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Whoever doesn’t win NFC West still gets a bye…known as the NFC East Champion 😂


    Keep sleeping on the boys 😴😴😴😴😴😴 SKO DALLAS 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

    American Sports Fan


    Dem boys that lost to them Jets

    Franko spanko

    Coral keep losing against super bowl contenders🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

    lil skiddils

    trap game

    Rene Amado

    If eagles we’re healthy it would be a different story

Goblox Adventures

Didn’t I see y’all from qb franchise mode in madden 20?


    Goblox Adventures haha yeh I’m Aussie so I had no clue this show was legit


    Goblox Adventures ong they was hating on me😂

    Eric Walsh

    Don’t you know bad luck will follow you with that garbage profile pic!😂

    Andrés Bohorquez

    Eric Walsh that’s funny

Dave Dave

Nfc: our conference has great divisions

Nfc east: …

    Matthew Kim

    Tristen Parker The Nfc east is either the best division or the worst. Can’t be in the middle.

    Kingpekka212 _

    @Kevvv _ Look man I’m a cowboys fan too but yeah…this year we suck stop being so damn defensive

    Nate Mauratt

    Every time the nfc east looks like this they seem to win a Superbowl though.

    Orion Ganje

    @CoolCat 33 the NFC is way better than the NFC this year and it’s not even close 😂😂

    MYthic Gamer

    Nfc south has only one good team the rest just collapse badly lol

Skrimp Extra

If saints win the super bowl then brees is gonna retire so ummmmm #gosaints


    He is playing for 2 more years at least

    Simulation Nation


    big bad 805er

    Simulation Nation yessir 🧀

    Antonio Wilson

    He’s most definitely not retiring

    vLONEx xPAPi

    big bad 805er 🧀💚

Not Kevin Durant

As a panthers fan, i just hope my team can dig deep an find it in their collective heart to lose enough so we get a decent draft pick. #KeepPounding

    Human 8845

    Not Kevin Durant as a hawks fan if ron was still ur coach the game would’ve been more interesting and it could’ve been a more closer game but best of luck next season and i enjoy this rivalry

    Simulation Nation


    Josiah McGhee

    Simulation Nation stfu

    Josiah McGhee

    Simulation Nation who’s your team

Ethan B A S S

Looking forward to the week 17 seahawks vs 49ers divisional battle.

    SF Allday10

    Brian Kane not true 7 starters were injured

    SF Allday10

    Dingo- STK Go 12🤣 1-2 super bowl record

    Puppygod Yt

    Ken Cruz barely the ball crosed the plane and why u say the refs gave them the gave. When the refs sided with the niners all game

    Puppygod Yt

    SF Allday10 smh good season since 20012 😂

    Magical Finny

    Go hawks!

Zach Peterson

I have a feeling this upcoming superbowl is gonna be great for sure better than this years superbowl….

    TheTipToeTerror !

    Anything will be better than this year’s SB…

Aydan Horn

*casually avoids talking about the nfc east*

    Orion Ganje

    Yeah because the entire division is a joke

    TheTipToeTerror !

    @Orion Ganje sadly, the dream of seeing the Cowboys getting into the playoffs, with a losing record, is almost impossible now. Since the Eagles and them are both 7-7, and they face eachother before the post season. So unless the Eagles and Cowboys tie, and then both lose their next game, then we will not see a losing record team in the playoffs this year 😔…

    Michael Darby

    They aren’t apart of the tie

    TheTipToeTerror !

    @Michael Darby huh?

Human 8845

We can’t tell who’s the best since we all beat each other at road wins to home loss😂

    SF Allday10

    Lilslim 650 fax


    @Yee Glock so confusing

    Donald Duck

    The Vikings have no home losses

    gbbnnre willi

    @Yee Glock best NFC yr ever

The Big Man

The saints are my favorite

    Trippy Dabber

    Seahawks baybaaayy

    Respect Swet

    49ers ALL THE WAY!

    Zakariye Mohamud

    Go Hawks



    I H

    Aints will lose first playoff game.

Luke Keelan

No one cares about the Vikings 🙁

    TheBig Man

    lil skiddils doesn’t make a difference. He can’t play in big moments

    YMB Filmz

    The Packers hold the division record tie breaker over the Vikings. The Vikings would have to win out, and the Packers would have to lose out for the Vikings to win the North. The Packers play the Vikings, and Lions. The Vikings play the Packers, and Bears. The Packers are currently 4-0 against the North and the Vikings are 2-2. It’s safe to say the Packers are gonna be a top 3 seed and possibly top 2 depending how these last 2 weeks shake up

    Kevdawg Sutton III% Pro Gun-Rights Activist

    @Banquet Meal including Monday’s

    Zotsho Duze

    @Mason Stoltz 28 vs KC they lost to a backup QB and they lost to a Trubisky led Chicago Bears…

    Zotsho Duze

    @Syn Sin won’t be undefeated at home for much longer though..

