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NFL 2020 Pro Bowlers Revealed!

Check out the QB's, RB's, WR's, DB's, and DL's who were voted into the 2020 Pro Bowl!

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Tommy From Wii Sports


    Keith Benjamin

    Ravens fan here godwin is the bucs best and most consistent wideout glad he finally got some shine .


    I first saw him in the legendary 2017 Rose Bowl against my USC Trojans. He was dangerous then (along with his teammate Saquon) and Im glad hes doing it at this level.

    jd wildcat48

    @Keith Benjamin how is he consistent if it’s his first good year. And Mike Evans is way more consistent with this being now his 6th straight year with an 1000 yard season

    Reid Roman

    Had Godwin and Evans in Fantasy. Guys killed it.

    Fire Dolphin

    @jd wildcat48 He JUST became a starter this year that’s why. He’s not inconsistent, he just wasn’t getting playing time behind DeSean Jackson and Adam Humphries. Dude had 840 yards 7 TDs last year as the 4th WR. Every Bucs fan knew he was going to break out as a starter.

Justyne Harmon

Aaron Jones and dj moore deserve to be in the pro bowl

    Jayden Collum

    They weren’t voted in

Richard Landes

god damn might as well just suck up the whole ravens team


    @Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN Dont forget the Raven. Our ravens gonna fly in the field and us a few tds

    A Fucking Bird

    Bandwagons I tell ya.

    Benjamín Luque


    James Berry

    Yet the Pat’s defense with historic numbers only has two representatives. Edleman also has better numbers than Landry, and Allen on a winning team. The NFL has no respect for one of it’s all time greatest receivers in meaningful games (i.e. playoff games).

    Matthew Arnold

    @Jojo Cottrell04 public voting only account for 40%, players and coach votes count for more.

Zao Jin

Shaq Barret?
Jerry Hughes??
And where are the OLinemen/TE?


    @Andrew Carlson Jared Cook? No, Austin Hooper has been the best tight end this season.

    jd wildcat48

    @Oopha Laya Nick Bosa’s job is to sack the qb and defend the run outside and he rushes the passer over 90% of the time. Barrett is an outside linebacker that only rushes the passer 60% of the time and has 16.5 sacks 16 tackles for loss 31 qb hits and 5 of his 6 force fumbles were in the backfield


    Zao Jin no respect for them my guy

    darknight307 Pagán

    @Oopha Laya No comment.

    IronNeptune208 !

    Yeah lol. I was like tight ends? Linebackers? What about offensive linemen?

Deborah Kerns

I love this woman’s voice
announcing the selections. She’s
speaking like she’s on a mission…🏈😁

    Shoresy 69

    I personally love how she says Tre’davius Whites name. Love the guy.

    Waves _

    “12th annual hunger games”

    Steven From Tampa

    ok feminist lol


    @Steven From Tampa calm down incel

Luca Brazi

Can you imagine the Quarterback room with:
Lamar Jackson🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Patrick Mahomes🔥🔥🔥🔥
Deshaun Watson🔥🔥🔥

Wow. The AFC is gonna be lit for the next 6-8 years🤑

    Branded McGowan

    @harry McNuggets yep that’s always the same teams from that conference while the NFC has everybody from the West South 2 from the East and 2 from the North made it since New England’s dominance started.

    corn Addict

    @Good Krypollo sure thing piggy.

    The Infamous Melonhead

    @A normal Person he’s great, I just don’t think he’s as amazing as everyone seems to think he is. Barely had some trouble with vision, so yeah he’s a little overrated too

    The Infamous Melonhead

    @A normal Person Henry is an amazing back tbh. He picks it up when he’s needed most: at the end of the season. Past two years he did solid at first, but as the season why on he just got better and better


    The Infamous Melonhead

    You’re an idiot if you think Zeke is overrated.


When all the NFC WRs are from the NFC South 😂😂😂

    Jean Ross Normand

    They are the best, stats say so at least

    Corey Bell

    Evan’s won’t be playing in the pro bowl, so either Moore or cooper will take his spot.

    Kcrum's Dojo

    Cameron Davis Evans is injured for the rest of season so he probably getting replaced

    William Cook

    Jacoby Wall snubed


    None From The NFC East Lmao 😂

Nicholas Colosimo

I’m a Saints fan and I’m pissed Aaron Jones missed

    Nasir Evans


    Nasir Evans

    I’m a packers fan and I’m really disappointed dude like leads the league in touchdowns sad popularity pro bowl now days


    There’s no way hes been better than Zeke, mccaffery and Dalvin Cook

    Tony A

    Nicholas Colosimo I live in Green Bay and am a die hard pack fan and can say he’s not better than mccaffery, Zeke, and cook

Dr Wilhelm

This is actually Russell Wilson’s 7th pro bowl selection 😁


    @RK Belmont Says a Niner fan…


    @RK Belmont its not 0 at all it’s just not high.

