Coordinators Nathaniel Hackett, Mike Pettine & Shawn Mennenga address the media – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Connor Kenway

I can already picture how this game will go. Pack will come out the gates firing and score 14 points on their first two drives and the defense will force two straight 3 and outs. Then the offense will proceed to score 6 points in 3.5 quarters while our defense bends just enough not to break. Pack come out on top 20-16 don’t even matter who we play

For Kids By Kids

Wenever the first thing a coach says about u is ur a professional…… ur an ok player that trys very hard

    CEO fishing

    Not necessarily. Everyone who knows Peyton Manning said he was always professional. Everyone who knows JJ watt, Larry Fitzgerald, or Drew Brees always say that they’re consummate professionals

Devin Cheatham

The same plays from the Oakland and First meeting of the Minnesota Games should be brought into that play book. I saw something that could be explosive.

Devin Cheatham

Pettine saying that alot of the plays after the bye week was “Tip the Hat plays” 🤦‍♂️

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