Lamar Jackson on Divisional Loss, “I had a lot of mistakes.” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Chris Garcia

He looks like such a young kid in this interview lol. 22 and making the playoffs is something to be proud of. Props to him.

    Armando Sturzenegger

    23 is 0ld af wiggaa wtf. I am 15, 23 is hell@ 0ldddddd da fu cccc u sain

    Black Butterfly

    Deplorable Centrist ya dum Lamar is not built like your Average running quarterback. Lamar train how a football player train. Russell Wilson Lamar will be around as long as he want to be around not your regular quarterback.

    Black Butterfly

    Frank k tight end and receiver just drop passes on Malone so I guess that’s lamar Jackson fault👀👀

SJP Gaming

I find it amazing the hate that he gets instead of the recognition for what he did this season


    @Richard Keyser RACISTS are losers. Get it right. Why else are you hating on Lamar? Anyone that watched the game objectively saw 7 drops. You call FACTS absurd. How do you explain that?? I’ll wait.


    This might be a foreign concept to anyone born after 1990, but “hate” and “criticism” are not synonymous.


    @Richard Keyser I agree with bruh. I hate how ESPN and other tv sports like to take stories and create headlines. I’m tired of some calling Tom washed out. The online was injury and young wide receivers. A shell of Julian and etc. I do believe if Tom goes to Chargers or Indy. That those teams will be threats.

    Richard Keyser

    @RD great point…. bunch of snowflakes

Nick Johnson

Reporter: “Lamar, do you like Christmas or Thanksgiving more?”

Lamar: Yeah we just gotta do better and yeah

    Black Butterfly

    John Wiggins no one drop a pass. We had a drop in the end zone what are you talking about. Oh yea he can block for his self. He called all the plays oh yea lamar plays defend to. Man you saw that Receiver beat Lamar at corner and let that man catch that ball while he was going to the ground.

    Turhan Henderson

    @Steelers Football Even though you’re a Steelers fan, that was corny. We still beat you. Too bad our fan base will be watching someone else’s team too. Can’t rub it in on you this year.


    Thats what happens when you ask the same stupid question to which you already know the answer..congrats to the young man……”14-2 team and a family”

Dan the Man

Tough loss Jackson. Stay strong Dude!!! You will be back.

    H D

    Damon Miller runningback*

    Doug Carter


    H D

    Doug Carter yes the best quarterback in the league with lots of weapons and an amazing defense and extraordinary special teams, is 0-2 for playoff wins

    Jay Ferrion

    This “running back” threw for 37 tds / 8 ints / 113 passer rating. Running backs don’t do that.

Dave Bladegun

Reporter: “Lamar, could you elaborate on how the infamous pandemic of Bubonic Plague during the 14th Century changed the course of Western Civilization, and give us three examples of how Europe would be different today had it never occurred?”

Lamar: “I ain’t worried about that right now. We just gotta do better, and get ready for next year.”

    Relentless God


    Mitt Obama

    Yow dat the shitz. Woo woo!



Erik'z Swoosh

Reporter: asks any question

Lamar: “na we just gotta do better”

Daniel Hernandez

Lamar thought the reporter asked if Russell Wilson played a factor when he said “Rust” it sounded like Russ😂


    Daniel Hernandez it did sound like the reporter said “Russ”

Beef Boss From Wii Sports

Ever since the Ravens started getting hot I was sayin that I felt like the Ravens were going to be great but choke in the playoffs

I wasn’t expecting it until the conference championship

    Turhan Henderson

    @Robert Heintze pats won 17 straight and still weren’t due to lose yet.

    Terrance Sacks

    Turhan Henderson pats won 18 straight and then lost.


    Beef Boss From Wii Sports re live this shocking games ending right here

    Terrance Sacks

    Rubin Turner of course you’ll search for a reason bro. Lots of people need something to soften the blow cause mad people were determined they were going to win the super bowl. The bye didn’t hurt them, Lamar is not a good quarterback he is a running back.

    Beef Boss From Wii Sports

    Terrance Sacks i agree with everything you said except that Lamarr isn’t a good qb

Papa Meeks

I’m a titans fan I thought for sure the ravens would destroy but literally the whole team came through not just derrick henry this time.

    WO0 yEAHHH

    Well you’re an idiot titans fan if that’s what you thought only the media was hyped for the ravens everyone else knew they werent going to win

    Deplorable Centrist

    Papa Meeks…I called it that the Titans would beat the ravens, as soon as they beat the saints. I don’t know about the next game though, that’s a really tough call. But if they can beat the saints and the ravens, they can make it to the super bowl. The Titans need their QB to be great, but he’s only ‘good’. I would like to see them put Marcus Mariota back on the field; I’m an Oregon Ducks fan(Marcus came from Oregon during the Chip Kelly era), so I’m a fan of the Titans.

    Alt Delete

    Adoree jackson, but yeah… Mostly Derrick Henry

    Papa Meeks

    Deplorable Centrist I feel like Tannehill is playing better than mariota



Lions fans: WE LIKE LOSING!

    Why you wasteing your time Reading my username




    Ivan Trudeau



    @MrRickostby tht was lame😒

Alike Cooper

I really like Lamar personality very humble guy. Looking forward to seeing him play next season!

    Armando Sturzenegger

    U R pretty, u s1ngle?

    Lamborghini_ Lamar

    Thank you

Gabriel Guzman

“If you wanna crown them crown them but they still have to play football” – Delanie Walker

    Mitt Obama

    I suddenly miss Delanie Walker. I hope he gets better on health and come back strong for the team.


    Mitt Obama wats his age?

Matt Santiago

Reporter: “what do you think about this loss”

Lamar: *”we gotta get ready for next year”*

Reporter: Do you have any plans for next season

Lamar: *”we gotta get ready for next year”*

Reporter: How was your day

Lamar: *”we gotta get ready for next year”*

Long story short:

*”we gotta get ready for next year”*

    Gangsta Knuckles

    Damn g i feel you
    My vikings cant make it pass the wild card

    Navon Myhand

    @pisko 21 lol “exposed” and Belichick is supposed to take over with what? The offense is still rebuilding and Tom Brady might not resign while the Ravens can almost only improve next year.

    Rubin Turner

    Perfect answer


Reporters: “what happened in this game? Why did you lose?”

Lamar: we just have to move on.


Eat this Experience My Boy
This is the start of a New Era
Them Chips coming soon!

    WO0 yEAHHH

    Ha ha ha def not with the ravens

Juz Jokez

I like this dude…..I love the way he came out and answered questions…..he will get his championship one day

Grim Grey

Interviewer: “How should this team be remembered?”

Lamar: “14-2”

    Matt Bryan

    14-3 now haha

    Richard Keyser

    14 wins, 2 losses and 1 big fat choke

Gustavo Barrientos

I just love the way this guy responds. Especially after a loss


“Forget the Pro Bowl, I wanted to be in the Super Bowl”- LOVE his attitude man!

    Armando Sturzenegger


    Weeb Killer TYBG

    All elite qbs would say that…

Ivan Makedonski

I like when he said “I don’t care about no pro bowl”

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