Lamar Breaks Playoff Record w/ 300+ Pass & 100+ Rush Yds | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Lamar Breaks Playoff Record w/ 300+ Pass & 100+ Rush Yds | NFL 2019 Highlights

Lamar Jackson becomes the first player in NFL history to throw for both over 300 yards passing, and over 100 yards rushing in a game. The Tennessee Titans take on the Baltimore Ravens during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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49er Faithful



    Why not? He did numbers. They might as well end the season with a positive video. 300+ passing and 100+ touching is a good stat.

    (Of course, the game was over when he got a lot)

Anthony Mendez

Lamar Jackson: “Can I get a playoff win, though?”

Quoth the Raven, never more!

    Brotato Chip

    Anthony Mendez corny

    Angel One

    Haha lmao. ECW! ECW! ECW!

    Anthony Mendez

    Nehemiah Ricks The Ravens losing this game is enough for me. I don’t need a medal. I’m good.

    Poppa Choppa

    Anthony Mendez the Simpsons

Glenn Bowers

2 words Derrick Henry!

    perfect stranger

    👂🎼 music city 🎶👂

Reese St. John

Earl Thomas: “The Patriots didn’t wanna tackle Derrick Henry, that’s not gonna happen against us”

Derrick Henry: Hold my beer

    Devi Lisa

    @Oh Gee -BIG TRUST about to take the BIG VACATION!
    WOO WOO!
    The man, the myth, the legend (in his own mond).

    Devi Lisa

    @SQUAD -Earl Thomas has always sold wood tickets only to get exposed when selling those tickets.


    Reese St. John Earl Thomas was the first in line to block for him lmaooo


It’s crazy how none of that matters xD


You forgot the most important stat:

1 L

Player 1

Lamar was definitely frustrated out there props to the Titans great game plan

    S. Gathers

    🛑🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥👎 LJ IS FAR FROM A BUM !!!!! He made a few mistakes but what qb hasn’t ? 🤷🏽‍♂️Passing for 300 yards and running for 100 yards in a 🏈game is quite extraordinary my friend.💫💯


    Eli Knight he did not do his job lol. He didn’t show up when he needed to. Plain and simple. Most those yards came in garbage time. Titans let him eat up that clock almost the whole second half.

    Joseph Gault

    S. Gathers looked like a straight bum in crunch time I’d take tannehill over him any day


Derrick Henry had the highest passer rating of any quarterback tonight

    Jordan Ali


    Anthony Mendez

    Well he was really the only quarterback out there other than Ryan Tannehill.

    Angel One

    @Anthony Mendez lol

    rob farris

    Full of it

H-Town Lifer

Jackson did great for my fantasy team…totally bombed it for his real-life team tho


    Not really, 7 dropped passes, a dropped TD, his receivers hurt him

    H-Town Lifer

    @HDQB so you saying next yr Harbaugh should rerack this style of run-1st QB and next time it will work bcuz everybody gonna catch their passes next time??

    You betta than that, right??


    @H-Town Lifer I literally didn’t say any of that. Simply stated they dropped 7 passes.

    Tyler Hansen

    HDQB Lot of those throws were either low or behind the receiver. He’s not a good passer.


    @HDQB alot of those drops were crap passes tho

Lost Thoughts

“They wasn’t readyyyyyy” Kevin Hart voice lol

Jean Michael

Well he can have some more rest now. Thanks coach.

Jackson Baker

There have been some crazy moments this season but nothing as crazy as this game!


NFL : Lamar Jackson Playoff History First w/ 300+ Passing, 100+ Rushing Yds

Also NFL : Nevermore! Titans Defense SHUTS DOWN Lamar w/ 2 INTs & 4 Sacks!!

    Stanley Holmes

    I guess some of the drop balls from the Ravens is his fault? The first intercept was catchable ball. Then a TD in the TE chase and he didn’t turn around. I guess the 190 yards rushing is also his fault?

    Richard Keyser

    @Stanley Holmes it was still a poor pass. If that ball is thrown in the right spot it’s never an issue

    BrokemyKeyBoard aka sqiuppy Or kpg

    Stanley Holmes well yeah as a qb your job is to put the ball in the right spots and to motivate his team but Lamar did none he fell to trash talk got mad had zero hope in his defense and it’s his and harbugh fault for all the point two touchdowns interception and turnover on down another td interception and a fumble he didn’t play good your just afraid admit it

    Richard Keyser

    @BrokemyKeyBoard aka sqiuppy Or kpg harbaugh coached a terrible game imo

    rippetoe 38


Orlando Mendoza

300+ passing yards 100+ rushing and a L.

    Richard Keyser

    Stats are for losers, a loss is a loss. At least half those yards were garbage. Tennessee played prevent most of the second half.


    3 turnovers

    Richard Keyser

    @Coral more if you consider the turnover on downs

    Rowland Buck

    Titans were in prevent defense mode at the start of the 4th quarter.

Bruce Wayne

Interesting fact: The Ravens also played in this game.

    Ma_Name_ Is_Jaff_49

    Damn almost missed that, thanks for the fact

    Richard Keyser

    Didnt notice them

David R


P Mey

Titles Correction “Lamar Jackson Playoff History First w/ 300+ Passing, 100+ Rushing Yds To Exit The Postseason As A #1 Seeds”

Daley Johannsen Vanlandingham

and one of those ints was the receivers fault……..

    Brian Fike

    Yes the reciever threw it high above his head.

Breon Mitchell



Look at his passing and rushing yard, I thought that Ravens won

    Chris Nguyen

    You didn’t watch the game.

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