Paul Rudd Presents the MVP Award! | 2020 NFL Honors – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Sean Gilbertson

Paul to Lamar: “Hey look at us!”

    Josh Johnson

    Who would have thought


    not me


    Josh Johnson Not me



    jeremy brown



I hope this lamar jackson kid has a good career, and im just wondering why hes not starting over robert griffin. Lamars a beast

    M savage 1

    Acilz r/wooosh

    Rito Chavez

    Are you in Cuba 2pac?

    Jim Johnson

    @All sports Highlights that’s what you think.

    buddy Isreal

    Whoever liked your stupid post is logged off in the head.

Jamen Thomas

Rudd should do the MVP presentation every year now


    Sean S. Oh you’re just a racist

    RTN BestSSJ 4

    Sean S. You know the MVP award is mostly based on the regular season where put those crazy numbers , If they can’t win their team a playoff game? Football is a TEAM sport if the team loses they are all at fault not just Lamar you know? Have you ever played football before? Because if you have you should know it is a team first sport

    S Rennie

    Maybe a new writer, though…

    Zenopos III

    Sean S. Oh you’re racist racist

Josh Johnson

Never understood the pure hatred so many have for this man, people act like he killed their grandmother or something. So many people constantly wishing injuries on him and all types of insults for a genuinely nice guy.

    804 Arob

    @A V like Josh Allen 😂

    804 Arob

    @Partybringer420 Great example ! However, you made a great point for Lamar. He was the reason why they were lol. He play put the rest of the team in position to do a great job. He last game was ok but it showed you his played effected the whole Ravens teams offense and defense was off.

    Josh Johnson

    @Sean S. First, I’ve seen plenty of genuine comments actually hating Lamar, long before the MVP award was given, or his season turned into a MVP worthy one. Second, His first season, and playoffs factor literally nothing into how a MVP award is given out, is this your first season watching the NFL? Lastly, I’ve already seen your nonsensical comments elsewhere, Go take your uninformed self elsewhere and come back when you can make a sensible argument for why he shouldn’t have the MVP instead of “Hur Dur I love Patrick, Give him every Award forever”


    @William Rivera lebitch lol. Lamar Jackson is gonna fade, unless he starts learning to make plays with his arm, he will get hurt. History shows us that running qbs dont last.

    Stick Talk



that ray dance at the end though 😂🐐

    Liam Neels

    lilniggayon ❤️😂


    LJ is silly and I 💜 it😁

    Sergio Moralez

    33ladyRAM ❤️


    Almost as fascinating as your specialist nen ability


couldnt they have raised his mic so he didnt have to hunch over?

    Ghizlan Tanger

    faaaaaaaaaaaaaacts man

    Day Day El Hombre

    Megálopros exactly lol and Lamar is only 6’1 🤣

    Dr Phot

    The mic is built in the stage and someone goofed to not raise it and not tell the players they can stand straight and speak normally because the sound will be picked up

Luka Doncic

3:50 how come i thought lamar was crying

    Sam Vad

    Coz Ray Lewis almost snapped him in half with that hug lol

    Jabez Abayneh

    Sam Vad 😂😂😂

    Damien Brady

    Because your an idiot

    Keaden Wheeler

    Damien Brady Stfu

John Wiggins

That mic tells you one thing “Lamar is a lot taller than Paul Rudd”

    robert vanhorn

    paul had a mic on him






Who knew Antman is a Chiefs fan XD


    Quite a few people actually. He’s not quiet about it


    @VolcanicAsh oh. Then im just oblivious then XD

Food Plug Channel

imaging seeing things from lamar moms point of view, she watched her son go from nothing to being label the best player in college football and now best player in NFL… wow congrats.

    Jakario TV

    Food Plug Channel not the best in the NFL he just had the best regular season

    Sauce Boss

    Jakario TV yeah hence being the best player

    Jatoddrick Wright

    @33ladyRAM his dad got killed in a car crash


    @Jatoddrick Wright – yes I know…from above love I’m sure they are both proud.

    charles williams



Fam had those box braids in since week seven.

    Brandon Watson

    He is from Pompano Beach
    Broward County
    Y’all know nothing!
    Free Kodak!

    Johnny Ali

    @Brandon Watson that part

    Katie Weeks

    😂😂😂 you right

    Black By Day Johnson

    @Brandon Watson facts

    NMJ 88

    @C S you ain’t lying Lamar need to redo those thangs lol.


dance at the end made it all worth it. shows his love and appreciation. all respectful words on the mic and they let his love for the game show at the end.

    Paulo Alexandre

    He couldn’t say thank you to Ray Lewis so he danced in his homage

    Michael Andersen

    Yeah I know that was pretty cringy.

    LA Nice

    Michael Andersen how ?

Muhammad Barokah

3:47 Ray looks like a proud dad to Lamar

    Derrick Talbert

    Maybe he step pops 😆

Sanardo Grant

Let me find out Samuel Jackson out here winning MVPs.

Jeo & Lolli Sky

Lamar is the best the most respectful player. I wouldn’t mind cheering for Jackson. Eagles nation here ❤️✊🏻

    litboi content

    Fly eagles Fly

    RJ packs123

    Desean Jackson right?

    Instinct CrypticTM

    You know we had the pick he got drafted on but traded it to the ravens, right? But still all respect to my fav QB

    RJ packs123

    @Instinct CrypticTM we wouldn’t have taken him anyway cos of Wentz

    Nova -

    @litboi content 🤢

Wisest Owl

I know Lamar said his focus wasn’t on being the MVP, but I know he appreciates being named MVP by a unanimous decision.

    Rico Skino

    Wtf Youtube his team let him down lets be real

    D Knight

    @Wtf Youtube freezes up. Apparently you dont watch the games. Because if you did you would have seen that the loss was not on him by any means. Let us count the dropped passes in critical game defining moments or the line not holding up.

    Max 43

    @Wtf Youtube how many rushing yards in the playoffs? Did better than any other qb in that situation besides mahomes.

    Keeping It Real

    @Wtf Youtube Peyton manning started off 0-3 in the playoffs. He went on to win 5 MVPs and 2 rings. Lamar’s story has not been written yet. It’s only getting started.


    Well he sure wasnt focused on going to the superbowl


I will always remember lamar’s words when he got drafted with the last pick in the 1st round ” they will get a supa bowl outta me” it will happen one day.

    Arena Football Zone

    @Warren Shiflett atleast Mahomes won a playoff game at 22

    Wavyy Mochy

    aint gonna happen

    ghost in the shell357

    And the ravens are still waiting for that lol

Jade Boi

His spine is the real mvp

    Julius Gamez

    Jade Boi facts

    Joseph Robinson



“Those arent my kids”
I died 😂😂💀

Cole Knox

You have to love the fact that he calls his superiors “Mr”. Shows his respect and how well he was raised

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