New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers Week 17 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Aarav Shah

New Orleans easy win!!!




Saints live

Aways God Bless x

They lost 10 games lmao saints will win this is a easy win

    Levi Findely

    I’m a panthers fan and they suck

Brody Bigler

Ez win for saints

Cameron Briglin

Saints win 31-24

Tenno Tube2

34-17 Saints

Joseph Cronan

Saints 35 Panthers 17



Jay Stiles

The saints wins comfortably 33-16

Sahil Qureshi

17-10 saints


Go Saints! Who Dat!

Escocivo 30

Can the Panthers win against the Saints after losing consecutive games like last season?

Saints 34
Panthers 20

Deezy Cain


Patriots 4life

Panthers win 35-10

    Briceson Watson

    You wish cheatriots fan

LukePlayz YT

Saints 38
Panthers 13

Sports predictions and Reactions and mobile gaming

Saints 27 – Panthers 14

garett schwindling

Saints 31-9 saints win easily

Captain D

I doubt the panthers are going down without a fight. Since we’re going to Carolina, it’s not gonna be easy. But the saints have a lot to play for. But at the same time a team like Carolina that has nothing to lose is dangerous. I think the saints take it in a close one 34-27

Fucker Productions

Saints will win let’s not kid ourselves

Finley Jeanbatiste

As a Panthers fans i wish yall good luck to all of you Saints fans

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