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Ben Mangrum

Green Bay has no chance of getting to Miami

    james Cox

    @Ben Mangrum lets play the game first all records are 0-0 we all know that is one and done

    Dunkin Hines

    @Ben Mangrum you may want to take down most of your videos on your page that basically tells everyone where you live and everything about you. Just sayin. Nice dog and birds!

Ben Mangrum

Packers are getting exposed in the playoffs big time

    Saul Orosco

    @Eli Petersen I hate to admit it broski 😭😭😭

    Ben Mangrum

    Slickrick From the block 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Spenser Keehn

    Ben Mangrum saints have to beat Minnesota first. Didn’t end too well last time


So when is Boy Genius actually gonna get this offense moving? Been waiting all year.

    The Italian Tune Up Pro Show

    Nick when ARod gets out of his own head.

    Connor Kenway

    The Italian Tune Up Pro Show Agreed. Rodgers overthrows 16 passes and says that guys “need to make plays”. Dude doesn’t hold himself accountable

Connor Kenway

It’s concerning that despite 16 games, we have yet to develop any consistency on offense. Rodgers should be held accountable for that, he’s the leader and should be criticized for his subpar level of play. Him evading questions yesterday regarding the offense should be worrisome and he sounds like Favre back in ‘05 with his narcissistic attitudes. This game is gonna be one that defines Rodgers career. Credit to LaFleuer though for all that he’s done to this team. Go pack

    Ben Mangrum

    Connor Kenway Saints are going to embarrass y’all at Lambeau next week

    Saul Orosco

    Arods the goat fooly that’s awredy established football a team sport there is a reason he don’t have more rings hopefully he stays


    @Ben Mangrum come back to this podcast after the game


    I think he should play better, but the opponent don’t know how to attack him they’re thinking he’s going to pop off by the time they figure it out the is almost over and we are up

Saul Orosco

Arods afraid to let his hands go so to speak probably bc he’s tired of scrambling

Kyler Stephanson

Aaron has been holding back and now hes gonna pop off

Anthony Cappozzo

Please don’t be that inconsistent team that shows regularly!

    renee nunez

    Anthony Cappozzo well that inconsistent play got them 13 wins so

Devin Cheatham

We don’t play well after bye weeks …IJS

KyuRo D3

Get that rest and get the W boys

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