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For the titans, this is payback for us.

    Mike Rennie

    @Maciej Nowakowski the refs won the game in 2008

    King Kunta

    How long ago was that, who gives af anymore lol. Most current NFL fans probably never even seen those games.

    Manny Z

    Yes it is we want all the smoke!! We ain’t forget that 2008 game

    Mike Rennie

    @King Kunta speak for yourself, we aren’t 9 year olds

    Davonta Action

    @Christian Prendergast for the 21-0 win the ravens got last year.

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Two of the the best RB’s from ALABAMA going head to head


    @Mike Rennie Henry better but Raven d will stop him to 80 yards


    What are you doing step bro

    Tapper Zen

    ar agreed obviously Henry is better than Ingram but people are focusing on each teams offense to much

    Joe Cool Berry

    Lamar makes it a lot easier for Ingram. Henry is pretty much the whole run game

    Maui Waui

    Don’t forget Lamar can take the load off who ever they have running. Henry only have himself. lol

Chris Devine

2019 GOAT is a contradiction in terms, NFL.


    Chris Devine pats lose https://youtu.be/6HS4a9ElCuQ

    jasir siddiqui

    Yea I get it

    In memory of Dwight Clark

    ​@Metsfan92 Take a deep breath, read the above comment again and try to elaborate. Let me know as soon as you get it.

Big Truss

Finally.. A video with just statistical facts.

Daniel Mendoza


Dovid Horowitz

I have a feeling the titans come out alive

    Hunter vs. Aidan

    Dovid Horowitz ok I can see that

    Justin Bellamy

    Wavy Shane Ss3 who wanna bet then? I bet ravens will win this comfortably

    Maui Waui

    I feel the same. I want the Ravens to go all the way but I feel the Titans about come out with an upset😒😒😤 I’m a Steelers fan so yea I’m bias asf.😂🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    Leonardo Moore

    Letting you’re emotion cloud you’re judgement, you’re boy tannehill has to do better than 70 yards passing!


Solid Defense and Derrick Henry, this game will definitely be tough

Noahs Movies

My mind and all the logic in my body says Baltimore, but my heart is with Tennessee

    Nick Hill

    Yes same here.

    The Duck

    I relate heavily


Titan up⚔️.

Izzy Da Goat

34-30 titans because they’re the underdogs🙃

Nick Young

Don’t sleep on us #TitanUp

Alan Yablonski

Just like the good old days when the Titans and Ravens used to be division rivals. Gonna be a good one, but a lot of people are forgetting who the ravens even are this season.

Amtru 13

35 Tennessee 31 Baltimore, either or its gonna be a great game!

    Drip Season

    Jesse Eubanks they scored 20

    Jesse Eubanks

    That Pick 6 was lucky and flimsy. We are talking about points the offense produces

    AJ TV

    @Charles Pinkett bro preach im lookin like wat is yall talkin bout

    Warren Shiflett

    You believe the Titans will score 34 points against the Ravens? LOL!

F4 shadow

TITANS UP… of freaking course I’m going for Titans


    Your high. Ravens whoopin em


Henry is going to be a major problem. The defence secondary might be caught off guard by the deep ball, but I like to think MP is ready to flex if the Ravens can stifle the run


27 titans 24 ravens

Robert S. J. Hu

Wish you the best Titans !!!!!!!!!!!! Give them a dirty “licking.”      Robert

Milky Films Gaming

37 – 7 Ravens With Big W

uCantHop inMyCar

Titans with the upset once again

Paul Mcgrady

31-13 RAVENS

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