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Can’t believe cmc isn’t a starter 😆😰

    F8 BLADE

    I know he is the runner up for mvp smh

    F8 BLADE

    Camoshark123 they do based of voting by fans and coaches so we did this too


    Because Chubb is better

    F8 BLADE

    ItsBigCon are you high Chubb is afc CMC is nfc you are an idiot

    William F. Petty

    BananaBro967 why Derrick Henry not starting he been leading all season

Yo Yo

Popularity contest, half these players won’t show up

    Mamta Mishra

    Yo Yo maurkice pouncey has absolutely not been pro bowl lvl and hes somehow in

    hehe saucy

    ReekzTv good i didn’t see him like that


    @rdot take ankles*Cough* he was injured*Cough*

    JolleyTv _

    Niko Shieh are you saying they don’t deserve it? Because they surely do.

    Mason_Baller Videos

    Nick Chubb?

PGD Panda

I’m excited to see these long snapper highlights. That’s what I watch the pro bowl for

    Gabe Sweeney

    Mikko so who is going to tell him?

    Jake Thrash

    @Gabe Sweeney I will, mikko it was a joke ok


    Mikko woooooshhhh

    early jokes are lame and unfunny

    Jake Thrash we get it was a joke you don’t have to say it multiple times (I’m in no ones side)

    CM T3

    No I watch it for the ball boys

Kos Icey

I don’t like this list at all

    Last Aw Void

    Analysis driven football discussion discord

    Jacob Hickman

    Good thing it isn’t a list

    Benjamin Farias

    The league doesnt care what you think.

    Avi Cudahy

    Lorenzo they both start😅

    Ryan Kim

    Courtland sutton

Insisted Bot

NFL: uhh.. let’s just prove that these guys deserve it, so we don’t get hate?


    destisute as be Mint

    Ryan I.


    L G R W

    They hating on Derrick henry.

    Fire Archer


Money Cardenas

Nfl: oh the cowboys look pretty good TAKE THE OFFENSIVE LINE

    davian norez

    @Amador I wouldn’t because of his knee😓


    Money Cardenas the cowboys have been known to have a amazing o-line for a while now

    Elijah Williams

    @popfizz55 our o line hasn’t even been that amazing this year pro bowl is popularity tho


Why tf is cmc not a starter

    Mo S

    @iVolcanic mccaffrey is wayy better than cook though its not even close

    Mo S

    @Richard Landes the other rbs have around the same carries, mccaffrey is just way better

    Last Aw Void

    @Chapín Sinay analysis driven football discussion discord

    Duncan On Me

    @Cameron Barber Even before he was hurt McCaffrey outplayed him. He was much more efficient as a runner, and would be a Pro Bowler at slot receiver should he switch positions entirely.

    Jakob Wendinger

    He got less votes

Blue Penguin

jusczcyk’s play should’ve been the stiff arm on minkah

    Memes Are My Middle Name

    It contains user sensitive footage, he literally killed Minkah lmao

    K B

    Minkahs could’ve been one of those SF turnovers

    Not Mario

    K B that doesn’t change the fact minkah got beat like a red headed step child


    Minkah did have that nice stiff arm on Kittle tho 👀

    Mo S

    @jkilman that was barely a stiffarm kittle just forced him out of bounds. Jusczcyks killed minkah

TcS_ FruitCake

cook over cmc really 🤦‍♂️

    Mo S

    @Wes Helmer Thats why its easier for cook, they have other weapons so it opens things up for him and he had pretty much the same amount of touches throughout the season but still worse stats, defenses only focus on mccaffrey and he still has wayy more yards, yards per carry and touchdowns than cook. Hes way better


    @TcS_ FruitCake I know exactly who Christian McCaffery is but I didn’t know you guys called him cmc either. And I watch a hell of a lot of football. Oh yeah and Dalvin is a better pure back and he has been hurt this year.

    TcS_ FruitCake

    GL 1992 cause how tf do you not know. also you dont need to watch a panthers game to know because they dint say it. and it was considered a MVP for a reason, its also common sense its bascally his initials

aaron berhane

The nfl overlooks small market teams with players that should be in the pro bowl

    Firstname Lastname

    As a bills fan, I’m so surprised that people even know who tre’ davious white is

    Isaac Hamilton

    Firstname Lastname white is a beast man I remember being so hype for him out of the draft. Congrats on getting him. From a Jags Fan

    Braden Hudson

    @That One Guy factss

    Everything Bagel

    I know right no one cares about the jags players and we have a bunch of contenders lambo Allen chark and fournette but they all got robbed

    Last Aw Void

    @That One Guy football discussion discord

Cart dogg

Mathew Slater is so underrated, and I’m a Steelers fan

    Benny Buxx

    @cart dogg appreciate you buddy. A man of faith and humbleness like slater who performs at the highest level even with the added pressure of his father being a HOFer is deserving of all kind words and praise people will give.


