Miami Dolphins vs New England Patriots Week 17 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
An angry Jets Fan

They didn’t even show us the score predictions lol

    Miguel Tova

    but we know pats will come on top 42-17

    Jaelynn Nunez

    @Miguel Tova maybe…

    Nehemiah Ricks

    Jaelynn Nunez it will happen

Evil Duck

Dolphins 27
Patriots 23

Fitzmagic throws 3 touchdowns passes and 400 yards


    Get your paypal ready. I’ll give you 10 bucks if Dolphins beats Patriots. 31-12

    Dillan Artis

    Evil Duck what drugs are you on because I want some. Dolphins are trash that’s why y’all are 4-11.


    @Evil Duck Pats just beat Bills = THEY ARE GOING TO DESTROY MIAMI

    Dillan Artis

    MashieGamie I know that


Just woke up from a coma. How are my undefeated dolphins doin

    Dillan Artis

    laufsteakmodel 1st of all you spelt the word wrong. 2nd of all I know right I’m so funny.


    @Dillan Artis 1st of all where did i misspell something?. 2nd for a preschooler maybe. And 3rd. Learn to take an L like a man pls

    Dillan Artis

    laufsteakmodel and also are you just thinking of random bull crap to say


Fitzmagic vs Brady the matchup no one wanted but we deserved


If the Patriots lose this game they have more things to worry about than not getting the 2 seed.

    Nehemiah Ricks

    MattR. Why, at least we making
    the playoffs


who’s ready for a classic shut down blow out win

    Devin Renshaw

    tbh probally not the patriots kinda suck this year little super bowl chance with the ravens being there and all

Boom Hower

34~13 you know who gonna win

Ayaan Ibrar

Lol call rspca this gna be animal cruelty

Alex Dones

What are their predictions?

Logan Alford

Dolphins…. every chiefs fan in the world right now has fitzmagic’s back

EG Productions

2:21 wow those are some great predictions

    Jacob Nair

    EG Productions magnificant insights

Keeley Firinne

Y’all forgot to write in the predictions…

Epic Lad

Miami miracle 2.0?

Gabriel London

Have A Great Christmas.


Dolphins 26
Patriots 34

M. Smelyansky

As a dolphins fan, if we manage to win this game, we really have something with Flores.

Finley Jeanbatiste

It would be funny if my Dolphins did the Miami miracle 2.0 again but this time i know we gonna lose badly

tripout babyloc crip

Patriots nation we will do our best and we will prove the hatters wrong 😈😈😈☻ i love my pats

Robert Janko

The Dolphins should keep Fitzpatrick for bringing the new QB up and on the NFL page. Dolphins keep fighting til the end and I apprreciate that! You have no chance, but….

Hunter Davis

Dolphins 24 patriots 13

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