FULL 2020 First Round NFL Mock Draft: Post Super Bowl – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Lowkeybronhater 23

Don’t let this mock draft distract you from the fact that the saints literally choke every year…

    Daniel Coronado

    It’s legitimately the blewdat nation now hahahaha


    that’s why they need a #2 receiver, they been struggling in the playoffs.


    Kaden Haupt you would’ve if the Texans had a head coach that wasn’t named Bill O’Brien


    Except that one year


It’s taco Tuesday

    Camron Toney

    Yup, had pink taco this morning 😉

    Jack Williams

    Music is way too loud. Can’t hear what you are saying.

    Thomas 💫


    The Awesome jacky


    Young Aze

    EaglesSteelersFangirl you gotta have kids taste buds 🤣 tacos aren’t nasty grow up

its hip

i was a friend of yeturs in highschool and i think he should be drafted first round. love the guy and what happened to his brother at the chancellor baseball field was very sad


    Hunter Page yes look it up

    SA Glizzy

    its hip chancellor I went there my junior year for a couple months and had math with him lmao shits crazy

    Reid Martin

    Kloqqye good thing that was fake then

    its hip

    SA Glizzy did u have mr sims?

    Dylan Cohen


Big Smoke

People- how many first round draft picks do you have?
Dolphins- yes

    Big Homie Gav

    I’m dead

    ZepZoSo Rox

    @Thatcher Gaming
    Back atcha!

    brittle bone bobby

    These “so-called” experts are idiots

    z DuKeMaN z

    Football Films 3

    Maxwell Padgett

    @Football Films had 3 first rounders

aka Tino

“First round mock draft”

*skips half the picks*

Wauseka York

Wasnt clowny considered generational talent??? Turns out hes just a good professional

    z DuKeMaN z

    Wauseka York he is an Elite run stopper but a good pass rusher. Still a great player

    Magik Mike

    Being a “good” player in the NFL is being a generational talent


    Clowney is a beast, top 5 at his position easily

    Clay Sellers

    They moved him from RE to OLB his rookie season too, stunted his growth to turn him into a Von Miller Like edge rusher

    Dustybros Gaming

    He was generational his athleticism was freakish haven’t seen a d lineman that athletic since even Garret wasn’t as athletic


As a Giants fan I think we need Isaiah Simmons but a lineman would be fine

    Ethan Walker


    tareek Fuller

    Thank yu


    Yooo imma giants fan 2 (we got the same profile pic lol) but i tnink we will be pretty good this year with a new head coach and hopefully a fully healed saquon i srsly hope we fix our problems lmao


    Yes sirrrrr saquons going off this year nice profile pic

    Gabriel Lyles

    You need a lineman, get the o-line secure and run the same system Tennessee’s offense runs. Give the ball to Barkley and have Jones make a play when he is really needed too. With that system Jones will look good, which is what the Giants want (not that he’s a bad qb now) and Barkley can will the Giants offense too success and who knows maybe you guys could make a run 3 years down the line.

Gabriel Rodriguez

Why would bucs get a d lineman, we would get an olineman

    J M

    Joel A. Guerrero you mean the game where Watson had the worst game of his NFL career. That was just a sign of things to come.

    J M

    Gabriel Rodriguez tough to pass up on kinlaw and our gm believes in taking the best available


    Or a qb, F Jameis

    The RightStuff

    Gabriel: Come on now …
    1. JW is horrendous – _SEVEN_ pick-sixes?!? … an NFL record! … don’t get me started!
    2. DE, Kinlaw to the Bucs would be a home run if Suh is not re-signed (which he should not be)

    The RightStuff

    @Joel A. Guerrero … I guess you don’t know your stats … like the one that has the Bucs as best defense against the run for 2019.

Mathew Schindel

Where is the Eagles pick?!?!?

    Ethan Walker

    SirMaxxTheGreat JJAW IS TRASHHHHHH ughhhhh next AGHOLOR

    Mathew Schindel

    Hopefully we get Ruggs or Higgins

    Erkki Koskimaa

    JJ Arcega-Whiteside is absolutely terrible and it is an insult to Agholor to even compare them. Ruggs or Laviska is what we need.

    Dave Jmerson

    Eagles pick the best breaking tackles.


    @Ethan Walker AGHOLOR is only trash because he has no hands


I feel like the broncos would like to take a speedster because they already have there 50/50 ball catcher in Sutton but idk will have to see when the draft comes

    Cypren Teaupa

    @Rhinopocalypes I just said it worries me. Mainly what worries me like I said is the route running and lack of speed control. I don’t think he’ll be there if he runs 4.25 or lower at the combine which is expected.


    @Cypren Teaupa
    Possibly. I don’t know about his speed control but if that’s true then that is a pretty big red flag.

    He may be gone but I think it’s more likely that the Broncos pick someone else if Kinlaw or possibly Wirfs fall.

    Cypren Teaupa

    @Rhinopocalypes I would love Kinlaw or Wirfs. I’ve been seeing Andrew Thomas fall alot lately too so if the receivers fly off early then the other players are gonna fall a little bit.


    @Cypren Teaupa
    I don’t know about Thomas. He’s good but the reason Wirfs is so attractive is his versatility.

    Cypren Teaupa

    @Rhinopocalypes I like versatility too but I think it’s foolish to turn down a really solid tackle just because he can’t play guard.

