MINI-MOVIE: The end of the 2019 season – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

MINI-MOVIE: The end of the 2019 season

The Falcons ended their season winning their final four regular season games. Take an exclusive look at the final couple of weeks in this mini-movie.

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XTC Reconn

Am finally first

Travion Jackson

I am going to be an Atlanta falcon when I grow up

    MSC Playz

    My goal to

    Roland Roy

    Well welcome to the family!!! 👍👍🏽

The Falcons Guy

I love the Falcons so much❤️

Harrison Andrade

I’m so sad you guys won’t aren’t going to the Super Bowl

Kai Ham

I will always love the Falcons ❤️😊
Happy new year 🎊 Falcons we will dominate next year, and we will always bring the heat🔥😉

Keith Rush

Gotta give it to us, we are the best organization hands down.. good job men & women behind the scenes..”

Roland Roy

Next season, the Aints ain’t and better not win the division!!!

Raymond Elder

1:19 “When your boss said if you think you can get it right go prove it” That’s what I wanted to see you do all season!!!


Y’all should really consider some season long series chronicling each week.

Also get DEBO to bring back Dblock

DimeBag Darrell

Big time shoutout for John to tip the ball

Cody Randolph

Happy New Year to the Falcons and the fans. were going to be better, have faith and trust in them to help get wins…2020 going to be the best year ever.

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