Mike Vrabel: We’ll All be Excited to Compete in Foxborough – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Cristian Elvis

#TitanUp, And I’m sorry this is our coach no matter what happens with this team #SuperBowlBound💪

    Cristian Elvis

    Until he changes his attiude 😒

    Tyler Perry

    @Cristian Elvis his attitude about being asked stupid questions that arent relevant to his team?

    Weese Bowski

    Being asked rhetorical questions and answering it the way he should is what no one wants to hear! “Truth!” Perhaps he should stay quiet and truthfully I’d go with that’s a dumb question next approach!

    Addison Peek

    I love him

Saroeut Soeung

Why does he always called on Teresa?.. 😂

    Tony McCrady

    Probably because Teresa is the only reporter with sense. The rest of them are use to asking dumb Jeff Fisher questions


    She always gets the first question.

    Justin Chase

    ladies first


Tannesaurus Rex is about to devour the goat. #TitanUp


    Amen Brother!
    Our time is NOW!

The Awoken Army

Let’s go coach #TitanUp

Randy Porter

After reading comments from the immature trolls who insist on criticizing Vrabel, I had to comment. These self-appointed analyst say he’s “rude to reporters, a jerk, bad attitude, etc…” Really ?? Mike Vrabel has taken this team to the playoffs, yet that’s not good enough. You now attack his demeanor at the microphone. Well let me point out, that Bill Belichick is not exactly “Mr. Giggles” ! Belichick is grouchy as hell, short with reporters and fans, and has the charm and personality of a spit cup ! But, Bill Belichick is arguably the best coach the game has seen. Many other top coaches fit that same profile, including Tom Landry and a couple of Steelers coaches, who will never do stand-up comedy. These men aren’t hired to appease reporters or any of you at the microphone. They are hired to lead a team of professional athletes through a grueling season, with as much success as possible. Mike Vrabel is doing just that, even though it’s clearly inadequate for the Gridiron Gods here in comments. These keyboard coordinators who post their constant critique, have never coached a game in their life and couldn’t explain the Tuck-Rule, if they had to. Yet, they spout their wisdom and insight, hoping a like-minded genius will agree with them. Point is, if you don’t like this coach’s interviews and pressers, don’t watch them. But to criticize the man as we prepare for the playoffs, just shows your arrogance and stupidity and I’m guessing if you sat face to face with Coach Vrabel, you wouldn’t say ANY of what you post. But, I’m sure the coach, the players and the true fans are grateful for your observations and insight.

    Tyler Perry

    It’s pretty funny tbh, he leads a huge team turnaround mid season, gets us to the playoffs, and people still want to complain that he doesnt pander to the media. Coach Vrabel and Coach Pruitt at UTK are basically the same in this reguard. They will talk your ear off about good questions but wont hesitate to let you know what you asked was stupid.

Johnny Murray

Its to the SB, there’s no next year

Dellway Hellway


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