Deairris Foster

Yo will get everything for Christmas

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    I don’t want AIDS buddy


    Thanks but ill like my comment instead


    Also you are completely irrelevant to what the video is about

Pattabhiram and Swathi

Just doesn’t talk about the NFC East but makes up memes of them in their heads

Gavin Beard

We got beat by the rams who’s a division rival on the road and they were desperate so I mean you have to dig a little deeper then just the final score


Seahawks can off a very impressive win
Me: wait who they play
Also me: the Panthers the Panthers
Looks back up at the video saints blew out a very good colts team
A VeRy GooD COLts TeAM


    @Sparky’s Joint so then u saying the saints are good who lost to the 1-7 Falcons 👌🏽

    Franko spanko

    Brennan H funny that the hawks would bring up injuries

    Puppygod Yt

    Franko spanko every sport team fan does stfu

    That 1 Turdle

    @Dark_sage09 They overlookeed the Falcons, its simple. But most of you boneheads dont understand that the Falcons play us twice a year and therefore play us harder than any other team and are familiar with us. Any team can beat any team on any day. And I remember a certain team with a backup quarterback beat a certain team with at the time the mvp of the league in Seattle. Saints are better sorry virgins.

    LFG Saints Cubs Raptors

    Who did the Saints beat week 2 at their home🤔

Only Positive Vibes that's the way to thrive

Playing close games are important to win in the playoffs, an Seahawks are 10-1 in one possession games

    Félix L.Lafleur



    Their luck will run out.

    Spicy Curry

    @TheCOWBOYRANCHER is it really luck when russel wilson been doing this his entire career?

    Joshua Okparaocha

    It’s still crazy how close literally all the Seahawks games are though. They’ve comfortably won one game all season.

    Stephen Hosseinpour

    @Spicy Curry Obviously some luck involved when missed FGs were a deciding factor in a few of those games

DragonMinecraft & Gaming

i like how the rams lost to the cowboys .

    Abhi Pokhrel

    i love how the cowboys are 7-7

    TUK Pride

    @Abhi Pokhrel urgai

    Abhi Pokhrel

    @TUK Pride spoken like a true sour cowboys fan.

    TUK Pride

    @Abhi Pokhrel we beat you

Full Send

Seahawks and Rams: Yes we got blown out by the Rams, but remember the 49ers and Cardinals. The 49ers almost lost to the Cardinals twice. It’s just about the match ups.

    William Randolph

    We’ve had trouble with the rams for years now


    It dont matter, its setup for the 49ers to win out, could see that coming at the midway point. C U at Levis stadium !!!!!

    The Second

    Full Send, 12-28 is not a blowout

    lil smooch

    And if you are a hawks fan you know that we always have one or two complete garbage games every year

    Sas Squatch

    @R&B ah contrair mofuair. You will be watching them at century link !


“I can’t say one team is better than another”

Cowboys sitting at 4 👀

    gbbnnre willi

    They suck

    Skol Purple people

    Charlie only cause they are winning the division thats garbage


NFL: don’t worry patriots Lamar can’t throw he can’t hurt you.



    @bijou bijoux Lamar’s passing yards this season, in 14 games: 2889. (This is his second season).
    Mike Vick’s passing yards in his second year: 2936 yards (over 15 games). With, a 54% completion percentage.

    In Vick’s 2006 season, where he set his rushing record, he threw for 2400 yards in 16 games, and had a 52% completion percentage. He had 20 passing TDs, and 13 ints.

    This year, Lamar broke his rushing record, and has thrown for 400 more yards in one less game, and has 33 TDs, 6 ints. 3 of those ints coming from one game. He also has a 66% completion percentage [even after all those dropped passes from Andrews against the Seahawks ;)]

    RG3, on the other hand:
    RG3 has more passing yards than Lamar had in their first full year as starters. However, RG3 has 13 less TDs almost the same amount of games.

    Lamar “can’t throw”, he’s just leading the entire NFL in TD passes, and has a TD:int ratio of almost 6:1.

    Joshua Okparaocha

    Rollie55 I have never seen such a well constructed argument in the YouTube comment section 💀

    Philip Roberts

    Rollie55 enough said.

    Last Aw Void

    @Rollie55 amazing analysis mate

    Heres an analysis driven nfl discussion discord:

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