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Humaithan Morcelli

Second change… Yes


    Second change… Yes! And then when he shows his true self again, we can say, ‘well how about a third chance, good training for his post player life when he will get ‘three strikes’ for his actions.

    Polands Pizza 273

    Relliftnek I could bet you all my money that he won’t need a third chance. If you actually knew him you would know he’s actually a really good guy


Considering there are *actual* criminals in the league he definitely deserves another chance


    He IS a criminal . It’s called battery and could go to jail for this. He could’ve killed Rudolph


    @DarthRaider And others players have assaulted others on the field like gronk concessing the Bill’s cornerback. Did you call for him to be put in jail then?

    Mike Liwo

    @Celtics Fan Sugrue u just mad cuz Kyrie left

    Celtics Fan Sugrue

    TheTyler701 I’m sorry didn’t know I was in ELA class

Rajae Jones

Ab must have been hit In the head with a helmet by Myles Garett 😂😂😂

    Gabriel Romano

    maybe if we hit him again he can get normal again

    Zachary Morris

    @Gabriel Romano real talk

    Cameron Hughley

    Yeah that’s cuz he has CTE I think


Mason Rudolph on suicide watch

If u reading this u r alive

When your to early and don’t know what to comment

    Camron Toney

    Or how to spell 😂😂🤣

Isaac A

Who else thought it said “Retired”

Keith James

That “fight” was hilarious. The GMFB discussion of it the following morning was even more hilarious.

    Slim King

    Keith James was


    I know. All of the pointing of fingers and calling it the “worst fight in sports history.”


*make Cleveland browns great again*

    Viran Victus

    That suggests they had a period of greatness to begin with. Just not seeing it.

    American Sports Fan

    Viran Victus

    Back in the 50s and 60s they won a few championships so they were great

    Virginia Cavs

    @American Sports Fan ….before the SB era

    American Sports Fan

    Virginia Cavs

    But they were still great…😂


Mason Rudolph announces Retirement

    Josh Johnson

    Considering how he played last season, the Steelers may retire him themselves lol


2 Steelers linemen couldn’t move myles at all 😭😭


    DM G3 lol you guys are very passionate about a joke but I meant when Myles got the sack and then they were trying to separate them

    Jacob McCray

    Lol all that talent on Cleveland=still no playoffs. Straight Sorry!!!


    Nah Rudolph went after myles and Pouncey beat the crap outta myles.

    DM G3

    MrGoHAMtv passionate? I made a short statement. I don’t even like either of these teams lmao

    Nathan Spratley

    MrGoHAMtv I don’t think you know what the word passionate means my guy


Damn I honestly forgot this whole thing happened.! 😂

    john collins

    Damn and I thought my memory was bad

    Legend__ 21

    Me too…its cuz AB has been acting out so much

Charlo Rivard

* Mason Rudolph disliked that *

    Sim ?

    @Patriotsfan4life24 *even “thugs” need a 2nd chance 😇😇😇😇😇 & Mr. Rudolph isn’t exactly a saint either…… wasn’t he kicking someone in the nuts??? Idk but that sounds like thug behavior from mason…………*


    @Patriotsfan4life24 the dude was talking BS and was kicking him in the Groin

    Intellectual One

    @Patriotsfan4life24 You make me ashamed to be a Patriots fan.

    J Ritty

    @Patriotsfan4life24 only reason I know that Myles didn’t start that is that have you ever seen a player get that triggered unless something was said that was possibly improper. so I’m sure he probably told them the truth and said I got heated did something stupid in the heat of the moment won’t do it again sorry.

    Jonathan Trujillo

    Patriotsfan4life24 I mean mason did kind of start it and garret just paid him back with double the aggression

The Hopeful77

I’m happy to see this. He’s an excellent player and he deserves a second chance. Better be a beast next season as a thank you.


Cant wait till the next Browns Steelers game lol

isaac kbabieh

Can’t wait for a rematch..


    You’re putting too much faith into mason actually starting again

    Jacob Summers

    @Rye I hope to God he doesn’t start again 😂

    Virginia Cavs

    Oh he wont

Mario Jamaal

The Browns will still go 4-12


    Jimmy Perera

    Mario Jamaal Lions will underperform as well

    American Sports Fan

    Mario Jamaal

    Browns i think will be better this year. As long as Baker doesn’t become a turnover machine

    Jakob Waack

    American Sports Fan Not with that bum of a coach

    American Sports Fan

    Jakob Waack

    They fired kitchens

    Jakob Waack

    American Sports Fan Not who I’m talking about

Spartan R3

I’m glad he’s gonna be back on the field cause the Browns need him. But besides that he did deserve a second chance Myles a good dude.


On a side note wimpy QB should have had a harder punishment tho


He was reinstated when he finally let go of Mason Rudolph’s helmet…

    Anthony Davis


Mamba Mentality RIP KOBE

That was one of the greatest NFL fights in a long time! Thank god

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