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All this years ravens bandwagons runnin for their life 😂😂‼️

    S A thoughts

    Yep bandwagon Patriot haters. At least the Patriots made a game of it for having no weapons for Brady. And their defense held them to 14 points while their weak offense scored more then these Ravens could lol lol lol. Number 1 alright 1 and done


    Ain’t that the truth, whats worst is everyone is blaming the Ravens coach.

    Jack DaCripla

    @thefisherman007 Yeah no credit to the Titans at all for shutting down Baltimore 😔 what a shame

    Justin Case

    @Adam Pennington theyere*

    Veezy the bot

    @Justin Case wtf is “theyere”

Kyle Wit

4:55 most satisfying kick I’ve ever seen

    Michael Ryan

    Kyle where was your background picture taken? Gorgeous..

    Steve Polhill

    As a Titans fan, it was pretty satisfying for me too.

    PositiveWarrior Powerlifting

    Satisfyingto see 3 instead of 6 yes


    He probably would’ve made that from 70 yards.

Mr. Blep

Tennessee is really out here slaying all the gods

    Justin Murphy

    I hope the Texans or the Chiefs destroy the Titans.

    Bora World Networks. (BNET)

    Dude this is crazy

    Pepper Pots

    Brian Cox ok we shall see. Them Titans look awesome!!!


This is one of the most surprising things that happened this season

Edit: I was rooting for the Titans and nobody believed me

    Jack Kelley

    Marky as a titans fan I legitimately just thought “we are dead”

    Friend texts me: 14-0 Titans

    I just went “EXCUSE ME WHAT”

    Son Goku

    Tennessee Titans im a german and i been rooting for Them Since 2016 cause Then i Started to watch Football and the First Game ive ever Seen was from the titans.

    Veezy the bot

    Let’s be honest who tf would believe you other than titan fans

    Pepper Pots

    I believe you now! Go Titans!!!


Titans: Hey, wanna see me mess up everyone’s bracket?
Titans: Wanna see me do it again?

    StarGazeF Minecraft And Fortnite

    OrangeCRUSH 480 he means like the playoff bracket. People are predicting who is going to win

    Joshua Scarborough

    Best comment🤣🤣


Henry be throwing touchdown passes? looks like there’s 2 RBs playing QB…


I remember someone at my work saying the titans are going to beat everyone and I laughed… that was two months ago

    Alan Audio Works

    I called the Texans after the trades from Miami. Let’s see what happens.

    Selena OW

    Same 😂

Ace Outlaw

Titans: *have ball*

Derrick Henry: *it’s free real estate*

Juan Gil

5:10 dude got stiff armed into being the lead blocker


    Lol that was one of the weirdest things I seen all year

    Harold Rencher


    Art Vandelay

    Juan Gil hahaha

    Justin Case

    LOL!!! NO, you supposed to block for me, see?

    Robert Hoffman

    Seemed “uninterested” in tackling Henry

T Truong

Who would’ve thought that Tannehill would have more rushing TD than Jackson

    Alejandro Perez

    U 7 n


ravens fans: henry got nuthin on us

henry: hold my mariota


Imagine paying for those tickets as a Baltimore fan

    Austin Luepkes

    Raytay286x that would be awesome

    Atticus Ruiz

    I saw a sign that baltimore fans were holding up and it said came from hawaii to see our ravens…


Everyone: Titans will loose to the ravens

Derrick Henry: say no more

    Charles Rillera III

    Everyone:Patriots will get these mediocre Titans out of the playoffs

    Everyone:Last week was a fluke. The Ravens will beat the crap out of them

    Titans sitting in the corner eating popcorn:…


    you mean NEVERMORE!!! 🙂

A Mars123

Earl Thomas: The pats didn’t seem like they wanted to tackle Derrick Henry
Also Earl Thomas: 5:10

    Justin Case

    I loved seein that


    A Mars123 re live this shocking games ending right here https://youtu.be/-ZjrReOTyqo

    Srosh Ashi

    till this day Thomas has avoided Henry and let him get yardage

George Aguilar

*Falcons and Titans:* okay, let’s do mediocre the WHOLE season, but beat only the best teams

Kortez Wilson

Ravens: We Got This

Titans: Y’all Gone Remember The Titans

    Moses Toliver

    Kortez Wilson 😂😂😂


    Kortez Wilson Make sure they remember, FOREVER, the night they played the Titans!


Patriots at least kept it close. Ravens got straight-up whooped 😂.

    J S

    I didn’t think the Patriots were
    Going to win, they looked horrible their last few games of the season. Titans on the other hand were rolling.


    pats looked decent in their game vs the titans though

    Peyton Mcclain

    @Harlan Are you joking?


    @Peyton Mcclain It was a close game vs Patriots. Patriots were horrible out of form

Maurice Brodie

7:23 4th an 1
Ravens: “Quarterback Sneak We Gonna Get this Sh*t”
Titans Defense: “Not Today MF”


    Not today NEVERMORE!

Derek Hershey

“Lololol.”– Steelers fans

    Moe Moe

    Steelers are trash

    MJ 47

    …and with the first pick in the 2020 NFL draft, the Steelers select….. 🤣🤣🤣

    Ranger Citrus

    @Peyton Mcclain 4th string? Didnt it go Big Ben, Rudolph, and then Hodges? So technically its 2nd and 3rd strings.

    Xavier Johnson

    @MJ 47 i wish we had the first pick


Legend says Earl Thomas is still getting stiffed armed by Derrick Henry

    Lil Daddy Henry


    Lil Wayne Carter


    Aneya Slimm

    And the award for best comment goes toooo!!!! This guy🏆

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