

    Channel 2Hoob

    @Ray Lat please your team probably sucks lol

    Channel 2Hoob

    We still have a better record than most teams on our 3rd string QB so yeah lol ok


So embarrassing for the Steelers. Ridiculous.

    Z Max

    Titan up!

    V1ral- Clip

    Z Max 😂 #titanup

Odd Cosmos Anthology

The Steelers have accomplished a lot this season in spite of some terrible obstacles…
…they probably won’t make the playoffs, and that’s likely for the best.
*My opinion moving forward: Hire a Better OC, starting RB is too injury prone and needs to be addressed, stabilize the future QB position for past the Big B era…
…(Big B should start if he’s healthy, but maybe Paxton Lynch??? He was a 1st round pick / 6ft 7in / 245lbs / orig 3rd rated QB going into draft. It would be nice to see what he’s got at next year’s camp), and if the D can improve even more? Then, I think the Steelers would be much better next year.

    Romello Bratner

    Lynch is garbage man…no way

    Channel 2Hoob

    Yeah its was a solid season let any other team use their 3rd string QB they would be like 2-14

Maurice Williams

Who runs the ball on 3 & 15 or 3 & 9?…Does this show Adam’s hate for the run game, for Bell or his horrible play calling abilities? I’d say all of the above!


    Maurice Williams they were just running a draw because they had the lead with time running down in the 4th it’s actually a great play call in those cases it just didn’t work out


    Maurice Williams I don’t like Adam gase tho

    Cole Cooper

    If the steelers had a competent qb, it would have been a terrible call. Barely ate up any time and gave the steelers the ball with decent field position.


    My point exactly they didn’t🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

aveo 26

We would be in the Superbowl this year if we…
·drafted Lamar Jackson instead of Terrell Edmonds in the 2018 draft

·cut or traded Stephon Tuitt’s massive salary for draft picks and used the cap space on Eric Berry who has chemistry with Steven Nelson

·fired Randy Fichtner and maybe bring back Bruce Arians

    Kyle Harrington

    tbh idk how you would use lamar, whether or not the offense would be built around him and cause of injuries partially and partially just not having the same quality of supporting cast I dont know if lamar would be playing at an mvp level. he would probably get you to the playoffs but I feel like yall wouldnt be favorites

    aveo 26

    @Kyle Harrington I was thinking the same thing but who knows?

    Kyle Harrington

    @aveo 26 tru tru who knows it’s just guess work

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