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jaiveer d

When a kicker and punter get a award

    M savage 1

    Goated OnDaSiticks seahawks are pretty good


    @M savage 1 not really

    M savage 1

    Fish_Stix69 better than the eagles

    Big Bank Buddha

    When a kicker & punter get an award for a TD pass & reception.

Ish TheFish

When you get here like 30th and all the comments are “first” “1” etc…. do something goddamn original

    Souk Khanhsila

    1st to reply!

    HNS Mason

    Souk Khanhsila lol


    Lol I once got in a full blown argument with this one kid who swore on everything he’d got the first comment on one of the 100 year countdown videos. They’re mental with this.

    Souk Khanhsila

    @GenericFryCook lack of attention for these people, or very shitty ambitions.

EaST CoAsT MaCHete

The kicking team got some respect 🤣

Evil Duck

This and beating the Patriots was the highlights for Dolphin fans this season

    Alex Erskine-Murray

    Evil Duck Tua getting injured so he doesn’t go 1st overall when we weren’t actually tanking was a highlight (although I didn’t want to see him hurt and wanted him to win the heisman lol)


    I appreciate no one cares but. if you check the Dolphins Account YouTube comments the week before that game, I mentioned this as a trick play. Have the kicker run forward and catch a throw from the snap and throw it to the small fast kicker with a wide spread offensive line to distract D-Line. PS I want to smash Jeremy Renner’s sister like Paul Little in the early 2000s.

    PS Captain America and Black Widow have met me but truth be told, all I want is to smash Jeremy Renner’s sister. PS They know me from Knives Out and Jojo Rabbit.

Lucas Ferriola

I’m a eagles fan and I’m so mad

    Goated OnDaSiticks

    Lucas Ferriola so many eagles hate comments


    Lucas Ferriola

    I’m a little mad but it’s not a too big of a deal lol.


    I’m more proud we gotta appearance.

    Saul Ferrandiz

    You guys should be glad you left the Cowboys out of the playoffs LOL

    Scott Rohrbeck

    @Saul Ferrandiz Heh, I’m certainly not complaining about that 😅

Brandon Mckenna

Second straight year the dolphins won the play of the year award 🐬🐬🐬

Dak’s World

If anyone sees this…

May you be blessed and have a great life ahead of you 🤗

Cyber Del

Dolphins keeping the tradition of winning the clutch play of the year every year.

    Kevin Anderson

    I thought Dre Greenlaw’s goal line stop was gonna get it 😧

    Osama Been Mobbin

    lmao shoulda been the dre greenlaw hit or george kittle vs the saints 😂

Wyatt Romanowski

I like how the punter and kicker get the most emotional out of every player winning an award and they did a random trick play

    Napalm Blaziken

    Punters and kickers are taken for granted. Of course they’re gonna get emotional.

    Kein Einfall

    They only get attention whent they mess up so just let them have their moment

    Bear 7453

    He had a perfect opportunity to be a badass and he instead went a different route lol.

    Alex Erskine-Murray

    Those guys were actually two key players in our season. Everyone talks about fitzmagic, Parker and Preston Williams but Sanders won AFC special teams player of the month twice I think (or of the week 3 times) It’s good to see them getting such recognition


i also want to thank the eagle’s defense for allowing us to be here…

    goKu Lebron

    Atleast eagles have something to celebrate recently besides tanking and meaningless awards


    goKu Lebron Salty 😅

    Logan issa Ravens fan from Ohio

    goKu Lebron damn u salty asf


    @goKu Lebron award is better than losing in the first round of the playoffs

Nick Schiraldi

When a tanking team gets an award.

Drakerot Biafra

Imagine the pressure those dudes must have been under. The Dolphins entire season was riding on that play!!

    Cris Amaro

    Drakerot Biafra 😂😂😂

    Bear 7453

    They should make a statue

David Arshawsky

Did they forget about George Kittles beastmode run against the saints…

Human 8845

From a tank team to winning a clutch award

Jason Shapiro

Jeremy looks like he had a looooong night 😎✌️

Enoch Miaw

3:09 Thank yOoU 😂😂

    Quante' Ellison

    I feel like we are the only people who peeped he said that

    Fluid Saborrr

    Ya he voiced cracked a couple times

Winson Shan

Jason Sanders: 3:08 thank YOU.

Jordan Caldwell

I can’t be the only one who heard those voice cracks

Umar Naeem

I thought it was gonna be Watsons play when he broke 2 sacks


    Umar Naeem or when he got kicked in the face


Just a reminder that Kittle carried 3 guys on his back for 40 yards to set up a FG to win the game in the last second

    C1utch lol

    M0hannad just a reminder no one cares


    @C1utch lol you cared enough to reply

    Momin Asif

    Yea no one cares bro

    Omar Gomez

    @M0hannad the man is a tight end, that stuff won’t happen all the time, but when I does it is almost always a tight end

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