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Aaron Rodgers discusses the importance of a bye | 4 Downs

John Kuhn goes 1-on-1 with Aaron Rodgers on getting a playoff bye, thoughts on the season so far, and some new year’s resolutions.

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Troll of 229: Ant the variable

So hype for this playoff run. 💪🏽

    aaron berhane

    Me too but nervous at the same time

    Kärma. YT

    I’m scared bru

Christa Bartz

Go Pack Go!


Cant wait for this game

Kiasia Johnson

He’s so cute 😂🐐

Fernando Marin

“I dont care” There you go aaron, thats the attitude!


    Fernando Marin are u being sarcastic or agreeing with him??😂😂

    aaron berhane

    Aaron a G fr tho

    Kiasia Johnson

    Fernando Marin that’s what I said 💚💛

Daniel Dietsche

Congratulations guys, enjoy your bye week, & come out swinging in the playoffs!!👍


An Aaron Rodgers interview on my Birthday, nice!! Go Pack Go!!

    aaron berhane

    Happy birthday 🎁🎈

    Avian Brunner

    Happy Birthday!!!

    peter macura

    Happy birthday bro I hope it was an amazing day 💯🔥


    A Super Bowl WIN would be one hella of a gift !!!  Happy B-Day Brother ….

X Man

Well done fellas!!!!!!! Miss you on the field John……get em Arod!!!!!!!!

Josh M

Even if we do lose we can all agree we are proud after a 6-9-1 season, missing playoffs 2 seasons in a row and with a new head coach. Let’s go PACK!!💚💛💚💛🧀🧀🧀🧀

    Zach Boebel

    Packersfan 12 stop it 😂 no team is superbowl or bust. Especially a team with a first year head coach

    Packersfan 12

    @Zach Boebel Nonsense every team plays to win the Superbowl.


    Kinda wished Packers should’ve just tanked those last two season to get the 1-3 pick, so we would’ve had better players from the draft.


    Yes, I totally agree, it’s been a great season. No one predicted the Packers would be 13-3 with a first round bye especially with a new coach. There is definately a never say die attitude with this team. I think they can carry that attitude right to the BOWL! GO PACK GO!

    Zach Boebel

    Packersfan 12 well no duh everyone plays to win the super bowl, thats not what superbowl or bust means. A team with a first year head coach making it to a NFC conference game is a great season. Not a bust

777d7777 777d7777

Keep up the great work John
Let’s go arod12!
Go Pack Go !!!!

Rick Morrow

13-3 and the Packers have 3 more games left this season. The Packer train is getting ready to roll in about 10 days.

Virginia Ybarbo

Just the way he delivers his answers in interviews makes himself look more like a 🐐

    Mark Gottlieb

    Accurate passes, that’s the GOAT man!

Jorge Veronezi

O melhor QD da história, sou fã desse cara Let’s go Rodgers, Let’s go Pack

Gavin Saha

Who else think Aaron Rodgers is the Goat and is underrated

    victoria flores

    Gavin Saha me

    Ali Cyrus Dehghani

    He isn’t underrated. He’s been given the recognition of the greatest thrower of the football by almost every media figure

    Ivan Torres

    Underated? The whole league wholes him to high standard that’s why they criticize him when he’s off

    steezy Dalton

    He is not underrated

Packer Daddy

I’m hoping the Vikings beat the saints

    Ditch 79

    Packer Daddy doesnt matter the vikes would play the niners

    Rlex Aeents

    @Ditch 79 exactly

Sebastian Dart

Aaron Rodgers the goat🐐
Im a huge fan🏈
Go pack go🏆

Bryan G


-The Green Bay Legend


I appreciate the footage in here. It’s been a rewarding season already

Super Happy Fun Times

Run the table and now “ I don’t care “

The Mountain Sage

I love Aaron, I dont .. care. Thats the right attitude to have, dont mind those jealous haters. Go Pack Go! All the way, pack unite.

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