Minnesota Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers Divisional Round Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Sabrina Villegas

Niner’s all day !! 👌💯

    Derick Lopez

    Yes 👍💪😤

    tego loc Land

    @Kenny L Garrett Jr I LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

    yourlocal Minecraft bandwagon

    @George Jennings you notice that this the 2012-13 niners but better you’re talking about right

    Drew Hillesland

    Cousins can’t go against the smothering defense. He even lost twice to Chicago and look how their team panned out. It’s gonna be a blow out at home and coach shanahan is gonna dial up their defense to wear them out

    bradley ide

    Drew Hillesland Kirk only played the Bears once, and I don’t think he’s the same guy as he was at the start of the season.

Эдуард Вятчанин

49ers 31-29 Vikings. Robbie Gould scores a gane winning fg with 0:01 remaining in the game


    I agree, it wouldn’t be a 49er game if it wasn’t down to the last play!

    FaKe x SniiPes

    How our past 5 games have been I believe it


    That’s a nail bitter.


49ers 27 Vikings 17…

Josh Brown

49ers:28 vikings:21

Manuel Martinez

I’m a 49ers fan, but I would be lieing if I said the vikings don’t scare me.. Anything can happen. I hope the defense shows up this game.

    Slime SLATT

    It’s the playoffs anything can happy that’s what scares me

    Slime SLATT


    Mar Par

    think 1987 playoffs

    Matt Price

    @Manuel Martinez Quality troll job

    19-Year Old Veteran


Yuyo Angeles

49ers 31 vikings 20

Michaell Stone

49ers week win by a squeak nail biter or Vikings hold off and nail biting upset

    Parko Boy

    Very good 👍


49ers Ravens SB. Been calling it since mid season.


    The sun sets on the patriots empire. Meanwhile it rises on the Chiefs kingdom!

    Jonathan Nobre

    Packers Chiefs..? Vikings Texans..? Predictions are fickle creatures… Why the games play out…

    Anthony Ciancio

    Wow I’m been saying 49ers vs Chiefs since per season

    John Manci

    GungHoGun-AR-15 so is there goal line offense.

    Riz 200

    Seahawks are not going to beat Rodgers in GB. I can easily see 49ers vs GB in NFC Championships. Then it will be 49ers Vs Ravens. And that game can go either way..#Rematch#Bangbang#Ninergang

Scott Childs

SF – 30 MIN – 24

Bubble Pug

49ers 30 Vikings 27

Hyvemind Extracts

Lets see Cook go up against Bosa and the rest of our D-Line….

    Drew Hillesland

    That’s just it. Minnesota has suffered against smothering defenses. Mostly because of cousins. Of theNot saying he won’t be able to perform but I personally don’t have the faith he does because he is extremely poor under pressure

YomiBolo Reads

Niners 37 Vikings 11

    Will Harren

    11? A touchdown, a missed PAT, a field goal and a safety? Or three field goals and a safety? Sounds unlikely…

Cameron Briglin

49ers win 31-14

Uptin Sinclaire

Niners and Ravens for a Superbowl rematch. They failed to mention the return of Ford, Alexander and Tartt plus a bye week.


    Chiefs vs. 49ers.

    Manuel Villacana

    They said they’re going to hold out on Alexander they said by some miracle we win this game Alexander will be in the next one

    Dio Black

    There is two more weeks before time off before superbowl, slow down spanky.

    Dio Black

    Viks vs Baltimore. This is as silly to say as all the other 3-4 week out predictions by the geniuses here.

    Niners Robb

    @Dio Black We had a bye week just last week dum dum.


Sf-38 vikings-23

Christoph Kiesewetter

Go Niners!!! ❤️💛❤️💛


Everyone in the beginning of the season were doubting us, still doubting us 19 weeks later as a #1 seed, y’all some clowns fr

    Darius Ledbetter

    Fax told them it’s our yr 49er 4LIFE
    Bosa Sherman bout to show out


    KTBx whose doubting the 49ers, everyone knows even if they don’t want to admit it it’s going to be ravens vs 49ers in super bowl

    Darius Ledbetter

    Mom fax and this year we not letting them cheat us out of it again


    Lmao no one is doubting you. Everyone is doubting the Vikings if anything…

    Riz 200

    Been a niner in downs and ups always saying my team was gonna have their year and damn this IS their year, hate it or love it man we comin’ use any excuse you want lol we made it to playoffs and we ain’t falling to no Vikings 💯


*MJD* & *Adam Rank* 😆😭

Um going 42-17 Niners….

Afro Shinigami

Niners need that Superbowl rematch against the Ravens

Chalo Anaya

Faith ful 31-20 Vikings

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