    Daniel Butcher

    @Jermaine Harris yes he will. Hawks are one and done in the playoffs

    RK Belmont

    @TheOz Just facts.


    Did I ask

Eric Arias

Congrats to Sherman people counted him out after that injury and he’s back


    So many had him on the serious decline after his achilles and trade, great to see him bounce right back! Skol

    Not Me But You

    Yes! Love me some Sherm!!

    Trevor Herberg

    hes not good anymore tho

    RK Belmont

    @Trevor Herberg He is ranked as a top 5 CB. But again, Seattle fans are the most stupid of them all.

Joe Mama

The young qb’s from the afc and the veterans from the nfc

    A Fucking Bird

    @William Wright Quit hating on my QB!😤

    jt thomas

    @William Wright russ been playing for almost 10 years. hes a vet, and technically your a vet after 3.

    Felipe Ruis

    William Wright he kinda is


    @jt thomas How do you get almost 10 years when this year is his 8th?


Where is Josh Jacobs from Oakland rb he’s offense rookie of the year

    Daviddaboss 10

    *terry mclaurin enters the chat*

    Jk I understand what you saying

    Keenen Jackson

    He has no where near as much talent as Chubb and Dalvin though

    Reid Roman

    Chiefs fan here. Jacobs definitely deserves it


    @Braden Hudson no

    Ehfoiwehfow Jedioheoih

    Keenen Jackson smoothbrain

Holden Scharpf

The NFC South: How many good WR do you want
The Pro Bowl: yes

    Chuk Morris

    Big E Baseball true but you have to understand that these are young talented group of football players who are just going to get better over time

    Big E Baseball

    Chuk Morris julio is almost 31, matt ryan is an old man, deion jones can’t stay healthy, same with keanu neal, devonta freeman is washed up, desmond trufant is just okay. What happens when they’re all gone?

    Branded McGowan

    Plus Taysom Hill😁

    Dilly Billy

    Big E Baseball Bucs are .500

    Jacob Conley

    @Kurt S that’s what playing from behind can do smh

Ethan Hamby

What a QB class
Lamar Jackson: This years MVP
Patrick Mahomes: Last years MVP
Deshaun Watson: Future MVP
Russell Wilson: Seahawks legend
Aaron Rodgers: That’s a baaaaaad man
Drew Brees: The Man the Myth the Legend


    correct me if im wrong, but all those QBs are all slippery

    maximus awesomness

    AJ Palmeri Probably will lose first game in the playoffs like last year.


    These young QB are gonna ruling the AFC for years to come


    maximus awesomness

    Lol. If any AFC team is getting bounced in the first round, it’ll be Houston.

    M savage 1

    envy the ravens have no experience

Jackson Keating

The fact that Tyler locket didn’t make the pro bowl offends me

    A Fucking Bird

    @Oopha Laya MIKE IS INJURED!!

    Daniel Butcher

    @Puppygod Yt LMAO put the pipe down please.

Diego Carney

Quarterbacks: afc young people
NFC: old vets

    Namavoid Kundra

    THE RIGHT WAY I don’t think Brady would be a good idea on a team he’s not used to.


    @Namavoid Kundra I agree Brett favre was once in a lifetime


    This is really affirmative action with the Quarterbacks. Way too many black QB’S. I know there were some white quarterbacks better than them but everyone is too PC to say it. I miss the days of Montana, Elway.


    @jjosephdubya it will come back it’s just there time what I’m impressed with is all the white running backs and white receivers shining into today is NFL now


    @THE RIGHT WAY It won’t come back if they are just giving these black QB’s pro bowl selections. There are a lot of black QB’S in the league now and as long as they’re there people will just give all the praise, glory, and awards to them. It’s not right. It’s affirmative action.

Yeet Mgee

where my boy Devante Parker? He’s having the best year of his career!

    Luciano Souza Ienny

    But there’s some people that played better than him

    M savage 1

    Yeet Mgee yeah but he’s been below average his whole career

12 Goner 12

I heard even the janitors made the pro bowl on the Ravens

    Matthew Arnold

    M&T bank is very clean


    Matthew Arnold thanks Matthew, that was a good one

Ben Mercer

Drew Brees is not human, he’s 40 and still setting records

    Branded McGowan

    And keep on yarding them by miles and breaking his own. Hes currently owns almost every quarterbacks record.

Chris Crush

Everybody saying how there’s no o line or tight ends:

Me: BuT WhAT aBOUt tHaT FulLBaCK tHO

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