Houston Texans vs Kansas City Chiefs Divisional Round Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Yordle Rin

Chiefs, Colts, Texans 3 favorite team…nouuuuuu….( btw im from eu, i can have more then one favorite 😆 )

    Bruce Wayne

    Yordle Rin You gotta be from EU to have 2 favorites in the same division brother. Cool with me though. Go Texans


    @Bruce Wayne 😂😂


    Same bro my fav teams are the chiefs and 49ers hopefully they meet in the superbowl🙏

    Jorge Martinez

    🤔 you make a solid point lol


The title was cutoff and it had me thinking they just played lmao

Ez Jackson

It’s gonna be a great game, but Chiefs are a completely different team this time around. Chiefs win 35 28. #ChiefsKingdom


    Ez Jackson I agree

LesClaypool OnBass

if we don’t choke this should be pretty easy after seeing how Houston played last week. Was more scared about the Bills

    HTX 713

    @Packer FAN Lmao yeah ok what ever makes you feel better about your overratedass QB the only reason he was even in MVP talks was cuz they couldn’t have a bunch of black QB’s without that 1 white hope😂😂 you cant even spell his name right let alone know what type of QB he is🤦🏽‍♂️

    Brady>>>>>> Rodgers

    Rodgers can only dream of becoming as great as Brady

    Ale Aguirre

    @LesClaypool OnBass they always did. And still beated the bills. They choked a 16 point lead

    Killer Champion

    @HTX 713 okay they beat them once doesn’t mean they will this time

Taha Arif

Who do you think is winning? I think it’s chiefs year. Like for chiefs


    chiefs taking it all the way


    Chiefs baby

    ghost in the shell357


    Packer FAN

    Chiefs 52 Texans 17

    James Calder

    Chiefs winning this game, think the ravens make the Super Bowl #RavensFlock

Dude Name Mophizo

Gonna be a tough one for my squad! Hope we play to our strengths and hopefully get a dub 🤞

Texas Sports TV

Time for the Texans to defeat their playoff demons. The divisional round

    Black Chackoo

    Texas Sports TV fr now I’m seriously nervous cause the divisional round is the bane of our existence

Noahs Movies

Texans keep it interesting early but the chiefs pull away at the end
KC: 33

    JS - 10RK - Lincoln Alexander SS (2132)

    Man u be spitting facts, go chiefs go! 😎💯

    Fonzoo _

    Nah buddy Watson will get us the win in the second half

    JS - 10RK - Lincoln Alexander SS (2132)

    @Fonzoo _ nah ur capping now, the chiefs offense is unmatched. Mahomes going for 350 yards+ 3 touchdowns.

    The Man the Myth Jordan

    Well Noah. You must not know the Texans. They’re notorious for not doing anything the first half & always coming back at the end. So I say Texans 31 Chiefs 24

    Trippy Blissed

    Noahs Movies aww poor you, remember what happened last game at halls home lmao finna be a repeat

Micheal Eros

If not the Packers, I definitely want the Chiefs to win!

Brandon Scott

Y’all finna stop playing with them Texans

Calob Edwards


Stanley Brandt

Forgot to mention Fullers return, he completely changed the offense

Toren Johnson

better chiefs defense since week 11(number 1 in that span) means that chiefs get lead in the 4th and keep it
KC: 34
HOU: 21

    Black Chackoo

    Toren Johnson don’t forget Deshaun just played the 3rd ranked defense ALL season. I have confidence Deshaun can still work that defense I’m more nervous cause we can never get passed the divisional round. It’s gonna be a good game and I’m keeping my mind open cause this game is gonna be interesting. Especially since this is round 2 for these franchises and their star qb’s. Hopefully Deshaun can carry us for another round in the post season

Demented Degenerate

Chiefs 27
Texans 17

culam nguyen

All odds are against the Texans but with Watson you never know. Hopefully he can repeat his magic but it will be super tough in that stadium

Wavy Shane Ss3

I think the cheifs have this dub chiefs defense figured it out

Tristan Smith

Dang, no faith in us. Yet again, its HOUSTON


I have a feeling Texans gonna end up muscling through! Texans 28 KC 21

BrocktheBoxer Pup

Man I love KC here. Cold weather, healthy, playoff atmosphere at Arrowhead. Vegas set the line at 10. I like Chiefs by 14

The Man the Myth Jordan

Everyone sleeps on the Texans. I’ve been their fan for 15 years. This is our time Houston. Let’s see them boys do their thing. #texans 31 Chiefs 24

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