    Im a steelers fan too

    Jase Pd

    That’s cool but I don’t remember asking

    Rucster 12

    Jase Pd no one likes you


    I’m so effing lucky I got slater gilmore van noy and wynn on my Madden 20 team and james white Philip dorrsett 11 and develin on my offense with Patrick mahomes as qb

EzD v TigerZ

Tyler locket has improved so much in the past 2 years

    nick bee 31

    I agree

    The PokeMan


    Noah Williams

    Big fact him and carson should be here

    Benjamin Farias

    Tyler Lockett isnt better than Michael Thomas or Julio Jones though.

    TheBig Man

    Benjamin Farias better then Julio Jones but not Michael Thomas. Julio disappears in big moments.



    fatass asian man

    Double Timer402 who asked ?

    Onion Bagel

    fatass asian man your fatass


    ThomasMac30 yeah he’s underrated

    Benjamin Farias

    Minkah Fitzpatrick is in his second year and spent the entire offseason in Miami. He had to learn a new system, where as Justin Simmons is more familiar with his system. All things considered, its pretty impressive to see Minkah Fitzpatrick excel at such a high level going to a new team 3 weeks into the season. Give him some props too. It’s just the pro bowl, anyway.

david Avidd

There’s nothing worse than seeing the best play by a player be against your team

    Football Highlights

    The George Kittle one though 🤬😂

    Travis Watts

    definitely felt bad for the bengals in this video


    As a colts fan, I feel that


    ikr (tredavious white btw, friking intercepted like 2 passes agaisnt my steelers)

    early jokes are lame and unfunny

    Creations field


Cowboys and Eagles make up the entire O Line for the NFC

    Hoover Dam

    The NFC south is made up of all the Wide receivers for the nfc

    Rage Underscore

    No Bakhtiari is in there

    Khalid Brown

    @Nate Mauratt That’s a bizarre modifier to use as if the cowboys have been in the past 20 years, and like the Eagles didn’t get their first SB win like 2 seasons ago, but you are aware the eagles were 13-3 when they went right? While the cowboys and Eagles are on their way to only being 8-8 making 7th, possibly 8th in the Conference the only conference they wouldn’t be 4th place in is the NFC South…

    Thomas Urech

    The Cowboys lead the NFL in nearly every offensive metric. Yet they go 7-7. Jason Garrett iced his own kicker.


    Well atleast cowboys and eagles have good olines we have like 2 good oline players no wonder our offense is oof plus no good wide receivers we have a third option from falcons and a rookie and a injured vet who drops so many catches this season and 2 good runners white and michel

Elliot Mishaan

Jamal Adams had the best play wasn’t even close

    J Foster

    Russell was better than his and George kittle we’re better than his

    Nigel T

    TJ Watt strip sack was better

    Wyatt Winterfeld

    George kittle had the only one close

Samurai Katana_sword345

Lol, love how they covered up the scores of the games.

Adam Weatherly

I don’t get how cmc isn’t a starter he is higher up on the mvp list than dalvin cook

    Mo S

    @Vedant Leva also edelman should have made it over tyreek whos got like 700 yards, and should have made it over allen and landry too

    Fort klipz

    His back is probably super soar from carrying the Panthers so much

    Benjamin Farias

    It’s just votes, man.

    Mo S

    @Benjamin Farias yea its still ridiculous. Next baker mayfield instead of lamar jackson ?

Rhuel Smith

Shaq Barrett: Leads the league in sacks.

Not a starter.


    @Gee Wehye You’re clueless lmao.

    Dhiraj Veerappan

    I thought TJ Watt led the league in sacks?

    Gee Wehye

    @WRONG lmfao I’m very clueless so clue me in

    Gee Wehye

    @WRONG what about offensive linemen do they have stats to show how good they are?

    Ben Paul

    Rhuel Smith ikr these are rigged Dupree has every spastic on matthew judon but Matthew won I don’t understand

Yushun Chen

Somebody doesn’t understand the words “every” and “starter”.

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