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Edwin Ramos



Troy Polomalu: Pat McAfee’s Worst Nightmare.

    Rowdy Jr.

    I thought it was Sean Taylor? 😂

    Maui Waui

    The Angel of death

    Brodown 64

    What about E-D Reed boi.

    El Hombre Negro

    Troy Polamalu did it his way the Samoan way hard work, out of every 10 Samoan 9 will play in the NFL, true Polamalu is 1 of many Samoan warriors to do so


Let’s go troy polamalu. You will always be known for being in the c-gap


    Quynh Bui 2 words tom brady



    Julian Velasco

    @Sloth Legacy of course he did it would be blasphemous if not…a lot of these guys should’ve been 1s balot

    Quynh Bui

    @a b I’d be afraid to get the ball thrown in my direction cuz you gonna get punish. They made it right getting him in on a first ballot

    Ethan Wood

    WeenieDog21 nopes, hes known as the “nano blitzer” lol.

Saintsfan 97

Glad they finally put Steve Atwater and Isaac Bruce in


    @livingdeadgirl46 46 I’ll Say the NFC south is probably the hardest division all 4 teams have stacked offenses.

    And every year or so a new team becomes division champs.


    They were both long overdue.

    K B

    Atwater deserved to wait he was a borderline hall of famer


    agreensubstance it was pi

Aries Anderson

Pat McAfee having flashbacks ..

Being Honest

Troy changed the game

    Johnny Miller

    Yup. One of the best safeties of all time

    Wyatt Winterfeld

    Defense against flakes

Rick Frye

Barkley showing sincere respect at 6:30 I like that kid

    Anthony Nahanee

    That jacket is dope too

Andy Wounds

2:47 – Pat has left the chat

    simon iswack

    @Alyn Camp look up pat mcafee, how troy polamalu ruined my life.

    Patrick Owings


    Oliver Majano

    C gap


    Andy Wounds Troy f*cking Polamalu in the C Gap.

Jake Spriggs

Troy’s bust will truly be one of a kind with that hair of his lol. Glad he made it in on the 1st ballot.

    Kevin Prima

    What about Jimmy Johnson’s hair — all that hair spray is harder than the bust itself

    El Hombre Negro

    Jake Spriggs i’m not suprised by that for who he is and from who he’s made from an Samoan Warrior 9 out of 10 Samoan warriors football players will play in the NFL it’s their DNA strong powerful mentally and souls

Kenny Cai

Congrats to Troy Polamalu! One of the best safeties to play the game, and a massive game changer on the field. Much love and respect from this Ravens fan.

    Kevin Prima

    @killerboy 1155 — Atwater was weak sauce compared to Troy

    Barry M'cockinner

    Kenny Cai Ravens fan? Then I guess u vividly remember Troy SPANKIN DAT ASSSSS😭😭😭

    Maui Waui

    @Kenny Cai respect that! He’s not no Ed Reed but we all know Troy was solid! That’s from a Steelers fan to a Ravens fan! So respect brotha🤙🏽

    christian recon

    @Maui Waui u act like Ed Reed is centuries ahead of Troy there’s a reason Troy was first ballot hof

    Maui Waui

    @christian recon I didn’t say he wasn’t. I’m a big Troy Polamalu fan from his days at USC to becoming one of the best at Pittsburgh but I’m not delusional to the numbers my guy! Men lie women lie but numbers don’t! Not taking anything away from Troy but let’s be honest. Ed Reed was just a whole different animal. Then again they were playing different style of play.

Muhammad Barokah

“The architect and the leader of Dallas dynasty, Jimmy Johnson!!!”

Jerry Jones : This is fake news

    Nestor Heredia jr

    Muhammad Barokah 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 with the accent too lmao

    my love songs

    Jerry Jones: “Uhhh…this show….uhhh…must have…uhhh…been on CNN. Those damn uhhh…libtards!!”

    TrashPanda -

    25 years goes by
    :no lies detected

Jordan Truce

Polamalu and Cowher getting into the hof together is amazing. Polamalu definitely deserved the first ballot selection. Greatness.

    Tyler L

    Kevin Prima every one has there bad games🤷🏻‍♂️


    cowher went to 2 superbowls and won 1. That’s not a HOF’er

    Michael Sloane

    John Madden only went to 1 (did win it) and he got in.


    @Michael Sloane he also retired with the highest winning % in NFL history. and created the best football video game. that’s worthy by itself Haha


    @rayj1013 Haha right? Literally cannot start to tell the story of the NFL without Madden

emmanuel dukes

I like how they took care of the lingering legends like James and Bruce

Martin Siitia

Let’s Goooooo Troy!!!!! 🇼🇸🇦🇸

D Hall

Black n gold well represented….so glad Donnie shell is in this class long over due …..Troy way to go u were a beast at ur position wtg….

    Momin Asif

    Black and Gold are the Saints lmao. Steelers are black and yellow

    El Hombre Negro

    Momin Asif The Steelers is Black & Gold always have been way before the Saints was ever thought of

Shaqdashooter HK

So proud of edrin james a real Florida boy most underrated back of his era glad he getting his recognition

    Shaqdashooter HK

    @The Lurchness Monster !! He was pretty good but injuries slowed him down .. He played 10 years like james but the numbers fall in comparison not to mention he was getting the ball 300+ times a year being the rams only offense

donald deluxe

99% of comments: congrats to Troy polamalu
Me: what about ATWATER?! He was snubbed for so many years at the same position as Troy?!

    Marsha Laurienti

    With 400 more tackles than Troy…

    Larissa Dueck

    And Atwater was a much better player than Polamalu

    ghost in the shell357

    Yea but he’s in now so it all worked out

cesar castro jr

It’s about time that Atwater got in he should have been in over 10 years ago

Ghost of a Panda 2

“You’ll always leave the game with memories you’ll cherish” *head injuries has left the room*


2:53 “the angel of death waiting for you in the c-gap”

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