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Jay Miles

Where’s Nathan peterman



    Veezy the bot

    Jameis Winston pretty close for dpoy 30 ints

    Andrew Colvin

    Making turnovers with the family


    He’ll be here next year if Tannehill was here this year

C Dot

Winston was robbed of DPOY, he had 30 INT’s, 6 of them TD’s and 3 fumbles. Come on now

    Jose Gonzalez

    C Dot Fr bruh

    Oladipupo Afolabi


    Darrion Gray


    Joe Hilbush

    Jamie’s Winston and Shaq Barrett should have at least been nominated


Seeing Aaron Donald look up like that at the beginning is just intimmdating

Prerak Mehta

Michael thomas literally read it off the prompter lol

    brayden finch

    I was thinking he had a speech memorized in his head..

    Denzel Washington

    @Jonathan Muldrow leave my receiver alone😂

    HL B

    That was CREEPY AF!!!!!!!! #HungerGames

    Richard Torres

    He talks more on Twitter about his stats

Cyber Del

2:50 Jon Hamm doing Jon Hamm things.

    Keane Smith

    Honestly felt like Don Draper giving the award



Tannehill’s wife is not impressed

    Bankroll Guwop

    Lmao been in the league since 2012 and won the comeback player of the year, she’s not impressed, he’s one and once he’s trash

Texans Films

Everybody’s wives look like their husbands cheated on them the night before…

    Nathan King


    P Twg

    4 real tho

    Claudia Vlahović

    @Carlos Seroya 🥂

Drakerot Biafra

With 12 Pro Bowlers, the league’s MVP, and the coach of the year you’d think the Ravens could have won ONE game in post season. Something’s not adding up.

    TheBlazikenBro BOI

    Cool Camera or a good team carrying an inaccurate qb

    William Larese

    Yea… They are overrated as hell. They are running their QB into the ground cuz he can’t pass the ball. He won’t be around for long mark my words!! Give it a couple more seasons he is going to start to break down! These award winners are a joke! Harbaugh as coach of the year?? Lmao not even close!! Greg Roman?? How’d that work out for them in the playoffs?? They will never do any good in the playoffs when they don’t get teams lackluster efforts like they do in the reg season. And it’s a shame they are wasting these awards on LOSERS!!! And has anyone ever heard Lamar Jackson speak? He sounds like he dropped out of school at 15 and never got an education. Literally makes everyone dumber listening to him. And thats the mvp?? Lmao ok then. Have fun on your coach with your trophy.

    Ryan Baumgart

    @William Larese you know it’s for the regular season not the playoffs right? Dumb dumb

    camD mander

    TheShadoes4321 Brady carrying the patriots? Not this year by a long shot

    Jason Jacobo

    And 20 free agents this year


I’d like to report a highway robbery on multiple accounts.

    Pets Infinity

    car2nboy09 especially with Winston being robbed of DPOY

    Darrell Johnson

    @Pets Infinity bruh 😂😂😂😂 yall killing me. I’m fighting for my f**king life

Cardinals 73

I love how Gilmore is a god now but no one remembers his time on the bills

    Damager Dave

    @giizo da mulla haha look at the numbers. tre is the #1. typical haters of anything buffalo cant deal with the fact that the best defense player in the nfl plays for the bills! case closed!


    Damager Dave he really should have won White didn’t have a bad game all season. Gilmore got exposed by a average wide receiver. Not to mention Smoke Brown made Gilmore look like a peewee football player.

    Damager Dave

    @buffalobillsfan2717 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    amiro dusk

    The bills are good on that side of the ball, they need their qb to improve and some more offensive weapons

SSG Panda

Damn, Ryan Tannehill‘s wife can’t smile with all that Botox.

    * *


Alex t

jameis winston definitely underrated defensive player . at least mention him in the DPOY


    Alex t exactly bro. It’s crazy what u have to do these days to get a little respect as a defense player

    Josh ClipZ

    😂😂😂 true nfl fans will get the joke


    @Josh ClipZ basically any NFL fan with just a basic concept of what is going on will understand it, it isnt that hard to grasp


    Alex t I agree


Honestly I feel Shanahan deserved Coach of the year from leading the 31st best team to a first round bye and a Super Bowl


    @Shaqdashooter HK I must’ve came from an alternate universe, because what I remember is people believing jimmy G would never live up to his potential, the san fran defense getting killed exclusive because of their secondary, and the D-line and linebackers being the backbone of the defense. You either remember it wrong or are trying to act like you saw it coming that they’d do well

    Shaqdashooter HK

    @Pohorex i remember ppl saying jimmy G was the next coming of Tom Brady and the patriots where dumb for letting him go.. I remember jimmy g getting 75 million guaranteed at 137 million dollar contract… I remember ppl saying jimmy G and this defense would carry 49ers into playoffs even tho it wasnt jimmy it was there running game but this is what i remember ppl saying and what actually happened

    Jeremiah Fish

    I completely agree that he deserved it. As a ravens fan, I can also say that Harbaugh would’ve been a close second for reinventing the entire team to fit around one player, and got them the best record in the nfl.
    I’d say they’re nearly equals for receiving coach of the year


    @Shaqdashooter HK people kept saying that for a long time, and then since he never had a good healthy season people turned before this season. The times you are talking about are 3-4 years ago, with no relevance to this season. Last season everyone considered jimmy g a bist for never being able to play. You remember what you want to remember to push this narrative

Joe Sarjoo

NFL instagram really ruined the point of the show

    Dominick Gerarve

    Yeah insta ruined it

    Petite Larceny

    Maybe they could post right before super bowl/ next day?
    But they may fear that all the clout chasers or super fans would spoil it🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️


    Do NFL Honors after the Super Bowl and then there will be no more MVP jinx


    YESSSSS!!! I was so pissed! Why would you ruin it for the fans?


That’s a bad bad boy on that field.
Great to see the WR get what he deserves.
Beautiful job with this 1.


    ThA MAN C MAcK hell yea💪🙌

YS_ DragonMaster

Mike thomas is a cool guy “mamba mentality” and “the marathon continues” for kobe and nipsey rip


4:53, they spelled ryan tannehill’s name wrong 😭😭

    G Kid

    wxfii lol

    Moneyboymase24 Jr.

    wxfii 😭😭😭😭

    Hagrid the Table

    Tannenhill lmao


    Tannenhill lmao

Wyatt Winterfeld

Michael Thomas: I wanna thank god…

Also Michael Thomas: I wanna thank god

    kyle stelter



    Wyatt Winterfeld he said “I’m a little nervous being up here right now” but that was still pretty funny

    Joon Pak

    That was so cringe 😬


    God* if we are referring to Jesus Christ.

Matt gg

Gilmore completely ghosted the woman on stage lmao, dude was not interested.

    Lyle Stavast

    gilmore been makin’ people see ghosts for a LONG dang time.

    TheBlazikenBro BOI

    Because he knew he shouldn’t have won the award

    D X

    Felt his wives eyes burning in the back of his lmao

    Liam Regan

    There’s only two women in Gilly’s life, his wife and his momma 🤣😂

    ghost in the shell357

    It looked like Gilmore was gonna hand shack her but she’s the one that’s like no sir

giizo da mulla

Why is nobody acknowledging that Gilmore looks exactly like TY Dolla Sign

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