Aaron Rodgers looks to harness energy for deep playoff run – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Robert Rodriguez

Go pack go!!!!! Jan 12th!!! We beating whoever!!!

    Gary Collins

    @Packer Power We play whoever wins between the Seahawks and Eagles

    Wyatt Pearson

    If saints win we get saints, if Seahawks win and Vikings win we get the hawks. I personally want the saints cause they are a done team and from the south. Gonna be cold. And I want the hawks to win and go to San Francisco. Strong feeling hawks beat SF cause they have a lot of personal tape against the team. It’ll be an interesting playoff for sure

    Donald Corinthian

    @Kiefer Newman if the Vikings wins then we will play either or eagles or Seahawks and the 49ers play the Vikings but if the saints win then we play the saints

    Donald Corinthian

    @Gary Collins only if the Vikings win but if the saints win then we play them

Kiasia Johnson

I like how he started the interview out smiling 😂🐐


packers have a real shot this year. let’s hope they come out strong.

    Jim Garner

    I know, but if after hopefully beating the Saints in the second round of the playoffs, they play the Seahawks at home in the NFC Championship game, rather than having to play the dangerous 49ers in San Francisco, their chances of making it to the Super Bowl would be much better, i think. I really don’t want them to play the 49ers on the road.

    JM T3

    John Jesus I disagree. That would be the viqueens in all their purple. Not to mention the behavior of most of their fans

    parker kriese

    this comment has no likes for a reason lol

    Dog Gamer77

    Lol as a vikings fan, I like to see all ur opinions. Lol


Concepts that have worked: over under slants. HB angle out of the back field after other routes clear the Line backers. TE seems against cover 2 concepts. Any time Vitale runs a route

    Jed Mount

    Vitale needs to be out there against the Saints next week. Possibly a fake screen to Vitale and then back side pass to scantling or Jones someone with some real speed that can make a play. Vitale when he is in is going to be keyed on by the other side so maybe it’s time to decoy him.

    Matt Nicholson

    Yes Vitale needs to be used more and Jace Sternberger


    i like the “any time vitale runs a route” part xD it’s true though can’t really remember an instance where it didn’z work

    yaunclerico nigga

    You sir get a W for doing your homework👌🏾


Cmon aaron play like i know you can! I believe in you dude

    Levi LaBuda gam!ng

    Me to I want him to light em up in the divisonal

    FNaF Club

    for me they still need to prove the offense can actually score

kevin texter

2 wins and a wake up and we’re there

    J D

    Faxx we just need offense to wake up

SupReme GoatZ

Let’s go packers!

Fernando Marin

We just gotta stick together and be confident

Adrian Munguia

Super Bowl champs in Jesus Mighty Name Amen 🙏🏽

For Kids By Kids


    Packersfan 12

    @Shaun Richards We only could play the Vikings in the NFC Championship game

    Jude Breezy

    Shaun Richards You are right. Dont understand why some fans would want to see Brees, they’d smoke us

    Sheev Burger

    Why would you hope that

    974 IGD

    @Jude Breezy you not a Packers fan

Yoli Vasquez

“They say we’re just an average team that knows how to win…which is fine but the key point is the win part cause right now were 2 wins away from the Superbowl”- Aaron Rodgers

    Dominic Caporelli

    He’s gonna get the boys hyped. They have something to prove and that’s scary!!

    Ty Lee

    Yoli Vasquez 👌🏾🙌🏽🙌🏽

Preston Dier

Break out the belt. Super Bowl run 2020


Aaron’s face in the first clip has me dead 😂😂


i really hope they arent 1 and done but in my opinion the packers do worse after a bye. they are much better with momentum behind them

Tim Short

“Hey Aaron, is it nice to have a defense?!?” “Aaron how does it feel to not have a broken bone?!?” Where do they find these “expert” journalists?


    Right Haha

Gary Collins

Hes saving his mvp level of play for the playoffs. Watch hes going to be full on vintage 2010 Aaron Rodgers. Hes going to light it up for sure.

    Gary Ridgeway

    Gary Collins I hope your right man


    I don’t think Aaron Rodgers goes 13-3, wins the north, gets the second seed and a home game, a defense finally after 3 years, just to lose it all. He may not get this opportunity in a while! This HAS to be his year.

Nano's steam5270

All the packers nation gonna be giving Aaron’s some energy like if he about to pull off a Kid Buu level Spirit Bomb.

    Connor Gilliland

    dead 😂

BlaZe terminator

I just have that feeling that Rogers going to heat up in the playoffs

    Gera Gonzalez

    BlaZe terminator I sure hope so man !

    John Ahli

    I kinda see that look in his eyes that he is going to do magic stuff in the playoffs. He wants it so baaaad it’s been a long time for him since he played a game in January. Man I’m so excited about this team

    Wyatt Pearson

    If only we still had Cobb, i feel like with him we would be stomping on teams cause if davante is covered then Cobb would be more open and vice versa

    Justin Zurawski

    Wyatt Pearson I love Cobb, but no dude. Just no.

Brendan PD

i still like to believe that Rodgers wasn’t trying his best in the regular season and he’s gonna go off

Saint Aubyn TFG

I believe he’s been conserving his energy and waiting for the playoffs to become the Aaron Rodgers we all know him to be. I can’t wait

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