Melissa Monoki

When he said Ron Rivera I thought he was talking about the panthers

    The Gunna

    Melissa Monoki I know he will not work out in Washington


Hey Steelers fans it’s okay. You can voice your sadness in the comments below


    Ik I’m just saying all these vids come up with first round mock drafts but there’s no Steelers pick to watch them predict

    CrazyTiger 466

    🙁 good 2021 draft class I hope

    Madison Bumgarder

    Faddy yup it made me sad 😪

    Sam Denny


    Mack Jordan

    for what?


why would the Bucs take a dt when their front 7 is already a strong suit. OL, DBs, and QB are their needs

    J M

    Drake 49ers gave us the answer to get to a Sb and our gm believes in taking the best available


    Yeah, they need to replace Jameis and fast

    Gatorade Me, Bitch

    Dillon Dank that’s also because one of them was a bust lol.

    The RightStuff

    Dude… Suh is going to be gone – too expensive – get with the game


No way Ravens pick a corner back first round. We need help in so many other areas.

    Miles Romo

    luis siordia Shenault is a stud too but I’m not sure he makes it to 28

    Miles Romo

    Will Horton you’re talking about the Titans game right? Where Lamar had 7 balls dropped? Yea, you definitely didn’t watch that game. Go back to your cave, sheep.

    luis siordia

    @Jameson Helfrich okay mahomes can accurately and consistently hit wrs 50 plus yards down the field Lamar cant no other qb can that’s not a diss to Lamar whose a great player too

    PAL 78

    I agree a top Pass rusher or ILB is needed in the first round


    Carr and someone else are leaving, there is still many more talented players you probably need to pay in Free Agency

D.K. Metcalf

I’m a jags fan and I really would like my jags to get simmons


    As a jags fan if jerry juedy is available at 20 then i want him


    AHeinrich EXTREMELY unlikely

    Ray Ross

    Same bro DUUUVALLL


    D.K. Metcalf why are you a jags fan but your user is metcalf?

Flip Franzese

Vikings ain’t drafting delpit they have smith and Harris

    QTM Vybz

    Harris is a fa

    Jacob_ Oachs

    We need a CB, then OT, then maybe a QB, LOLB

    z DuKeMaN z

    Ananth Sriram Harris is the free agent


    I hope the Vikings draft a CB or a QB

    Brent mcmanus

    Vikings have negative cap and wouldn’t be able to resign Harris, making Delpit a great pick


No way saints wasting first round on a qb

    Adriel Otto

    Donte’ S stats dont always tell a full story in college, scouts look more at potential and ofc the atleticism, arm strength, etc, jordan love has all that hes basically josh allen

    Dustin Nelson

    We need love for when Drew Brees retires he could be the guy we need

    Dustin Nelson

    @Fldbouthat we won’t get him we are getting love


    @Dustin Nelson man that’s dumb

    Demond Kemp

    If Brees retires they just might.


I don’t agree with the Ravens going for a corner. Their secondary is already great they need a linebacker or pass rusher

Zach V

As a Dolphins fan, I would absolutely love Isaiah Simmons if some team jumps us for Tua. Just don’t trade up and waste all the picks we’ve acquired!!!

    Michael Pulisic

    @Zach Espinoza Zach what makes you think that a team would be willing to trade away the Lawrence pick? You ever consider that

    Zach Espinoza

    @Michael Pulisic for clarification sake, you’re saying that the dolphins might be willing to trade a first round pick for next year, thus voiding them a chance if drafting trevor Lawrence from Clemson?

    Zach Espinoza

    @Michael Pulisic oh wait, you’re saying a team wouldn’t trade that away. Um, well, the theory I provided is dependent on the fact that the dolphins have relatively the same record they did this year. Maybe they trade away a plethora of picks next year to move up(if they arent already up there). It’s definitely an interesting time to be a dolphins fan. The depth at the runningback and wide receiver position in this years class is AMAZING. They can’t go wrong with any picks in my opinion

    The RightStuff

    @Zach Espinoza
    Jalen Hurts???? … sure … 4th round I’ll jump on him

    Michael Pulisic

    @Zach Espinoza I hear you, but I expect dolphins to be better next year, maybe my mistake, lol, and I hate the idea of mortgaging your future in any kid

Aaron Boone

Code Monkey Likes Fritos

0:21 Bengals
2:04 Redskins
4:25 Lions
5:47 Giants
7:33 Dolphins
8:04 Chargers
9:13 Panthers
9:23 Jaguars
12:23 Browns
12:26 Jets
12:35 Raiders
12:39 Colts
12:44 Tampa Bay
12:50 Broncos
15:54 Falcons
15:56 Cowboys
15:59 Dolphins
16:03 Raiders
16:06 Jaguars
19:01 Eagles
19:06 Bills Mafia
19:09 Patriots
19:14 Saints
19:20 Vikings
22:18 Dolphins
22:22 Seahawks
22:26 Ravens
22:29 Titans
22:33 Packers
22:36 49ers
22:44 Chiefs

    Aaron Boone

    @Jeff Cook not even a bills fan, just a fan of jumping through tables

    Aaron Boone

    @Alejandro Gonzalez Cota Dolphins have it

    ronald edwards

    You are the GOAT! And that’s not up for debate.

    Cody Patey

    You sir deserve a medal

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