Nevermore! Titans D SHUTS DOWN Ravens w/ 2 INTs & 4 Sacks! | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Henry’s back must be killing him rn

    Donnell Bautista

    More like his arms because Earl Thomas kept getting in his way

    Baba Roski

    thoughts didn’t throw much though. The passes he did throw were big.

    HPTRK Kreed

    @Zakk Where was he when Tannehill threw the 8 second TD to Kalif?

    HPTRK Kreed

    @Dark thoughts Yeah, ’cause yards matter more then TDs… /s


Imagine getting hit with the MVP curse and the Drake curse


    Woodyard It’s Old Boys From Tennessee

    Rocky Road

    dylhan flores he couldn’t score! He sucked!


    dylhan flores how many of those yards came in dead time tho when the titans were already up 20

    Kyrie Irving

    Oscar Aguilar I believe Matt Ryan also won MVP the year they blew that 28-3 lead in the super bowl.

Sheeve Palpatine

There were 5 Heisman winners in this game


    @BlueOrBlew he was wide open too!

    Mr. Manager

    @Titan up Bro are you serious? Mariota was your starting QB for five years and you didn’t even know he was a Heisman winner?

    Chesscom Support

    So much for Heisman winners not doing well in the NFL

    Getting Instructions

    I honestly wish all 5 would’ve scored a TD

    Titan up

    @Mr. Manager lmao I was literally kidding around🤣

Alton Rodgers

The titans looking like the 07,12 Giants this is crazy

    Nathaniel Batista

    Nathan Zou you trippin, Tannehill been playing good football since they made that QB change


    Hey, you got a great defense and a great o-line along with big receivers outside. Having Henry obviously helps a lot, too. Chiefs are the one remaining team that is a little scary for Titans due to how much speed they have on offense(and how quickly they can rack up points).

    cham 5

    @meinardsl we already beat them tho u want us to prove it again or what?

    Ruben Grozav

    Alton Rodgers they really do . I swear . There going to the Super Bowl mark my words

    jesse james

    Giants had better WRs. Titans are relying on a rookie WR and a no name TE.

Seek Blu

Damn most of the Super Bowl favorites are out of the playoffs already

    Seek Blu

    Joseph Beebe I meant I didn’t see many people pick the chiefs at the start of the playoffs.

    Dark Emu

    You gotta have hope in your team every team in the playoffs has something going for them

    Jaylen gamer

    Put out by the same team… TITANS

    Fernando Gordillo

    @Hail Odin neah green Bay is not a Superbowl contender

    tada HARAJIKu

    Seahawks can upset 49ers next ..I’m just saying


Jackson:I’ma take y’all to da Super Bowl….

Tennessee: sike😂😂😂

    l l


    Breon Mitchell



First Take on Monday gonna be interesting 😂😂😂

    Vijay Danushkodi

    Ray Robinson Honestly at this point cowboys will be the main segment considering the fact that New Orleans, Baltimore, and New England have all been eliminated. Idk if anyone will watch the super bowl if it features the 6 seed titans but what a run. I’m thinking chiefs 49ers super bowl.

    David Banuelos

    And Undisputed 😝😝😝SKIIIIIIP!!!

    Andrew Johnson

    @Vijay Danushkodi
    Good, I know me and lot of Titans fans will be watching. Titan Up!!!!

    Vijay Danushkodi

    Andrew Johnson Titans must have extremely good karma for this to happen I don’t even think there fans thought they would get to this point like last month.

    Harry DuBray

    @Vijay Danushkodi the beginning of the season alot of us lost hope but Tannehill brought us back and ever since he got the starting roll Derrick Henry got his chance to ball cause he wasn’t doing good either cause no one was afraid of the pass

Emperor Palpatine

This shows that regular season swag doesn’t mean anything in the postseason


    Not really and that’s why the titans are stunning everyone

    Richard Head


    The Philosophical Phil Swift

    @Emperor Palpatine did you hear about the tragedy of Darth Jackson the quick?

Saj3120 0

The greatest upset of the post season

    ogr bp

    lol no, giants beating the 18-0 patriots was greater

    Larry Legend GOAT

    @ogr bp I think he meant thos post season

HipHopR&BLover Jon

Shout out to those USC boys Adoree Jackson and Jurrell Casey! #FightOn




This should be a lesson for all teams resting their starters in week 17….rust sets in and you break that momentum you’ve had for the last 12 games.

49ers faithfull

Hajahaha ı love when all medıa ıs wrong😁😁😁😁😁👊

Garf Barf

Titans shut down a hard ravens offense

Chiefs/Texans: “Hehe I’m in danger now.”

    Simon says:

    ROLF! I know right, Titans haven’t lost to the Chiefs since 2013 and they can definitely beat the Texans.

    Vijay Danushkodi

    Simon says: Andy Reid chokes against the titans it’s a known fact, tennessee should already book their tickets to Miami.

    Larry Legend GOAT

    @Vijay Danushkodi dont jinx jt

    Jork Gucci on Xbox

    They didn’t shut them down bc ravens got 500 total yards we just didn’t execute 4th downs and we couldn’t stop henry


Derrick Henry is a Baaaaaaaad Man!


Lamar: I’m the 2019 MVP.

Henry: But did you play like you truly are? Because i did.

    Dean Talamantes

    Henry did put your team on your back and carry them to the finish line like I did


    Dean Talamantes that’s the problem with relying too much on one guy in a team sport.


*Time to get that college offense out of the NFL*

    Larry Legend GOAT

    It’s not a college offense just because a team was able to stop it. It led them to a 14-2 season

    Fôrtñïtê Šüçkß

    Larry Legend GOAT he meant the triple option/west coast offense that Baltimore runs is similar to a college offense

Titan up


Nfl analysts: The ravens are unstoppable
Ravens fans: Sad pikachu face

    kid with a smug hat

    Dooky lmao one, not everyone is cocky. If you look on the Ravens channel for interviews after we lose we show up, and don’t hide unlike cowboys fans.
    Two, for some reason if any other fan base like the saints are cocky, it’s considered “heavily supporting” their team, but if we start celebrating and showing off that we have a Super bowl caliber team, apparently it’s being cocky??

    kid with a smug hat

    Titan up why is Lamar a bust in your eyes? He’s 0-2 in the playoffs, but that’s because he’s inexperienced. It took Peyton Manning 5 years to get his first playoff victory. Also, Lamar is still 18-3 (only because he didn’t play in Pittsburgh, but if he did he’d be 19-3). The media just ain’t giving him time. Apparently he has to win a super bowl in his second year? Why don’t people have this kind of impatience for other quarterbacks that have actually played the entirety of a rookie season, unlike Lamar who only played 7 RS games in his rookie year.

    Titan up

    @kid with a smug hat I was just joking around since we beat him lmao obviously he is not a bust

Typik Jay

I guess Ed reed should’ve never made that video 😂😂😂

    Chips Aloe


Jak Jones

I told people Henry really is a “Monster “! Old School Work🐎

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