Tyrell Williams Listens to J. Cole to Get Pumped Up | Las Vegas Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Tyrell Williams Listens to J. Cole to Get Pumped Up | Las Vegas Raiders

Watch as WR Tyrell Williams sits down with Nicole Zaloumis to discuss his taste in music, food, and more.

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Oakland Native

kyrie irving on the raiders?


Needs to be listening to some music that can help holding onto that damn ball

Bob Seger

He might need to change his genre …Frank Sinatra … Nat King Cole… Sticky Hands Slim … just something other than what he is listening to cause, IT AIN’T WORKING Tyrell …. You need to pick up your game sonny boy …cause, you are stinking up the joint and like in Las Vegas …You don’t have your A-GAME …YOU LOSE… and you sir appear to be a content (sit back) lazy LOSER…. you got your money NOW… you need to work …a little bit ….BYE!!!!!

    Chris Gang

    Because he listens to hip-hop/rap he wack?🤔 .. you forget he was dusting our secondary when Allen was hurt he got talent he just needed time to heal his feet, plus he ain’t a #1 receiver but he reliable when healthy TD every game before he got hurt smh👀☠️

Danetris Armstrong

Happy birthday Tyrell!! RN4L

LeBron James Is Trash

Happy birthday Tyrell!

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