Pittsburgh Steelers vs Baltimore Ravens Week 17 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tenno Tube2

26-13 Ravens

Rick Singha

Last time I was this early,people were still calling Jackson a Running back!!

Escocivo 30

RGlll Learned from Lamar. #SaveRGlll

Steelers 13
Ravens 24

Cameron Briglin

Ravens win 17-10

Brenden McGuinness

As a steelers fan, I think this will be a close that I can’t call. We have almost beat them in overtime in week 5, but we can still beat with the right calls

born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

This game means nothing to Ravens. We arnt even playing Lamar, Ingram, Yanda, etc. We will still win though


    Account checks out as a ravens fan

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    @Outdose Yeah dude, we are forced to wipe our cracks with bad teams like Steelers and Brown’s.

Matthew Miller

It’s gonna be so weird not feeling the need to beat the Steelers this week.

Drew Wilson

I hope we get in. I still feel like our Defense can go toe to toe with anybody

Danie l

Ravens haven’t lost a preseason game since 2015 and they’ll probably win this one too

    Sean Henderson

    If we add the preseason, the Ravens are 17-2 this year. 😳

    Me Gaming 8

    😂😂🤣 i was laughing to much

Travis Stoudt

Let’s go Ravens

Bay Area sports fan

18-32 ravens

Jerry Junior

This SHOULD be a shutout win for the Ravens, but I can’t do Pittsburgh like that…
Steelers 7
Ravens 24

RMG slid

Rg3 needs to act like this is preseason

    Zabun Nahar

    He missed the preseason this year with injury

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Ravens 20 – Steelers 17


lmao people in these comments really think Ravens backups gonna score more than 20 on this Steelers defense.

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    Steelers defense is nothing special. I’d bet money that we score at least 20 points

    Travis Stoudt

    I’m not sure the steelers can score more than 17 points

Yvng Jay

Steelers 17 Ravens 16

The Original Kirbi

Hmm. I work with a lot of Steelers fans and it’s equal to Raven’s fans and a Skins fan (sorry Joe). I’m a Raven’s fan I’ll say this; it’ll be a good close game.

Journal Wright

The Ravens are going to beat the Steelers in a close game because this is a division rivalry game as usual and especially with the Steelers playoffs takes on the line.

Shannon D

Steelers 17-14

ThatOneGuy 123

I was originally gonna say Pittsburgh but I can’t. Even with Baltimore resting starters, I cannot pick Duck or Rudolph in this game. Ravens win 24-20

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